[ENYAWREKLAW] Rhodonite Flavour Concentrate Review

The recipe that started it all. Winner of DIY Ejuice’s BEST RECIPE of 2015, and the #1 RATED RECIPE at E-Liquid-Recipes.com, Rhodonite is perfectly balanced Raspberry & Apple Macaron, topped with powdered sugar.
This recipe hits every note with masterful precision and makes for a beautiful vape full of layers and complexity, without being too overpowering. This is a recipe you must experience. BEST MIXED AT 9.3%, 70VG/30PG, and steeped for at least 3-4 DAYS.

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I went ahead and purchased Waynes Rhodonite Concentrate 3 days ago from (UK) chefsflavours.co.uk also available in the US @ ecigexpress.com and said I would write a little review on it, so here we go.

Price (UK): £7.50
Price (US): $9.99

Overview (Results out of 5):

  • Price: 5
  • Presentation: 4
  • Packaging: 4
  • Quality of liquid: 5

Note: Vaped in a Griffin 25 RTA with a single Vaping Outlaws Clapton @ .35ohm and a KangerTech Subtank Nano with a Clapton .5ohm coil

Note: This is a Flavour Concentrate and not to be vaped on its own

Note: BEST MIXED AT 9.3%, 70VG/30PG, and steeped for at least 3-4 days.

Note: DIYorDIE has several other flavour concentrates available at the above URL’s

Note: Find [ENYAWREKLAW] recipes here on ELR

First Impressions:
For the price, the packaging and label are spot on, I dont know if the labels differ in the UK / US but it is quite distinctive, simple and easy to find in my cupboard.

The Smell:
Sweet Sweet raspberry, really strong raspberry, not much else.

The Taste Test:
I placed a tiny drop on my finger and tasted it, very tart, raspberry is almost overpowering, sugary slightly biscuity taste.

The Mix:
I mixed a 30ml, I went with the recommended 70vg/30pg @ 9.3% with 50mg/ml VG based Nic @ 3mg strength, using the above Nicotine I calculated I can make nearly 322ml’s of this liquid, 322ml’s for £7.50!!

First Vape:
I vaped this straight away, raspberry was too strong, overpowered the whole mix, it needed a little steep, so into the cupboard it went for a couple of days.

Second Vape @ 2 Days Steep:
The raspberry had started to mellow by this point, the apple coming through more now and a lovely sugary macaron has appeared.

The 3 day Steep bottle:
Well, well well, completely mellowed out and transformed, from that tart overpowering raspberry to a perfectly balanced Raspberry Apple sugary Macaron delight.

I had tried Raspberry vapes before and found the raspberry to be too strong for me but after steeping this one, I would highly recommended it, if your after a sugary raspberry treat this is the concentrate you need.

Thanks to @Wayne_Walker for the work he puts into this flavour concentrates and for another new, very tasty ADV!

Happy Vaping!


Excellent review! There are no replies because you hit every detail. Kudos to you @Grubby~!


Thanks, hopefully it helps someone out, keeps me busy anyway… :smile:

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I made this from it’s inception on Reddit. For some reason it never did anything for me. I tested it over a 6 month period and still nothing. That’s when I realized I’m just different from a lot of vapers, because most people that try it really seem to love it.


Whe you say it did nothing for you, do you mean you just didn’t like it or something else?

I didn’t like it. The only flavor I could really make out was Raspberry and that was way off base to me. The layering and pairing seemed a bit off also. But that’s just my opinion.

That’s my interpretation. I admit my palate is different from most, but I just didn’t get it.

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As always, appreciate the honesty @Grubby! Thanks for the love and support bud!


I understand, I’ve vaped some of the top recipes on here and they just all taste the same, i wanted to like them but I couldn’t.

If we all liked the same things life would get boring pretty quick

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It’s all good, I find working with ready made concentrates much more appealing, maybe Wayne enterprises would consider taking a top diyer from ELR under his wing in the future to help facilitate the production of their recipe concentrates for us all to enjoy. If that could happen that would be awesome!

This is one of the first recipes my girlfriend tried, I mixed a batch, after a week she just didn’t like it so it went in the drawer, 2 months later however…totally different liquid, she loves it now.

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