FA and CAKE!

I too am an odd one who likes it at full strength but Not too much I do 1 drop per 10 mls and it suits me just fine…tip of the day plenty of OTA ( Open to Air ) time and spin it well and let it steep greater than 5 days and it is delicious.

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since it’s with my custard it always gets steeped that long… hey maybe that’s why others don’t like it?

:o) In Italian or English?

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It has just been added to FA ‘sweet’ concentrates today - Nonnas Cake if anyone is looking for it.


Hello Amy, I recently noticed 2 x Joy’s on the FA site listed as

A biscuit flavour fresh from the baker’s oven with Meringue and Caramel to tease your taste buds.


Close your eyes and imagine the Fairground…Popcorn, Candyfloss, Toffee Apple, even Doughnut! This is a complex flavour from the e-motions range and should be used sparingly, start at 3% flavouring.

I asked what was what as I was looking for biscuit flavours and didn’t want really want anthing popcorny, just the mention of it has my tongue checking my teeth for bits. Anyway, the lads at FA said it was closer to the first. Would you say this concentrate is more of a sweet mess than a biscuit?
Thank you

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got a link?

Flavour Art just makes one Joy-flavor… Which is Joy (FA) on ELR

hmmm maybe mixing it with Meringue and Caramel is the trick though LOL

Give me one sec and I will have.

Here you go http://www.flavourart.co.uk/sweet-flavours-10ml.html use the drop down.


Hi daarth, on the flavour list the first version (in my post) is under E-motions and the other is listed under sweet. Here’s the text version

Edit, ok I have read the full email now, and no-one seems to know why there are two ‘Joy’s’ but you can never have enough joy ;o)
I am sure they will sort it at some point.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s just FA UK that had an aneurysm - there’s only one as far as I know :smiley:

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Bit the bullet and ordered from the UK

Nonna’s Cake
Double Delight
Cornish Cream Tea
Oba Oba


According to one of my friends that mixes and lucky enough to get this dang cake earlier it’s a great replacement for Yellow Cake so I’m taking the plunge.

you know I have to see if I’m right or not LOL

TOC’s Test

2% Biscuit (INAWERA)
1.25% Butter Cream (CAP)
2% Butterscotch (FA)
2% Caramel (FA)
1% Joy (FA)
1% Meringue (FA)

Flavor total: 9.25%


I have not seen the other joy !
The joy I have is a bready semi sweet biscuit like essence I don’t get cinnamon nor caramel but the color of the flavor is a caramel tinted color. Maybe I’ll have to try a Stand alone batch at a higher % to see what I’ll get out of it. Mostly is smells bready and yeasty and reminds me of beer.


I think I will have to give a try too though I can’t say I am longing to taste anything close to beer in a vape. I think it is just a mix-up on the UK site and there is only one Joy, I am sure the popcorn description will find its rightful place soon.
I did notice the FA sign says “Made with Joy” so maybe there is a little in every flavour ;o) Thank you for the reply, it is good of you.


Your welcome can’t say I was of any help. But when you do vape it is has an odd cooling effect at the end when you exhale I remember that bc I think I tried it at 3% stand alone and didn’t achieve the touted " funnel cake " which here in the US is a very deep fried bready treat with confectionary sugar drizzled all over it.

I did a quick search and the only recipe that came close to sounding like a better way to use FA Joy in obtaining the funnel cake e juice was using Biscuit INW

2% Joy FA
1% Biscuit INW
1% Meringue FA
0.2% Rich Cinnamon FLV

I believe this is Botboy’s recipe, looks worthy of giving a whirl :wink:


You did help of course, Amy, with everyone tending to have a slightly different take on taste descriptions the more the merrier.
Your funnel cake seems to be similar to old fashioned ring doughnuts that were fried in oil until crispy and golden brown with a white fluffy inner, in its make-up if not the shape.
Every few years I threaten to buy one of those conveyer belt doughnut fryers and on this occasion I may give in, I do hope so ;o)

Thanks for the recipe, that looks like something I have the makings of when the Joy arrives.


Glad to assist and remember it wasn’t my recipe hee hee especially if it comes out gross but I doubt it will. It seems like it has just enough of a balance between the breadiness of Joy and the fluffiness of the meringue then the biscuit to give it a cookie effect and of course cinnamon helps w/ the baked effect.

I too will make it and see where I go w/ it, I may adapt to stash of course since I don’t have the rich cinnamon but sure wish I did for some reason I never can remember to buy that one.

I like the sound of those donuts you were talking about mmmhhh good ol’ fried donut how naughty right !!!


I need some time to mix!!!

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