Explanation of my recent absence

i’ve been less than participant as of late…and the explanation is due to my recent journey into building mods. I am completely hooked! it first started with a DNA200 build that i thought was quite messy and encumbered with tangles of excessive wire. 1590B enclosure witha 1500 mah lipo. its ok, i guess, but others have commended me on a successful first build. i intent to clean it up one day: (click picture for album)

my next build, which was completed last night, is a PWM mod, with a board supplied by u/david4500. 1590G+ enclosure, Mitec 12mm switch, Varitube v2 510 connector. i have, in one weeks time, learned to solder(having never done it before) with great efficiency,and am currently learning to read schematics.i have 2 other PWM boards in my possession and 7 more on the way for a total of 7 different kinds of PWM boards. I have sourced them directly from those who actually either designed them and commissioned their builds or directly from those who built them themselves. Those people are the reasons to my success, as they are extremely helpful to anyone who wants to learn. Its completely invigorating and greatly affects my sleep as i am having loads of fun learning a whole new hobby/obsession! Anyway, time to shave some dog ass…gotta run. I just wanted to share my latest endeavor with a family that means so much to me! (click picture for album)

EDIT: in using PWM mods, i am having to learn to build higher so i dont burn my boards out… like 0.3-0.4 ohms and higher…kinda difficult with SS wire. so if anyone knows something that would/will help, please hit me up!

EDIT2: i drill out my own boxes, as well!


Congrats on your builds. It is no small accomplishment to go from not knowing how to solder to building your own DNA200 mod. My hat is off to you Sir on a job well done.


Whiterose, that’sawesome. You have been missed.

Regarding the PWM boxes, FETS have a characteristic when pulsed that can cause them to draw more current through a smaller area due to heat. It’slike focusing the heat . If you know what model of FETs are at the output, you should be able to find safe operating areas in a datasheet or app note. There are also ways of introducing small amounts of negative feedback to help control the thermal channeling effect.


Wow you are not messing around lol. You are deep into another rabbit hole :smiley: I’m happy for you my friend! Looking killer.


Because of folks like you, the universe continues to expand in a positive direction.
Dreams are important, but actual creation moves life forward.
Kudos, my friend…kudos to you.

P.S. and yes, I have wondered where you have been gone off to lately…


i will continue this when time allows it. thanks, brother…i dont know much about electronics, but i really wanna learn…ill find you!


top job brother. Looking sweet. :ok_hand:
I honestly wouldn’t know where to start but ther look Awsome. Well done. I know you’ve been busy lately and now we can see why. Kudos :ok_hand:


Cool stuff!! Regarding the SS could you get by with using a RDA that allowed a Series coil configuration like the Wismec Neutron or the Uwell Rafale X? Should double rather than half your resistance making it easier to reach your sweet spots. Might not be exactly what you’re looking for but might make the experimentation process easier.


Very cool indeed.

I read the comments from the slide show. Lol some people are just tools.


Was wondering what happened to you…nice to see you’re learning new stuff. Great job by the way and extra points for building this after just learning how to solder. Excellent work!


Cool…I hope they perform for you as you hope that they do… :slight_smile:


Wow! Those look awesome! If things get rough we know who to contact for a new mod :wink:

I’m a creative person myself and I know the feeling when you build something and it works exactly how you want it to, a real sense of achievement and a need to keep pushing your creativity.

Thanks for sharing and keep creating,
Kewl Mutha Fogger Mods (KMFM) sounds pretty good to me.


That is great work @Whiterose0818! I am sorry I just now noticed your thread , very nice work indeed!
After talking to you about the PWM mod I have it fell off a table and is now bricked.I was told they don’t take impacts well but I didn’t know they were this fragile.Hopefully all the boards aren’t that bad.


real quick, because clients are showing up…
my second device i built:
micro pwm from Mod PCB, 1590G+, 12mm mitec switch, VT 510. i drilled out the box, soldered and heatshrunk the board…i like this one the best so far, because it can handle builds down to 0.15 ohms.

i have micro pwm v2 boards on the way…they can handle 3s lipos! how cool is that??


wow that is really awesome :slight_smile:


Looking good bro. :ok_hand:


Great work and a very valuable skill to have if the Fuking Dumb Asses gets to have it’s way with us!
Do you happen to know what PWM board can be used with a 4S lipo pack like what Xray mods Murder One uses?
I agree with most that 16.8 volts is insane but I would use it to build with as I am a man and that is what men do!:construction_worker:


I may have to show up to your house to teach me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was inspired and watched an hour long video for a build a box video and he installed an on off switch The build was the same as an ohmWreker box (name is wrong).


Congrats, looks awesome! Good to hear from you. Looks like fun.


awesome i have been wanting to do this also, really quite badly. but i dont know where to start. if yoy could push me in the right direction i would be very gratefull