ELR member reviews of the VooPoo Drag Mini, and Drag 2

I won’t link it. The site they were linking in the original giveaway contest. They know what site.


Oh not asking for a link! Sorry to confuse you.
I just didn’t understand if you were jiving me or them haha :joy:


Jiving poopoo (sorry, voopoo) should be our national sport :smiley:


I do want to add that the uforce T2 was a way tighter draw than the T1. I like an Airy hit and it’s really really hard for me to draw off the T2. The mini is actually a pretty good device. I haven’t experienced any firing problems. Internal batteries bring me back to a simpler time in my vaping career.


The contest stated to make a reveie here and only here. I don’t care if they wanted it on their site. They should have stated that from the beginning of the testers program.


Im sure they are picking through the reviews looking for anything to put into their ads. :

and what is this… on a computer? It’s so 1990’s what about an app for the smart-phone connected via blue tooth? :zzz:


that would require putting a bluetooth chip on the board, raising the overall price of each unit by approximately 11 cents to manufacture, and to do that you would have to know how to do it in the first place :slight_smile: Seing what @Sprkslfly said about the chipset, i doubt their knowledge goes beyond tweaking the firmware a bit. Gene chip my ass :slight_smile: more of a generic chipset with tweaked firmware


Not sure where this is coming from, but I never saw or heard (ok, read) anything about posting on their site!

Besides which, I doubt they would have posted mine… :laughing:
What with me being 4-5 hours late and such.
(Sorry again about that!)


This is what they pm’d me


Your package has been sent, tracking number: 9195675160 , carrier: DHL.

Pls make sure you’ll post your review on ELR and @VOOPOOTech in 7 days after receiving the package ( It’d be better before October 31th)

Thank you for your support. Good day!

Maybe link to their elr page? Not sure but took that as their website


I think it is more bring your review to the attention of voopootech by tagging them


I think ELR should suspend VooPoo from the site until they have honored their commitment to you … just my thought , it seems you didnt miss much sorry to hear you got shafted .


I wasn’t really sure.


No need for that. They seem to be ignored here enough. A thread like this one for reviews of another company would have drawn a lot more than 28 replies :slight_smile:


Thanks all for your reviews, I especially enjoyed @adary’s, it gave me all the information I needed.
I never had a VooPoo product, never will and hate, and when I say hate, I mean really hate that big assed branding on their products :nauseated_face:


I can’t believe I missed this, even looked for it. Oh well, I am here now and am very impressed. I sure would have like to be a part of sticking my thumb in their eye.

Brilliant!!! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!


Well. This is interesting!

Not even two months out, and one of the above models has already hit the Clearance bin! LMFAO

I’m betting the Poo Too either has a problem, or Poo has pissed off yet another client.

That might be a new record! :laughing:

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Well said and something I personally do not believe any other manufacturer will ever do considering if your DNA device fails for any reason even after the warranty period Evolv will fix it for free with no questions asked.

Amen to that statement. I recently muted the entire Vendors section as it has gotten out of hand. The sad part of doing that is this also effects seeing what the flavoring company vendors post as well.

Very nicely played and Kudos to all of you for doing it this way. Now if we could only do this with another vendor here that sends the same item to many different people flooding ELR with reviews of the same item.

I started to do reviews awhile back but quickly refused to do any more because of being asked by private message to not post my review because I found a major flaw with the item I was asked to review.


That’s why you post it first then send the vendor the link to said review


I still think you should post the review. It’s one thing to ask a person to test a device pre-production and give them you’re findings, another to ask someone to review a product in production. The requestor should be clear about that upfront.
If it’s a review and you find such flaw, it’s an opportunity for the manufacturer to tell what they are going to do about it and not to tell you to drop the review.


I did bring it out in another ELR members review of the same device reinforcing the same issue that they found.

Felt no need to post yet another review saying exactly the same thing they already said.

I was asked to not bother posting the review when I asked them about the problem not after I had the review ready to post. The next day the other review got posted so I just added my thoughts to that one.

Hope that clears things up. I would never bow to the request of a Chinese vendor to not share a flaw in a device.

The fact they even made the request was enough for me to never do another review for them.