EuroFlavors top 5

Since this is a UK forum? I always loved America Blend gold, then found pipe blend, that’s a must have for me irreplaceable. I just saw they make an American Blend blue and a black, but shipping is high so figured Id try some more. 5 pack of 4oz for $20 but I don’t think I have any other from euro, anyone have favorites or know of solid hits from euro? Any flavor types are cool

Kinda odd, the place says shipping from TX, guess I just assumed euro


It’s world-wide. :slight_smile:
Large components from the US, UK, Oz, and EU.
Smatterings tossed in for additional flavour from the Netherlands, UAE, Greece, and others.

Thankfully EU flavor houses have been making their way over (to the US) for the last few years.

If you’re in the EU though, it’ll probably be the easier for you to source them there (as well as cheaper [no import/customs fees] and fresher [since they haven’t gone halfway around the world, and then back to the EU again]).

I know Euro Flavours have been mentioned several times over the years, but have you tried a search (on ELR) for the specific flavours you’re interested in?

The main thread for EF is here:


I’m afraid not my dear, they are simply not available in Europe at all.
The name already gives it away. Flavor without the u.

@Kinnikinnick did some reviews on their tobacco flavours which, according to him, were pretty good.

I’ve never been able to get my hands on them.
I dare someone to proof me wrong and show me a place in Europe where these flavours are sold.

I haven’t been able to find any.


That blows my mind.
I know they list a Texas address on the site, but they state German design, and made in Germany, so I’d be dumbfounded, and dare I say, gobsmacked that they’d turn their back on their home country.

I only looked briefly on the phone, but I’m pretty sure I have some EU sites bookmarked that sell them.


Merica here so yeah TX is cool, if I could’ve found the flavors at our regular spots I sure would’ve… The only thing I’ve got thoroughly covered is tobacco. Thanks for the link to those notes! That’s kinda scary they’d take the name euro flavors… Idk why but now I really don’t trust it :roll_eyes::joy:

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Why? They’re made in Germany. Designed in Germany. I’d say that’s reasonable enough lol.

As for Jose’s observation, it really is weird that they didn’t spell it flavours isn’t it?
Funny how I spelled it that way by default in my post above.

@Josephine_van_Rijn I will check my bookmarks the next time I’m on the pc hon! You’ve definitely got me curious as well. You’d think they’d be easy peasy to source in the EU given the above. (Kind of like FA or Inawera is. Odd to hear, to say the least!)


They may be made in Germany and designed in Germany, but if it’s a US company and for the US market it would be spelled the US way…


Thanks dear :hugs:


I was joking :joy: it’s a weird marketing thing, here euro is marketing usually, wonder if everywhere else does it too, or with American? I do like the euro style butter though, seriously, y’all got that nailed, Kelly gold is serious