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I’m Google maps it now, I’m not sure I want to know how to get there. Roflmao…


The shape on the map definitely holds true to the name LOL no offense


Somehow I missed this when it first came out-If you could please add me I’d appreciate it!

Paradise, CA 95969

Thanks! And, no, it’s nowhere NEAR a beach. Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just another ridgebilly mixing weird things in his garage!


Oddly near Intercourse , PA 17534


Damn dude! I’m jealous :rofl:
Always dreamed of living in paradise


I thought you were trolling as usual… but Dildo actually is a place? :flushed:


Not this time. But, you have to admit… that’s some dedicated trolling. I believe he moved there, just so he could tell folk that’s where he lives. lol


I went thru Intercourse once, with my dad. It was…weird.


It’s not all sunshine and unicorn farts, believe me. Currently having a bit of an issue with heroin overdoses in the church parking lot down my street.


I don’t have any trouble believing that lol


I pass by Paradise on the way up to my cabin near Twain. 7 acres on the Feather River off Highway 70


Drop me in Mandurah, Western Australia when you have time please.
@Alisa :grin:


You’d love this place…


Hi there! I’m Johnny =) Living in Brasília, DF, Brazil! Mark me up, first Brazilian on the map!! =D


Welcome @Johnny_Ciocca !!!


@Alisa next time you add/edit the map, can you move my armings to Phuket, Thailand?

It seem like a better strategic place than this rice field :smiley:


Hey! shouldn’t this topic be stickied? Well, here’s one vote for making a sticky of it, anyways. All in favour, post :+1: (yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t a democracy, but I have reason to believe our opinions count :smiley:)


you mean you don’t really live a stone’s throw from the “Umbrella Making Center” . Awww what a shame . How handy would that be!

(yeah I just zeroed in on your supposed location, hoping for a pic of the rice field, but -surprise, surprise- it looks like Google found it uninteresting. Amd my mortivation in looking for a pic of said rice field? Ummm…I’m procratinatiing on doing something more useful, TBH, ELR is a wonderful place to procrastinate in :grinning:)


Good Morning @Alisa can you please get me outa this field, damn mosquitos are eaten my arse up !!!
Edenton, N.C. 27932, on the Albermarle Sound , Thanks,:kissing_heart::hugs::grinning:


We should get the vendors to agree to a vendor map. I know I’d rather buy close to me it means less ship time. Unless of course the price is just so damn good it wouldn’t matter if it was on the moon you’d buy it and wait. lmao