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ELR member reviews of the VooPoo Drag Mini, and Drag 2


A little elbow grease and you can have a nice brushed metal/resin mod


:smile: some of us love the hobby created when paint wears off


What do you love about the chip?


Same here, my husband 's drag (original) after 8 month looks like somebody ran over it. On top it started auto firing and no there was no liquid inside the mod (behind the button or even stuck button, all that is just fine lol)

So after a long run around with voopoo themselves, I am more then disappointed and won’t buy or review any of their products, no matter how good they might be, the customer service sucks.

Regardless of the cs, my drag (original) is a year old, however it was the full body metal and it still looks like new. So seems it’s an issue with their resin editions, which they clearly didn’t change with the drag 2 or mini (I don’t own these, just going by the comments here)


Yeah it is still a solid mod with exceptional performance. But, sometimes the fire button does not work properly. It can withstand some damage and abuse by sneaky toddler demons.


My husband and I did that with our smok aliens. Took some time but they looked pretty sweet. And that was the only thing sweet about that crap mod.


It’s pretty fast on the ramp up time. My Naboo is almost just as fast. The Voopoo can be replaced with an additional Naboo in my eyes. Love what Smoant put out. It does fire quite quickly…


I like smoant, they make decent equipment.
If your want an extremely good mod get something with a DNA chip. Yes they cost a little more but they are worth every penny.


Are you off the arctic fox bandwagon lol


No, Arctic fix is great, if your on a budget. But DNA is easier and has more support.


Voo poo drama again

@VOOPOOTech, nice way to set in the new year, sponsoring Ben Phillips. A big FUCK YOU from me as well. Please take your business elsewhere and stay the fuck away from Europe. It’s not the first time that you take very irresponsible and immature business decisions. We don’t need no government’s reaction to that. The vaping community has a hard enough time without you. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Holy crap!!! What the fuck is wrong with you VooPoo? Your company culture is one fucked up character defect after another. I was done with you a long time ago but now you can consider me an adversary. Vic is right. You need to be eradicated.


Boycot @VOOPOOTech

That’s all I have to say (beside adding ****ing douchebags and similar :))


The Ben Phillips video has been removed. Anyone else besides me who reported the video? :slight_smile:
Seems like there are a lot of reaction videos on youtube already…


I have a ten year old nephew that lives with me. Him and his mom. The boy is constantly giving me crap about vaping and I let him. If he ever thinks vaping is cool, that might be the time I decide to quit, even though I find it to be a good hobby for me. Not only that but I like to proselytize. I have helped 10 smokers quit smoking and hopefully many more to come.

Anywho, I can only say that I am flabbergasted. I was one that was willing to forgive and forget also, but after what they pulled here on ELR I decided to quietly never ever buy or review their products. Now I think I might just be a bit more vocal. I would like to review one of their products though, just so I can rip them up and down.


This should be the drop for most people, boycot this sleazy company for good. Too much BS has happened with that company and i once again will urge ELR to revoke Voopoos permission to do any kind of advertisement here at the ELR forum and remove all their previous topics too. It isnt first time i have suggested this, but i honestly hope that @daath this time around will consider it to show that they have no support from a community like this.

Shame on you @VOOPOOTech!!!


As sad as the action by voopoo is they arent going to be affected by this at all. The vape shops carry them and they are big sellers to the public . I do support ELR taking a stand and banning them from the forum , at least we can set an example …


I’m a US vaper and the total blind hate or misunderstood information is astounding. This makes it even worse. I am constantly educating people with facts to counter the scaremongering that is going on.


I actually have a few old DNA mods. Hana ones. I was into DNA before many bought into it. I need a new one though. I’ve been looking. …