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ELR member reviews of the VooPoo Drag Mini, and Drag 2


Well said and something I personally do not believe any other manufacturer will ever do considering if your DNA device fails for any reason even after the warranty period Evolv will fix it for free with no questions asked.

Amen to that statement. I recently muted the entire Vendors section as it has gotten out of hand. The sad part of doing that is this also effects seeing what the flavoring company vendors post as well.

Very nicely played and Kudos to all of you for doing it this way. Now if we could only do this with another vendor here that sends the same item to many different people flooding ELR with reviews of the same item.

I started to do reviews awhile back but quickly refused to do any more because of being asked by private message to not post my review because I found a major flaw with the item I was asked to review.


That’s why you post it first then send the vendor the link to said review


I still think you should post the review. It’s one thing to ask a person to test a device pre-production and give them you’re findings, another to ask someone to review a product in production. The requestor should be clear about that upfront.
If it’s a review and you find such flaw, it’s an opportunity for the manufacturer to tell what they are going to do about it and not to tell you to drop the review.


I did bring it out in another ELR members review of the same device reinforcing the same issue that they found.

Felt no need to post yet another review saying exactly the same thing they already said.

I was asked to not bother posting the review when I asked them about the problem not after I had the review ready to post. The next day the other review got posted so I just added my thoughts to that one.

Hope that clears things up. I would never bow to the request of a Chinese vendor to not share a flaw in a device.

The fact they even made the request was enough for me to never do another review for them.


That is the one thing that has stopped me from buying their DRAG … From what I understand that is a good mod , but I can’t stand the branding either .


That’s definitely a factor for me too, but not the only or even main. Similarly, I really like Tesla but hate that they stamp Teslacigs on their mods. ‘Cigs’, stop it now.


Is my memory actually working?
Could a Profile be involved?
Or am I just erroneously capitalizing…


As Profile is used as a proper noun, I do not feel you are erroneously capitalizing.


I think it’s the mech squonk made by the same people who like making triad things


You nailed it.


A little update on the story that PooPooTech sold me on why I never got the mod I won in this competition.

They told me that DHL won’t ship vape products to my country because they are banned, and asked for an address in a different country.

Last week i was contacted by a vaping manufacturer (not PooPooTech) to do a review of one of their products, and they sent me the product via DHL. Amazingly enough this morning I got an SMS from DHL with the tracking number. Apparently when someone else sends me a vaping product via DHL, there are no issues.

Shame on you @VOOPOOTech (sorry, I mean PooPooTech)

Update, Vaporesso are also able to send me vape gear via DHL


Wow. This is sad indeed. Telling the truth does wonders! (Referencing VooPoo) Glad your other mod came though!


It didn’t only come through. It’s in my hands since yesterday and i’m happily vaping it (review coming soon :smiley:) 3 days from Hong Kong to Israel (through Germany)


Anyone else experiencing terrible paint issues on the Drag 2? Mine looks every bit of 20 years old and is only about 2 months, if that, old now. Fast ramp up but that paint!


It must be the same paint as the original drag. Mine was scratched and scuffed by the second week. Now, 8months later, the drag logo on the back is almost non existent! Which isn’t a bad thing!!


It must be with the same paint. I have to agree with you on that. I didn’t even think about that. Unfortunately, I wish they would have read the complaints and fixed this issue. I hate to hear yours is messing up. Although you stated it wasn’t a bad thing. I’m just wondering what mine will end up looking like. Ugh. I loved the Aurora color up against the black. Wonder how hard it is to paint these? I’ve never had the need but might with this mod. Lol…I love how it runs, just the paint. Grr
Mine actually looks like it’s been dropped a few times. Just ugly.


Poopoo doesn’t care what their customers say. They figure there’s another one around the corner.


I’m seeing that now. My Too started to shock me on the second day. They wanted me to ship back overseas and my cost was $50. Nope, now it sits. My Drag 2 was on preorder. I’m done with them at this point. Like the chip but there’s many others just as good. :disappointed:


I live for this resin but as you can see…


Ouch! It looks like it has been Dragged behind a car. But if it works and gives you the vape you want it really doesn’t matter.