Erythritol whos using it?

Erythritol whos using it and is it better than sucralose , and is it a coil destroyer as well

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I been testing on some. What you think about it? Sweet. I’m loving this stuff and the Monk Fruit so far.

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i havent used it yet , i just saw it on ECX … is it the coil destroyer sucralose is , i guess it would be since its like a sugar

I’m on my third tank (15mls) no problems. Even used three times as much thinking Super Sweet was stronger. Nope!
What I like the most, Eryritol doesn’t mute other flavors, nor does Monk Fruit.
Still testing both, but so far it’s worth it. I’m sold on the more expensive Monk Fruit.

Even vaped both full concentration just for the hell of it. Why not just sweet. Try that with SSweet and see if your cotton treats you right. No problem with others.


i just ordered 30ml , are you using it at same percentages as SS or sucralose

I will now. I used it 50% more but I’ll try next batch at same percentage.
When you get it do the drip test. Put a drip on your finger and taste it.

You should know I tend to like sweet sweet ejuice. So I’ve always used SS at two to four drops per 10 mls. BIG OL FAT DROPS!!! It’s the :poop:!


Hello My Vape People!

What percentage y’all throwing in your mix with this stuff? I’m seeing 3% in the flavor notes on this? That cannot be right? I’m thinking 3% of any sweetener (Bleck!)

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i just psted my thoughts on your thread

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Got some as from what I’ve read it flashes at a far higher temp than the other sweeteners and therefore is less likely to caramelize your coils.

Still messing with it.

I picked some of this up from Nude Nicotine as well, have not gotten around to using it too much. In my initial tests, it seemed a little less sweet than traditional sucralose TPA. Will have to get the little vial out, and test it again.

I had high hopes for this and I am hoping more people chime in. Sometimes, I just misuse something and put it away, only to find later that I was using it, incorrectly.

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i had high hopes as well and while playing with it a few times it was disappointing , like you i put it back in the fridge and havent touched it for awhile

I like it I generally use it with stevia. I get a little bitter aftertaste with stevia and it seems to remove it for me YMMV.

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i may try that , the erythritol never put off a bitter tastse like other sweeteners including LS that why i stopped using them all but mixing the two is abgreat idea what ratio do you mix them together at

Here is one so you can ball park it

Turkish Delight (v2)

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.6
Erythritol 5% (NN) 0.75
Pistachio (VG) (Real Flavors) 1.5
Rose Candy (TPA) 1.75
Stevia 0.25
Strawberry Taffy (CAP) 0.65

Flavor total: 5.5%

It gives a nice sweetness with no after taste

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I use it as it doesn’t affect the coils the others are coil killers this one my coils can last two weeks maybe even longer id suggest everyone use this over the other sweeteners


You wanna use like 0.5 you really don’t need a lot sometimes I do about 5 drops

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