ELR vs facebook, no comparison

I have tried to get something out of the use of Facebook and maybe it’s just me (old guy), but I just couldn’t really get into the Facebook mode. I leave that site up to the kids and grandkids and spend all my spare time on ELR.
I can give input, receive input, post pics, talk to people who share my interests and learn how to live free of cigs. ELR has helped in my struggle with my smoking addiction, Facebook has helped with nothing. I personally see absolutely no comparison and will continue to luv it’s site.
Does anyone one else feel the same or am I really just the ‘OL GUY’?


Yeah Facebook is pretty awful. Instant messaging is ok, but other than that it’s not good. All day in my newsfeed it’s picture after picture of somebody’s terrible kids. Or it’s some “deep” inspirational meme that the poster didn’t come up with themselves.


Hi Greg, we’re both about the same vintage, and I suspect there are a few more here. Us ‘OL GUYS’ probably enjoy vaping so much because we’ve been struggling for decades to figure out how to quit smoking. Facebook is 90% irritating, but if you find the right group it can provide interesting snippets. Reddit is MUCH more interesting, especially the DIY_Ejuice subreddit. But ELR is the best by a long shot. Not just the wealth of recipes and resources, but this forum and the people in it. Like you.


@spitt4516 I have to agree with you, I don’t even have a facebook account. I have only been using this site for a couple of months and there is a vast amount of information here to keep me happy.


Hate facebook. My daughters got me onto it last year and it’s nothing but an annoyance. The inventor wants shot, the younger generation is obsessed with it but i just don’t get it.
Friend request from ppl you never even heared of, pokes for this, tagged in that, someone mentioned your name here,!?,. Wtf!!!
No definitely not for me. I like to be round ppl who have the same interests as myself and i can have a conversation with. Bouncing idears off each other etc… Much better.
Absolutely love my family here on ELR. Had loads of help when i needed it and hope i gave my help when it was needed. Yes we’ve had the stupid idiots knocking at the door ,like everywhere else, but they just don’t get in, or if they do there not here for long. Love how the ELR family stick together and come together when someone needs anything, no matter what.
Best place on planet earth and proud to be part of it. :yum:


Well said @Pattie :smiley: I think that sums up facebook.


I’m old too, and I enjoy Facebook, but I was in IT for 26 years. That may be part of it. I’m somewhat nerdy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my family and extended family are on FB and scattered all over Texas and OKlahoma, so it’s a common sharing medium for us.

FB is for family and some friends, mostly non-vapers.

I love my ELR friends and the website itself. THIS, is for me and my vaping. :slightly_smiling:


So, I guess take my opinion fwiw since I’m a millennial. I’m with Alisa. I don’t love facebook and I could go without it, but my family is literally spread all over the United States. I have a brother in Hawaii, one in Washington state, siblings and parents in St. Louis, a brother and mom in Texas, mom and two sisters in Tennessee, and a sister in Maryland. Without Facebook it would be infinitely more difficult to keep track of everyone. Most of my siblings have kids and I’d never get to see them if I couldn’t see pics on FB. LoL


what’s face book??


Agree with most of the replies as far as connection to family, that’s what the wife is for, connecting to the family, pretty sappy to a guy, but even ol’ guys can get a little sappy at times. I think fb has its place in a younger generation, although coming from my world, writing your every thought for the whole world to see is rediculous, but that’s just being a kid, which makes me an Ol’Guy.


Ol’ guy here. I have FB but only for informational purposes and if I remember, I may go on it once a week. I have everyone blocked, including family, as it lessens the drama. My wife and son are on it every chance they get and there is ALWAYS drama. No thank you. I’m always hearing “I have a cute video to show you. Unblock me.” Nope. That’s how it starts. If anyone needs to talk to me they can use that old archaic device called a telephone. Most won’t…sweet paradise.
ELR is special. Lots of even tempered individuals that you can actually enjoy “speaking” with. Full of info that they are willing to share and not once have I come across a true A-hole on the forums.


Love it fellow ‘ol guy’ ditto on the old device, miss those days. If I didn’t answer the damn thing, I wasn’t home, period. No computer calls, no calls when I was driving down the road , agreed, no drama…

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Old Guy here as well and sorta agree with most as far as being a good way to keep in touch with friends and family spread out but I leave FB up to the wife

To sum it up I am truly a analog guy living in a digital world and hate it. LOL

I still have a old truck that does not have a computer to control it

I hate my cell phone and only use it for emergencies the wife keeps it with her mostly

I love little country stores that do not need a computer hooked to the internet to use the cash register to ring up a sale


But I do love it here on ELR


For the last six months or so I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time in Facebook vaping groups, mostly VHB because of the numbers of mixers there feverishly discussing recipes, ingredients, methods and where to find the cheapest LDPE bottles! But it’s frantic, short-lived topics and discussions rarely survive 24 hours.
I still hate it as much as when I logged in once a week and sometimes wish I could simply walk away.

A techy-type and I drew up a list of the technical requirements for a perfect theoretical discussion forum - Facebook failed on the first four!

My vaping ‘home’ is still a UK forum (tho’ I only pop in for a few minutes most days) that has a very similar strong sense of community to ELR.



Yup that’s me. Heartless LOL


Kinda old here. Some days I feel it more than others. Grats to getting off the stinkies!
Enjoy your “reborn” good health!
Facebook…meh. It has it’s purpose I suppose…but I rarely log onto it. My wife lives on it…or it seems that way to me. I live here @ ELR. :smiley:
Welcome to ELR

i just recently got into facebook and this whole social media thing. i’ll tell the one thing i like about it. I have a very large family, and i can keep track of them without really having to talk to them. :wink: Sometimes i hit the like button sometimes leave a comment. and that is that. You can turn off your notifications and not be bothered at all, untill you decide you want to get on.
Anywho, thats my two cents.


This should be vs vu stopped in there yesterday to see a thread of a couple people talking bad about this site. Do they got something against you over there @daath? I mean honestly I feel as if there is not a more useful site then this with the calculator, flavor stash, forum, etc. A couple people mention oh it’s just everyone using way to much flavor. I mean come on because every recipe on here is not 5% total flavoring you bash the site?


Facebook is great for keeping up for family and friends long distance and marketing. Other than that Bleh