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EuroFlavors Tasting Notes

Yellow Mango (EuroFlavor)

SPOT ON!!! Semi-Sweet, Ripe and Juicy. It’s all there. Right there with the best Mangos I’ve tasted.
I find that this Mango will get perfumey above 6%.
It holds it’s on with strong flavors.

Good Job EuroFlavors! This is a hit for me at 6%.

Single Flavor 5-6%
Mixer 2-4%

Lemon (EuroFlavor)

I’m a bit conflicted with this one. It has some good qualities. It also have a decent concentration, but the flavor is good and bad depending on how you like your lemon. It’s sort of a cross between a stout Lemonade and Lemon Pledge. It also have a small amount Lemon Zest with no tart or sour notes. 8% is a little much for a single flavor. 4-6% should suffice for a single flavor. I think I just mixed it too strong, as this is more concentrated than the others I tried. If you keep the %s low this should work and lessen or eliminate the the Lemon Pledge note I get at 8%.

4-6% Single Flavor
1-3% Mixer

Banana (EuroFlavor)

May favorite from this batch of flavors. This is a natural ripe Banana flavor. It’s not the sweet artificial candy type. It’s actually has a better flavor than some I have. This isn’t a powerful banana that will overpower your mix. This should blend well and stand up to other flavors. My only wish is that it was more concentrated, but they nailed this flavor. I can vape this as a standalone.

8-10% Single Flavor
4%+ Mixer

Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor)

Well Surprise, Surprise! This really took me by surprise because I’ve never tried this in a vape and didn’t know what to expect. I really like it though. I’m sure I had this in a slurpee or cotton candy and it taste spot on to what I remember. I haven’t tried any other vendor so I don’t know how this stacks up, but this works for me.

8% single is just fine for me.
2%+ should work great as a mixer.

Caramel (EuroFlavor)

Weak, Weak, Weak! The Caramel is almost nonexistent. I can taste it a little, but this need a much higher %. This would easily be overshadowed… even as a mixer at 8%.

I suggest find another Caramel.

Milk Chocolate (EuroFlavor)

This is a solid Milk Chocolate, but you need the full 8% just for a mixer. It’s one of the better Milk Chocolates I’ve tasted. It reminds me of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Sad it’s so weak though. If it was more concentrated I’d give this a 5 Star rating.

Single Flavor 12-15%
Mixer 8-11%

Pear (EuroFlavor)

Mixed @ 8%

I’m not too impressed with this one. It’s pretty flat with slight floral type flavor. I’m not feeling much pear at all. It may produce more of a pear at a higher %, but I feel it will still miss the mark. It’s just not cutting it for me… compared to what I’m currently using.

Pineapple (EuroFlavor)

Not a true Pineapple IMO. The flavor is very good… just not pineapple. This taste more like a candy apricot/peach mashup to me. I’m sure it can find it’s niche in mixes and will make a good standalone… but Pineapple… I just don’t get. It’s still a good flavor that I feel will go well with and enhance other fruit flavors.

7-8% Single Flavor
3-6% Mixer

Red Apple (EuroFlavor)

Mixed @ 8% Single Flavor.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this Apple. This has a very good apple flavor @ 8%. It’s not overbearing with a slightly sweet finish on the exhale. No tartness… a true Red Apple flavor.

I think it will be better @ 10% single flavor. This should be good as a mixer from 4-7%.

Red Strawberry (EuroFlavor)

Mixed @ 8% Single Flavor.

I’m underwhelmed @ this %. I get traces of SB, but nothing outstanding. It just too weak IMO. I can actually taste the VG more.

This isn’t a flavor I would recommend. There’s a lot better I could recommend.

Vanilla (EuroFlavor)

Another mild flavor by EUF, but it’s pleasant and smooth. This sorta remind me of a bakery vanilla… almost a cake flavor. It’s not as potent as I like, but this will work well for some that doesn’t need a bold Vanilla.

Single Flavor 8-12%
Mixer 4-7%


Awesome review @Pro_Vapes ! I need to finish up mine as well !


Oops… I thought this was the EUF thread. Sorry, I should’ve paid closer attention. No wonder we were so far apart on the Banana.


it’s ok honey ! I just merged them !


My two cents on EF…just don’t. The only one I got that I might recommend is the Red Apple. And for an apple flavor, it was actually really good. The rest all had either a really strong chemical overtone or a ‘chalky’ flavor.

  • Amaretto 5% (SnV - Sweet, slight almond. Not awful. 1 week - same. 2 weeks - same. Might be allergic to something in this. Gives my throat that watery feeling. 3 weeks - Not getting anything out of this now. 4 weeks - still makes me watery. Don’t think I’ll use this.)
  • Black Tea 5% (SnV - kind of a sweet, floral, playdoh. 1 week - less playdoh. Kinda nondescript now. 2 weeks - playdoh went away, has a bit of a bite. Otherwise, nothing. 3 weeks - really generic. Doesn’t really taste like anything now. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Coconut 5% (SnV - surprisingly not awful. Kind of sunscreenish. 1 week - lost some flavor. 2 weeks - decent, but has developed a bit of a chemical note. 3 weeks - this is kind of nice. Not one I think I’d buy when it runs out, but decent. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Jasmine Tea 5% (SnV - No Good. Tastes like dirt and playdoh. 1 week - still not getting tea, but the dirt has transformed into a spice taste. Still tastes like playdoh. 2 weeks - I think it’s gotten worse. Now it tastes like moldy playdoh or maybe plastic grass. 3 weeks - I can’t do this anymore. Not bad enough to toss the bottle but I’m not vaping any more of this. It makes me feel sick. 4 weeks - same. Tossing this one.)
  • Kiwi 5% (SnV - makes me want to gag. Nail polish remover with a sickly sweet kiwi overtone. This may get dumped for real. 1 week - couldn’t bring myself to try this again. It still smells like extremely sweet kiwi nail polish remover. 2 weeks - still awful smell. Tried a drop and it still tastes awful. Maybe an overnight breather will help. 3 weeks - still disgusting. I don’t want to vape this. I tossed the tester. I don’t even wanna try and salvage the bottle.)
  • Nougat 5% (SnV - Kinda weird. Not sure I like it. Kinda makes me feel sick. 1 week - same. Possibly BTA This may be trashed. 2 weeks - same. Chalky and pukey. Gross. 3 weeks - this is getting tossed. Disgusting. 4 weeks - Same.)
  • Pina Colada 5% (SnV - a chemical top note, but definite hints of pina colada. 1 week - still not great, but not awful either. 2 weeks - Could probably do with some breathing, still getting that chemically bite, but otherwise pretty decent. 3 weeks - still weird chemical taste. It’s unfortunate cuz it would be a good flavor otherwise. It’s like they went for a rum vibe and wound up with isopropyl instead. 4 weeks - no more alcohol taste, but kinda gross.)
  • Red Apple 5% (SnV - Mild apple, anise note. 1 week - not bad. Kind of generic, but still tastes kind of like an apple. 2 weeks - surprisingly good. A little floral, more like an apple blossom, but tasty. 3 weeks - actually tastes like an apple. Maybe the only EF I like. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Vanilla Cheesecake 5% (SnV - I’m not hating this. It’s pretty light in flavor, but I get a bit of the van cheesecake vibe. 1 week - gotten kinda funky and stinky. 2 weeks - developed some chalkiness. Still has a bit of a vanilla cheesecake flavor, but not one I think I’d use. 3 weeks - still kinda stinky. Also now kinda generic. 4 weeks - boring.)
  • Whisky 5% (SnV - Kind of floral and perfumey. 1 week - mellowed a lot. Still doesn’t really taste like whisky. Still very floral and perfumey. 2 weeks - still getting floral perfume. An undertone I can’t put my finger on. Maybe oak. 3 weeks - toned down some. Still getting floral and perfume, but definitely think it’s more oaky. Not awful now. 4 weeks - same but less.)
  • White Coffee 8% (SnV - vague hint of maybe chocolate, coffee, and maybe chalk. 1 week - very sweet, chocolatey, coffee, still a little chalky. 2 weeks - getting some chocolate and coffee. Chalk has gone away. Not bad. 3 weeks - not something for SA, but could be doctored to be good. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Wildberry 5% (SnV - Kind of generic berry/wine taste. A little floral/playdohy. 1 week - same, a little musty. 2 weeks - has kind of a burning bite to it. Still light and generic in the berry flavor. 3 weeks - still generic berry. No more bite but still a bit of doh. 4 weeks - doh has gone away. Not awful now.)

Euroflavors have 1 flavor out of the few I tested I’d buy again that would be the Blue raspberry !

I appreciate both of these companies allowing me to review their products, but I’m going to give an honest review.

These flavors are too weak, most of them have decent " Bones " but they just don’t cut it in today’s standards of high quality high concentrated flavorings.

Amaretto - I did a SnV on this one at 6% it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t that great either. Kinda comes off as a fake liqueur flavor. It is sweet probably a little too chemically tasting sweet. I don’t believe I went back to try it. I used it in a mix later on and it was alright as a mixer at 3%.

  • Amarena Cherry- This one was not a bad bakery style cherry it’s dark and a bit fleshy. I used it in a few mixes around 2% it gives off a slight sweetness.

  • Blue Raspberry- I really like this one, I would buy it again. Has a pleasant tang to it, and yet sweet reminds me what a slushy is suppose to taste like. Tried it as a SnV at 5% and was too weak so I upped it to 6% and that was plenty for me. I tried it for the next few weeks and actually found myself wanting to vape it , flavor faded some but overall it’s a good one.

  • Caramel - Lightly sweet and some what flat hard to explain tried it in a mix around 4% and it turned out really good but then again it was in a mix. It wouldn’t be a stand alone.

  • Green Apple- I am not an apple person unless it’s Fuji FA, green apple concentrates are hard for me to stomach and this one is right up there. Kinda chemically but not terrible .In a mix it blended pretty good gave like a candy effect ( but many other flavors can do that ) that was around 1.75%

  • Honeydew Melon- Tried as a SnV at 6% not strong enough few weeks later still not strong and flavor had faded. In a mix it was ok but I had to use around 6% just to get it to come through.

  • Jasmine Tea- SnV at 6% wow too strong very tea forward and a jasmine floral back note. Tried again around 3% much better green tea with hints of floral. Let it steep a few weeks tried it again a little weaker but not terrible. It is not sweet and needs supporting flavors. I would use it again if I remembered to.

  • Pear- Very mild not sweet enough. I tried to SnV this one at 6% it was not that good just kinda boring. In a mix it adds some additional layers and as a mixer it was alright around 1-3% but they’re are plenty better concentrates out there.

  • Vanilla- A soft semi sweet vanilla it is a bit weak. I used it in mixes around 3-4% and really could not get it to stand out. Tried it as a SnV at 6% decent mild and a little sweet but not something I would vape stand alone. Ok as a mixer.

  • Vanilla Custard- A light fresh creaminess too bad the vanilla is so faint you’d have to add an additional supporting vanilla to this one , but it is very European style in that it has no egginess to it. Very clean. I used it around 4% in a mix and as a stand alone at 6% it was too weak each time I tried it just got worse and worse as far as strength goes and flavor faded.

  • White Coffee- I actually liked this one felt it was more of a coffee ( not espresso ) with cream. I didn’t test it as a stand alone , but in a mix at 2% and it came out great nice coffee influence with some creaminess. It is not a very strong flavor however and would need support.

  • Wild Berry- As a SnV at 6% I didn’t care for it, a little too much overly powerful blend of berries that had an alcohol- boozy likeness. I put it in a mix and it was pretty nice around 2.50%


EuroFlavor Two Apples Plus:

EF states: “The oldest flavor of tobacco is Two Apple - the Arabic word for fruit oddly translates into Apple. The Double or Two in the name originates from the two spices used to flavor the shisha, anise and licorice. When you place the two terms together, you get the flavor name Two Apple. The essence of our Two Apple Plus has even stronger notes of anise and licorice.”

My thoughts:
Agreed; this is very mellow, smooth and sweet combination of anise and licorice. There are no spikey edges. This could definitely be used as a stand alone flavor in a mix; the addition of a cream could bring it to perfection.

Note: There is no tobacco flavor in this concentrate.

Mixed test batch at 5%, 40PG/60VG; very good as stand alone; will mix at 2% or below with tobaccos.


EuroFlavor Tayberry:

Supposedly, the real fruit being a cross between a blackberry and raspberry, this flavor is reminiscent of such fruit. It’s not obnoxious, but, not simply delicious either; it’s a berry flavor. To me, it hits between a blueberry and white grape flavor. Slightly floral on the exhale, this will be good for those who mix tea type vapes. Not too much of a chemical back note; steep time helps fade that note.

Mixed at 5%, 40p/60v; was hoping for a bigger punch at 5%.


I mixed up some Euro flavors yesterday and as I have no patience what so ever I had to sample a couple of them this morning. The Vanilla Chocolate Orange seems to have a genuine flavor all three flavors come out nicely. As it steeps I’m sure it will become even better. The peach is a little bit artificial but then it is a fresh mix. After some steeping time it should be pretty good. I’ll edit this in a couple of weeks.


I just couldn’t find a good Blue Raspberry, so thanks to @Amy2 I purchased EuroFlavor’s Blue Raz and so far it has been the best one yet! The only one I have not tried yet is Liquid Barn’s but in time, I am sure I will get to it.

Got a sampler pack and decided to try a few, so far they are pretty decent. Not the strongest flavors but that is easily remedied by turning up the percentages.

Sour Apple, EuroFlavor- This one is amazing! I have never had a vape that is actually sour and I am pleasantly surprised to say that this is the first! Gives the sour flavor and pucker, I did not think was even possible from vaping. I used it at 3% initially, and got a good idea for the flavor but needed it stronger, so I turned it up to 6%. Will report back after it steeps for a bit.

Watermelon, EuroFlavor- This one definitely smelled different from my other watermelons but vaping it was not quite the same as smelling it. At 5% it was strong enough but I am not sure I enjoy it very much. Will have to give it some time and come back to it.

Blue Raspberry, EuroFlavor- This, as I said before, is the best Blue Raspberry I have found yet. Made single batches at 8 and 10 percent. If the 8% is good enough, I don’t think 10 will be necessary, but I want to get the most out of these flavors that I can, so I made both.

Raspberry, EuroFlavors- Accidently made this in an attempt to make Blue Raspberry, but I misread the bottle. Pretty good, but not something I would buy again. I made it at 10% and it was definitely enough. Not super defined as a raspberry, but better than RF SC Raspberry, as I got little to nothing from that flavor.

I also got a Yellow Mango but it has Acetoin in it, so I am not going to even bother mixing it. Sad because it smelled great and everyone says it is one of their favorite mangos.

Will report back as soon as I know more about these flavors. I emailed the owner of EuroFlavors, asking if they had a table of recommended percentages as they kind of seem to be all over the board.


They’re not selling their stuff in Europe. Pretty weird for a company with the name EuroFlavor. :confounded:


Curious about that myself…marketing ploy for USA customers??? :thinking:


Our food saver vacuum sealer just broke! :triumph: If that hadn’t happened, you and a few other cedar hunting EU & AU individuals would be receiving some Orient Tobacco and Cigar Cuba from me in an envelope via the post. :wink:


I like the Pipe Tobacco (EF), it has a wonderful aroma. After i vaped the sampled i mixed i made another 30ml:

7.5% Pipe Tobacco (EF)
.25% Black Cherry (MF)
.5% Vanilla (MF)

Granted i have ZERO idea what i am doing with tobacco’s but it smells fantastic and i kept the non-tobacco flavorings low as per your suggestion. Its got a couple weeks to go, that is IF i can keep my hands off of it…

The Vanilla Tobacco is very light, my test mix was at 5%, i would want it @ 7-8%.

Sorry that i cannot be more descriptive on the actual tobacco’s, i dont really know the flavor differences between the strains.


Beats me, the flavours are produced in Germany so you would expect a EU vendor for the stuff. US only and they don’t ship anywhere else. Even if they did the costs would be overwhelming :scream:[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:4, topic:58088”]
Orient Tobacco and Cigar Cuba
[/quote]I had my eyes on those two. I’ve gotten to the point where my usual vendors are useless because I’ve got everything they have already. Well, not everything they have, but everything I want to have. I do realise that this is a luxury problem :grinning:


All it takes is doing test batches, just like any other flavor. :grinning: …and perhaps reading a bazillion reviews to see how others reacted to the concentrate. If you like the outcome of the test…woot! If not…drain freshener or roach/rat poison. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or better yet, mail it to me… I’ll try anything at least once. :thinking:

There’s no harm in 7 to 10% tobacco. Some vendor concentrates are just that way. Inaweras Vanilla for Pipe is like that; other INW tobaccos if you go past 2% it’s almost too much!


I usually just add menthol until it is all i can taste, hehe.


YES !!! Blueberry Kush :thumbsup:

Well,… uh,… I’m already there, and I would love to buy me some of that. It may take you there, but they sure as hell aren’t selling it there! :confounded:

I found out from Phill at EF in Texas, EuroFlavor is only doing business to business wholesale. :pensive: He did not elaborate why, just gave me that fact. Perhaps that means they sell to folks who will solely produce ready made eliquids from their concentrates. But, it is a drag they don’t market and sell their flavors like all the other folks.