Etiquette About Reposting Another Mixer's Recipe, With Attribution?

Ok, so here’s the thing… I’m finding a LOT of recipes all over the place, but either they’re a site where paid membership is required to post/adapt, or its a random posting on some obscure site.

I’d LOVE to post some of these publicly, here, because they’re KILLER recipes, and amazingly not in our database. Of course, would post with proper attribution and link back to original recipe.

Some of them are listed as CC Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 licenses… others have no licensing attached. And of course, there’s no way to message or ping the creator and ask.

So what is the general DIY-etiquette here? Say ENYAWREKLAW or FOLKART or Random Mixer number 8597 posts a recipe that I love and find on Youtube… Can I repost here, with all proper attribution back to ENYAWREKLAW yada yada, and paste in their flavor notes, etc?

Seems like we should be sharing these things, and I’ve already got recipe private as I used it to adapt recipe to my own base/ml.

But still, I wanted to check and see if this is a generally accepted thing, or are mixers cringing and annoyed when their stuff is reposted by someone other than themselves?




Post it, give credit where and when you can.

It’s already been made public, so it doesn’t “fall on you” regardless.

The only way that I can think of for there to be the chance of an “ethical breach” to start with, is if the creator didn’t properly secure it in the first place (meaning: it would have never been stored online, or written down, or communicated to another, etc).

I know the above is very likely to meet resistance from certain factions/individuals, but it’s my opinion.

DIY is about sharing the knowledge, experience, and what we’ve learned along the way (up to whatever point in the journey that one is currently at).

No mixer that’s doing it for DIY is doing it for a living. And to me, that marks the distinction.

Once you are trying to make retail money from it, you are no longer doing DIY.

Anyone who has made recipes public as a DIY’er, and then tried to remove them (to put them behind a pay wall, or whatever) didn’t give enough thought to things beforehand. A foolish move in my opinion, because you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

If you make something public, consider it a gift. Because the harsh reality is, that there’s ALWAYS going to be the chance of someone who is going to send it in a direction you didn’t expect. Whether it’s a change in the recipe, not giving recognition, or trying to profit from it.
/my 2¢ off



Awesome, @Sprkslfly! Thanks a lot, Rob. That’s just what I needed. I knew people were doing it, just wasn’t sure if it was accepted or frowned upon. I’ll post my bum off, as soon as I get a few mins to pull together all recipes and put em together.

This site is such a valued tool, being able to adapt recipes to our own base/size/flavor percentage, etc. Its great to be able to make the winners I discover elsewhere available for the other peeps, here.


Fully agree with you (and I’m waiting for that popcorn moment too)

This is a bit of a vague statement though. If someone puts out some “information” (whatever it is) on a pay-wall site, e.g. patreon, is that considered “public”? Then we’re right back in that Mooch discussion.

If you’re talking about recipes from other sites that are publicly accessible, like ATF, LDPLN, etc, that is accessible to everyone so yeah, post it but do link the original and pay tribute.

After all, recipes cannot be copyrighted in any way. it’s mostly an ethical issue IMO.


Retail has no problem swiping recipes from ELR and make a nice profit without giving any credit whatsoever to the creator at all.
So I agree,


Not cool to post paid recipes… Someone worked hard for those and yeah just no…


@OddModicum I always put the mixer’s name in the title, and always provide a back link, and most times try to copy/paste their comments as well.


Oh yeah, I agree 100%. Not ripped off commercial recipes that I sneakily got ahold of. lol I’d never be able to post those.

I’m talking the ‘straight up, already accessible if you go hunting online’ (which is how I stumbled on em, initially)… just not yet posted HERE at ELR. :wink:


I do sell recipes, and help create juice lines, so I do know the value in that… :wink:

I get a bit touchy, can’t help it!


I SO don’t blame you…that’s your livelihood, man. lol I’d be a tad touchy, too. We’ve all had our hard work evilly absconded with by naer-do-well in some aspect of our lives, and it always bites.

@SessionDrummer K, perfect. That’s just what I’ve done…

Also, damn, man, that Nana Pudding recipe looks amazing. I’ve got the VTA Banana Custard and the Flavorah Vanilla Pudding already in my cart. Looking forward to that one!


Off topic… I know there will be a flv contest here soon!!! :smiley: haha!! :slight_smile:


Oh you WILL will like that one @OddModicum

GREAT off-topic there @anon84779643 !!!


I think everyone will like that one post haha!!! :partying_face:

too excited myself… as I do have a small surprise!! :smile:


Woot! I’m highly Flavorah deficient (which I’m working to rectify bit by bit) so I’m seriously excited about that.

Your recipes are SO intriguing, SmokyBlue!!! I’m dying to mix up your Bubble Tea asap. May be a bit till I can schwangle the flavors, but wow… looks good. I love a ‘textured’ vape. :wink:


Edit: The newest recipes to date I released are for pod mods… and another recipe book will be coming out from Flavorah soon! :smile:

Even tho they are for pods, you shouldn’t have to adjust a thing with the base, should you want to switch to sub ohm. I test my publics out in a bunch of different set ups with a range of steep times. :slight_smile:

I also run the flv fan page on FB and toss a contest there too… In fact, I completely forgot my 3rd yr anniversary with the page, so it will be coming up soon!



Hehe nice. I appreciate what you bring here from all the FLV offerings, to recipe help, flavor comments, ideas, etc.


I try… then I get side tracked again SD :stuck_out_tongue:

I know taro will be released sometime this summer, and not sure what else is on the list… but I am having a blast playing with the newest flavor releases :wink: I can go on and on… atm my tounge is wrapped up around that Black Current and a Red Raspberry with a splash of Blood orange dunked into the smoothie base. Took me a bit to understand it, but there is tricks to that base… I need to catch up the note on my site… one of these days. :slight_smile:


Wow, Black Currant and Red Raspberry smoothy sounds amazing. Do you take requests? I’m just at the point where I’m starting to tweak the recipes of others… not quite advanced enough to develop a whole new recipe, especially involving a chocolate base. Also, I noticed that for a darned popular dessert, there’s like 2 recipes on all of ELR for this treat, neither even rated. :wink: I’m looking for a Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing… I know I want to use the Red Velvet Flavorah as the base. I was also thinking maybe Vanilla Pudding for ‘smushy’ moist cake texture, and Icing of course. Any thoughts?


Mine would look like this:

1.2% Red Velvet
.6% Frosting
.2% Greek Yogurt
.2% Sugar Orchid
.8% Whipped Cream
.6% White Chocolate

for just a basic recipe. I do take requests… :slight_smile:


I also have a cream cheese stone, somewhere in my recipe pile that you might want to look into.
A lot of my free recipes are just that, free to get you going. I do tell everyone… try them all as solos, from low to high… then start putting them together.

I also promote my friend Christian’s videos on youtube… you can find his basic series here: