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ELR member reviews of the VooPoo Drag Mini, and Drag 2


Look at lost vape.


Voopoo is the worse company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.


I don’t think any of you have checked the voopoo thread but it has been this way for quite some time.


Lol. Retired vendor.


Oh Wow!! That’s not good!


@Jenn_72 They’re NOT the fastest shippers, but I HAVE ordered from them before. DNA250C $118.00 w./ free shipping with Coupon Code MAP.


Don’t mean to burst your bubble but.

Ship quick, US store, great CS.
Reddit10 for 10% off


Nice find! :slight_smile:


That’s where I got @Molly_Mcghee 's


I’ve picked up one from them before @Cutlass92 but all colors are OOS. :frowning:


Oh I didn’t look that deep. Sorry about that.


I went online and of course out of stock. I’m on the email list.
Awesome, thank you all. This will be the one! :slight_smile:


I am a big fan of the DNA or YIHI chipped mod…I have 3 250c paranormals…2 250c paranormal sub ohm edition…7 mods with the 75 c chip…and lots of yihi mods…6 G class alone…plus others… the paranormal is a great mod…BUT i was told before from Evolve that careful getting them from china as they have gotten some that were fakes to repair…the boards were thiers …but mod was not made by Lost vapes

I have looked at most vendors i use in USA an all sold out…but if you really want one Elemental vapes has in stock…but are also the priciest…


just found this https://www.vaperoyalty.com/lost-vape-paranormal-dna250c-mod-gunmetal-carbon-kevlar/

once they are out of stock…seems they take awhile to get back in…if they do…

good luck…

PS to bad VooPOo are such dicks…i did get a Drag way before all the drama when the Drag first came out…i will say the chipset in it is very good…but thats all i have to say about Voopoo…wont get another cause of the reputation of them…I think Asmodus was thier repair facility but not any more since voopoo is a USA comp but made in china…no idea why they droppd them…maybe cause of the rep they have now…


Good finds @AlanS. I’ve ordered from Vape Royalty before, and they were pretty good. Their website however, leaves a little to be desired …


Well it’s been a few days since this post. Monday I’ll have both the Paranormal 250C and the Ipv V-It in the mail, unless the postal system has a glitch. I had a good deal on a dna then was watching the yihi mod as well. Went ahead and just got them! I thank you all for the help and now cannot wait until Monday to arrive! :-):star_struck: