ELR Mixing Contest III (Live)

ELR Strawberry Shortcake Festival - Recipe Contest

Recipe Criteria:

  • Must be a NEW recipe with a Strawberry Shortcake theme
  • Must contain at least 2 strawberry concentrates
  • No minimum or maximum flavor percentages
  • Flavor concentrates must be currently available at Bull City Flavors, Flavor Jungle, Medicine Flower, or DIY E-Juice (Canada)
  • We will be looking for layers , Shortcake / SB / and the Cream aspect…This is Not a SB and Blueberry Contest or a SB and any other fruit shortcake…We want a Strawberry Shortcake recipe, of course you can use other fruit flavors to enhance the Strawberry aspect…

Recipe Submission requirements:

  • Recipes must be submitted no sooner than July 15th and no later than September 1st - 8pm EST
  • ALL recipes must be tagged in the title: #ELRMixingComp3
  • Contestants must post a reply in this thread, include your mixer name (if different than your forum name)
  • Provide actual steep time (but try and keep steep time to 10 - 14 days for the judges), if no steep time is listed (neg points) we will test off the shake or next day
  • Use of “invalid” flavors will result in disqualification
  • Recipes must be kept private until the winner(s) is announced
  • Only one recipe entry allowed, once recipe is submitted it is final - no exceptions (read all the rules before submitting recipe)

Recipes will be judged on:

  • Use of ELR calculator (all functions)
  • Following contest criteria / rules
  • Description / Notes
  • Accuracy
  • Originally
  • Taste

Submit private recipes to @fidalgo_vapes, @Ken_O_Where, or @Rocky02852. Only need to submit recipe once, we will consolidate all the recipes in one area behind the scenes…

Any recipe shared before the winner announcements will automatically be disqualified.

Awards / Prizes:

  • 1st place: $100 cash via paypal or zelle courtesy of ELR staff
  • 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be announced… (stay tuned)

Winner Announcement date TBD (depending on the number of recipe submissions), we will try for 6 (to 8) weeks from September 1st to procure all the flavorings needed, mix / test the recipes, compare notes, and retest as-needed…


Damn i knew it. Gonna have to fake a recioe since im a mute. I used to make good ones when i could taste strawberry.

First question. Being a mute i cant taste strawberry but there are some flavors non nessecarily name strawberry that give me the closest i can get to strawberry. Is it possible to use them? They are not named strawberry but are not like different fruits. They are supposed to be strawberry. Hard to explain but ill pm you


Recipe must contain at at least 2 strawberries…


So by name only even though the ones im thinking are strawberry flavors


If you have flavors that taste like strawberry to you, by all means use them, just make note in the description :ok_hand:
(Description / notes count in the scoring)


Cool. Iv actually really been wanting to make a amazing strawberry shortcake specifically for strawberry mutes that any mute can taste. Luckily i have the experience with once not being a strawberry mute so i know what to shoot for


:strawberry::cake::sunglasses: kewl beans!


So this one is on me, if anyone needs someone to swear at, hehe.

Up here we have festivals for everything but the big one is Strawberry Fest. Every year volunteers in the community go out and picks, cleans and prepares the berries for the festival. For a few days each year the population of our little town triples or more just to have some SB shortcake which almost always sells out on the first day.

Even before we moved here we planned our stay around the event, going back to when i was a wee little shithead. It is a big part of what makes this place special and now we bring this event to all y’all. So if you ever plan a trip to the Keweenaw try and remember the dates!


Best of luck to everyone!


@STR8V8PING just keep in mind if you wanna win or place in top 3 the 2 strawberries need to be in there…

“So by name only even though the ones im thinking are strawberry flavors”


Wheres everyone at ??? Lol 2 people posted only WTF … Come on guys and gals you wanted easy peasy here it is


What if the flavor image shows a pic of a strawberry but its not named strawberry


I guess what i could do then is use 2 strawberry nanes at .01 percent each and use the other non strawberry strawberries


Well, damn. I just posted one recently that met the criteria (except possibly the sweetener)


BTW, diy-ejuice.com and diyflavours.com is the same place, although the flavors don’t mirror. I think they’re likely transitioning over to “flavours” to eliminate the “ejuice” wording (and flavours is US dollars)


That’s something i’d want to try. I’m not there yet, but going in that direction.


Great choice! If i was choosing, this would be in my top3 profiles for a contest.
(not to compete, but to try all those great recipes. ‘The more natural tasting strawberries the better and more convincing the recipe’ i assume which is exactly what i’d wish)


For the contest flavors must be available from:

(And / or the other vendors listed in the first post)…
Where the mixers purchased the flavors is no matter as long as we the judges can find them where listed in the contest rules.


About the only thing that will result in immediate disqualification is using invalid flavor names, other criteria will count in the judging, we are giving the mixers 8 weeks to develop and submit recipes with a 2 week waiting period before submissions can begin. Last couple contests we had people submitting new recipes the day after announcement.
I know we are never going to please everyone/ all the time but if everyone follows the same requirements it should be fair for all interested in playing along.


Heehee I’m reading this. I swore off SB a long time ago after I overdosed, as Wendy Vapes once declared. It IS my all time favorite cake to eat, though. Hmm… :thinking: