"ELR Mixology Diploma" (Maths, Flavour Names 'n Stuff)

ELR Mixology Diploma. Spring 2017. Paper 1.

A man has a recipe :
p grams pg
y grams pg+nic
v grams vg
z % flavour
t grams total juice
He wants to adapt that recipe by first dissolving x mg CBD crystals in the raw pg, such that t grams of final mix contains 4mg/ml CBD and the same 6mg nic as the existing recipe.
How should he proceed? (He’d work it out himself, but he’s lazy, gets confused easily and would rather play with his new DNA75.)

Whilst messing about yesterday the same man might have created a flavour which would be searched by name = ‘CBD%’ in SQL land. It didn’t get added to his stash and he can’t find it now by searching the flavour list. If it exists, it should be deleted but he doesn’t think he can do this himself.
How should he proceed to avoid prosecution by the LarJoKen police?

A man created a new recipe (see Q1) with a one shot concentrate. He named the concentrate “Utter Nutter (DWF) (CV)” as it is a DrippingWithFlavour one shot, supplied, uniquely, he thinks, by Chefs Vapours. Was he correct to use this nomenclature?

Q4. (extra marks will be awarded)**
Another man has bought a DNA75 in the full knowledge that none of his computers run Windows and/or the “Windows Only” Escribe s/w. He is a lazy man, has no friends, and doesn’t really want to install VirtualBox just to run up a scratched up CD of W2000 NT. How should he proceed, short of telling Evolv they’re a bunch of myopic, paranoid capitalists (err… even though his DNA40 performs flawlessly) ?

*All working should be shown.
Eyebrows will be raised at mention of “moles”. (Buttocks will be clenched at the mention of “gram atoms”.)

**Money will change hands for a working port of Escribe to native Linux.


A3: The DWF range are available exclusively from Chefs right now but that could change in the future so I’d have gone with “Utter Nutter (DWF)” and added a comment in the notes with the expanded name and a link to the product page on Chefs’ website.


Questions 2 and 3 can be submitted here for fixing if needed.
Question 1 I use the PGA box to add my THC-CBD tincture to a mix since Everclear 190-151 proof is the carrier I use. I’ve learned my tincture to PG-VG ratios by good old experimentation. No two people need the same dose and your going to have to work that part out mostly on your own.
Running a max VG mix leaves room for up to 5% PGA tincture without having it so thin mix that it leaks in my Clieto.
Still working out the best way to incorporate this school and that one but for now the PGA works better then the methods I’ve done in the past with direct infusion of PG, VG or PEG200,and PEG400.
My 2 cents

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How about a thread on how you create that? My wife has Fibromyalgia and from what I’ve been reading, the CBD alone is dang near useless to treat pain but the CBD-THC actually works.

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Decarb weed ( 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered outside on the patio in my junked toaster oven) This activates the THC from it’s raw THCA state
Freeze weed and the highest proof Everclear you can get separately. 190-151 depending on local-state law. I do a near quart jar of weed and a full fifth of Everclear but you can scale to need. It’s just slightly more Alcohol then weed. Enough to agitate the rough ground weed in the jar while shaking. Have everything ready to go and work fast and cold as the longer it soaks the more nasty’s the Alcohol works free that we don’t need.
Combine and shake 30 seconds, Strain with potato ricer, garlic press, Cheese cloth. What have you. Discard spent weed.
Do NOT let the tincture contact bare skin as it will transdermal stone the crap out of you.
A few drops to a full eyedropper under the tongue is the usual method of dosing or mixed in a shot glass of water or juice if the 190 proof is to intense for you.
Adding the tincture to E juice is a recent application of it on my part but works nearly as well as the dispensary offered Cannabis E pens many shops now sell here in California.


Ive been doing it for couple of years …

So if your not to worried making this in confines of your home its comepletly harmless but smells completely dank while you do …

Theres a number of routes you can take …

I bought me a magicbutter machine to make it alot easier … Wich if you plan on making this alot i would go ahead and check that out…

It takes out the part where you slave over a stove and it practicly does everything for you … Theres alot of youtube videos you can check out .

Cbd is medicinal yes … But there are 4 other main canabanoids in cannabis … When stripping these ingredients from your juice it cost more money time and work and its hard getting 0 % thc wich is why they are so expensive. Paying for cheaper ones you always run a risk of having low trace amount of thc but if you ask me they all taste like mineral water it just wasnt ever pleasant for me enough to switch off nicotene. …

When using these cbds for very chronic illnesses or pains its not going to be as potent as a tylenol pm…

So keep in mind its just a plant. . i reccomend a strong indica strain when blending juice for pain …

I use a nice OG kush phenotype thats indica and kush that is very smooth and euphoric and sweet to the taste … I cant compare it with cbds but its makes a world of a difference and not nearly as much as a headache…

Each strain is different in its own and only as good as its grower. Researching on your own wich strains help exactly will help.

I have ibs so its hard eating and not being nautious so i keep it on me and it helps alot … Mine are severe so i need higher amounts of thc …

Without all the cannabanoids present you run the risk of not being able to fully treat your systems and waste your money.

The magicbutter machine makes everything simple.and breaks down these cannabanoid for you and blends it into any e juice … Butter … Wax … This thing is pretty cool i definitly can say its worth it.

Check out youtube … It takes about 13 hours to make in all but i just set it and forget it : ).

Wake up and it makes up 1145 ml of juice and it last me a pretty good while i just keep it in the mini fridge.

When making it you will have to judge for yourself how much herbs to use in your mix … It all depends on potency and tolerance… Because over time these low amounts do nothing and your body naturally will depend on thc and other cannabanoid to heal these everyday symptoms. I use it medicinally so i can just say its one thing politics should never be apart of … So weather its legal or not wont stop me … I would be prolly too sick to ever do anything if i didnt.

Its also a spiritual thing for me . but if you cant find anyone willing to sell you any you can always move somewhere it is legal … By now 8 states are recreational by law you can grow up to 6 plants per person or whatever…

Just like the vape industry the government will corrupt a good industry to benifit the people who are already rich. … My goal is to settle all these differences and provide these products legally.eventually.my time will come …

But theres still even alot i got to learn and keep pressing on …im already 25 and not getting younger.


MBM (Magic Butter Machine) biggest drawback is the 2 cup minimum needed to run it.
Can do just as well if not better for a fraction of the cost with a used thrift store toaster oven and a small stainless steel cat food dish from the pet store.
You’ll still need an oven to decarb the material first so the MBM is an expensive $150.00 toy IMO.
I know people who swear by them and an equal number who swear at them as useless crap.
MBM are both to small and to large for my needs. Won’t run enough for my large trim-scrap needs and it’s to big for making high grade hash oil. That’s done in runs of just one to three tablespoons of oil.
Takes just 20 minutes to make canna oil. 13 hours is insane and likely to seriously degrade the material. LOL a 1000 ways to skin this cat so there is no real wrong or right way. If it works for you it’s all good.
Just my 2 cents.


Thanks @BathVaper. Full marks for that.
I don’t seem able to change it now, so @JoJo or @Ken_O_Where could you amend Utter Nutter (DWF) (CV) - id 170151 to Utter Nutter (DWF) and link to https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/dwf-dripping-with-flavour/4982-utter-nutter.html please?

I can’t believe I’d never even seen that box. Never needed it before I guess. Thanks for your 2 cents @Bob_Bitchen, worth every penny. :smile: .


I make alot of juice yeah so two cups is fine ?? .

I throw onces in there yes i decarb them in a mini oven it works alittle faster with small heating space.

The juice is pretty good even its cut form if you just follow directions … 12 hours is allowing it to steep and break down at the same time .

With tinctures is 4 hours … Butters and other things is 2 hours commonly used for cooking edibles its pretty useful for people who arent into that whole full blown high part of the spectrum yet… But it still beats the money you throw.away on cbd … If i grow ill spend virtually no money making some good quality thc e juice… It vapes.awesome nice thick clouds takes the edge off the day comepletly. Very euphoric i got real gas . not none of the geneticly modified seeds…

The tincture i make is going to be out of this world litterally …