Euro Flavors, VG-based

Quote from their website:


“VG-Based” Flavorings - NOW AVAILABLE!!

Posted on October 17 2017

The EuroFlavor Team is excited to announce that we now offer vegetable-glycerin (VG) based flavorings! Until now, all of our flavorings have been produced using a propylene-glycol (PG) base solution. However, we now have around 30 flavors that we can produce using a 100% VG base.

There are currently several uses for VG-based flavorings:

Some e-cigarette users are allergic to propylene glycol, and can only use e-liquids that are "PG-free."  Using our new VG-based flavorings, customers can now create e-liquids that contain absolutely no PG.
E-liquids containing larger amounts of PG are generally going to have a "harsher" inhale than e-liquids that contain less PG (and more VG).  Some consumers prefer a smoother inhale, and VG-based flavorings can help reduce the "throat hit" resulting from harsher e-liquids.
Many consumers seek "Max VG" e-liquids, as VG is known to create more vapor than PG.  However, most Max VG e-liquids still contain a certain amount of PG due to the use of PG-based flavorings.  With our new VG-based flavorings, our customers can now create Max VG e-liquids that are TRULY Max VG, without having to sacrifice flavor.

For further information regarding our VG-based flavorings, please contact us via e-mail at:

The EuroFlavor Team

The trouble is, i can’t find the things on sale anywhere, not even in their own shop. , unless perchance, they didn’t think the label the VG-based products as VG-based , and expected their customers to just use their intuition.

Yes, i tried mailing them, and either they didn;'t bother replying or else their reply got lost.

So, does anybody happen to know anything about this? I give up!

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see if you can reach them on twitter or fb?

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Nicotine River carries Euro Flavors, you might check with them.
(Edit: oops, din’t mean to reply to you, just the OP)


That’s not a bad idea . Do you know anything about these VG-based flavours, @Nicotine_River ?
Oh! and. on a related note, do you think you could identify your PG-free flavours for folk like myself? (allergic to PG). and gather them together under one tab? I noticed that you do quietly stock a few of them. eg your RFSC (only three of the RFSC flavours have PG in them, as I’m sure they’ll happily confirm)

Here are some others besides Real Flavors which are either VG or Alcohol based:

Note* If you are PG Sensitive always be sure to contact the manufacturer directly before making any flavoring purchase, to make sure what the carrier is for their concentrates (even the ones I listed above). When in doubt, always assume that the flavorings are PG based just to be safe.


Yep , and There;s also Kandi Hed (VG) and my favourite , Medicine Flower (link to my suppliers thread) both of which are more easily obtainable in Britain, where I live (though, I usually imprt the MF, TBH to get my hands on a wider range of flavours) .
I’ve also heard tell, all over the place, that Hangsen are PG-free but never managed to find official confirmation anywhere :frowning:
We really need a dedicated PG-free flavours thread here, don’t we? .That’s the next project I have in mind for after I find out about these :).

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I hope you can find more VG flavors in Britain. I will be sure to keep my eyes open.

As far as Hangsen goes. The ones that I have purchased are all primarily* PG based (they often contain Glycerol as well). Nictone River carries a good amount of the Hangsen Flavors and have a link for each flavor’s SDS; which is available for download.

Example: Hangsen Ice Cream

I hope this helps.


yep. thanks :slight_smile: it’s f***cking disappointing though

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Not sure if you know, but NorthWest is Real Flavors VG line just rebranded/rebottled.

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There is a possibility that they tried it and then pulled it. 8 months is a long time in this ever-changing world in which we live in!

yeah, except I’ve been watching their site expectantly for most of those eight months! :rofl:

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I hadn’t considered that! Good on ya. I hope they clarify.

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P.S. I do I think it’s a bit unkind to McCartney to quote what is probably his most grotesque ever grammatical contortion in the interests of scanning /rhyming .
you’d think he could have lived it down/let it die by now :grin: :crazy_face:

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I think he’ll be ok :slight_smile: wonder how many times he has cited poetic freedom/license when asked about that slip.

@EuroFlavor Guys/Gals got any info for @jay210 and the others?

Id just like to input this, jay210. Im pretty sensitive to PG, if i go over 20% i cough fart like crazy. When Walt first came around with VG flavorings i was pretty excited, we even did some beta testing around here for him. This is just my personal opinion but i found them much more difficult to work with than PG/Alcohol/What ever MF has in it. Recipe development went from a couple days/weeks to months.

Now with that said, EF has some pretty good flavorings. I loved the tobacco’s (Pipe Tobacco in particular) and their chocolates were some of my favorite chocolate flavorings. Vanilla custard was another good one but quite different than anything out there as it has a maple component which limits its usage just a bit.

I didnt get much outside of tobacco and creams but some of the others got their fruits and i remember some good things about them. Hope some of this helps.


just wanna jump in quick and note that MF definitely has no PG in it . Does have alcohol though.
Aside from that, thanks :smile:


I had no idea! Why would ECF rebrand RF VG flavors?

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The same way they rebrand TFA as signature flavors. Perhaps an agreement was made for legal purposes or bottling/labelling requirements either the case im certain @Plunderdrum is correct.


Hmmm. I forgot that rebrand TFA as Signature. That makes complete sense then. Thank you @mixologist13. :hugs:


Hello! In regards to the Euro Flavors VG flavors, we are not yet involved with the product. We are aware that there is market for VG based flavors and look to order more in the future! As for the PG free flavorings on our site, the best current way to proceed with this would be to check back to the manufacturer sites ingredients. We plan on implementing much more detailed information into our website like such ingredients but as of this moment we do not currently have a list of ingredients available for PG free concentrates. :slight_smile: