Evolv DNA 75C USB Communication Errors

After two weeks of very painful trouble shooting, including a return of a NIB Therion to Evolv, I have finally resolved the Windows communication USB errors

Here is my final note to Evolv on that trouble ticket:

This issue has now been resolved. It turns out that this was a terrific waste of everyone time, including the replacement of the board in the original as shipped unit, which was probably perfectly OK.

In a nutshell what the root of the problem is:

The Escribe software version that I had loaded on these computer is V1.2 which is what is delivered to the customer (me) when you go to the Evolvapor.com and then 1.) Click on the DNA 75 Color link then 2.) Click on the Evolv DNA Forum link then 3.) Click on the EScribe, Software and Firmware link. then 4.) click on EScribe Software Download and Tutorial which then takes you to 5.) link to EScribe Software

That download IS NOT CURRENT !!! And WILL NOT work with 75C boards.

The software that it loads on your machine DOES NOT auto update to the current version that has support for the DNA 75C !!!

In order to get the current and correct version a user (me) must manually search out the file: SetUpEscribe2SP5_2_ServicePack.exe and run it.

There is no central repository for these service or update packs anywhere that I can find on the website, and there is no documentation or instruction to find out about this procedure. I found out about that file bu spending many many hours reading through endless posts on the forum. A terrific expenditure of time and effort that should never be required of any normal user in the customer base.

I do not know what Evolos management is thinking with leaving the user of the 75C out in the cold without guidance or a proper and very visible repository on their website of the necessary update procedures.