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I live in CA, and I get my packages from Bull City(East Coast) faster than I get them from Nic River(West Coast). I ALWAYS pick the cheapest shipping, but after a slew of orders from both I’m convinced. YMMV, of course-I’m in the Sierras above Sacto while you’re in the Central Valley(If my memory of the map holds) so that could affect shipping times as well. :thinking:


Several times I’ve ordered from NR early in the morning like 5 or 6 and I’m always shocked when I get it the next day. As far as Hardware lately I’ve been doing most my shopping at 8vape in Vegas. Great prices, speedy service and super nice people. I get quite a bit at Element too


Yeah I’m in Central Valley in fact I’m damn close to dead center of CA.


The area of CA that I lovingly refer to as the “armpit” of CA! Don’t worry, I’m in the mullet and it’s got it’s own set of unique challenges-LOL!


I’ve ordered from them before as well, but not recently due to a bunch of bad reviews I’ve read over at /r/ecr. Probably people that don’t realize that online vape shops aren’t Amazon Prime…

I’ve been using ECiggity since I won a Reuleaux DNA200 from them a couple years back. I figured that since they were nice to me, I could at least throw a few bucks back at them from time to time! I’ve had great service from them-I’ve placed orders with them and 101 Vape on the same day, yet I’ve gotten my packages from Hawaii quicker than SoCal. I’m starting to wonder if it’s something to do with SoCal’s postal system-There’s a few postal black holes in CA(I know Santa Rosa is horrid when it comes to shipping packages thru their post office)


Cool map !
You can add me Belgium


I try ordering out of state nowadays, shipping is much faster for whatever reason, and CA don’t deserve taxes with the bs going on here.

I’ve been ordering from eight vape as well, and have no issues. Placed a order just last week before the 4th of July sale.

Ordered Wednesday morning around 11am, by 2pm I had already a shipping confirmation via USPS informed delivery. confirmation by 8vape at around 7pm, but that package was already in transit and departed vegas and it was estimated to be delivered saturday.

I got home from work Thursday evening and found the package in my mailbox, here in Sacramento.

I found that quite impressive because packages from the same state but just down south take nearly 5-7 days to arrive lol


Addresses of companies are public information, so there’s no need for their consent. Just pick up the addresses at put them on a map.


always find em in the vendor section, well you can :grinning:


Yeah I was that way with Vaporbeast after I won the dream give away I think it was called I got three nice mods way back in the day of 15 watt max devices, but I heard they sold it and are just hanging around for the appearance sake of it. There service sure has gone to hell for sure.


Hell that don’t bother me I know a couple that live in the “devils ball sack” portion of CA


Barstow, I’m guessing? LOL!!

Sucks to hear about VaporBeast-I got my Lavabox M from them last year at a KILLER deal. Forty bones for a DNA-powered device was a total score and pleased my wallet to no end!


Crap! that means I’m in the anus


This is cool it showes me all the members whenever I open up Google maps. Add me Somerton section of NE Philadelphia PA. 19116


It’s pretty interesting to see so many people towards the east coast. Wonder why the northwest is so under represented.


Hey I will opt in I don’t mind letting people know where I am. Please add me.



You forgot to say where. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gainesville Florida USA


Plz add me Amsterdam, The Netherlands


You can add me to the map. I was in upstate NY but now live in central North Carolina. Thanks