Facebook Group for members of this page

I was just wondering if it would be OK to start a Facebook (Closed) group for members of e-Liquid Recipes. I though it might be a place for people to meet each other. I also was wondering if it was like breaking some rule of this page. I wouldn’t want to ever disrespect the administrators or overstep. Just wanted to through this idea out there.

Oh yeah it might be a way to advertise for some donations for e-Juice Recipes page I’m sure it isn’t free to keep this page up and running.

Only if you accept me… Just kidding. It wiil probably be the smartest group on FB. Do you have a set of guidelines. I see some crazy SH%T all day everyday on FB and I don’t want no part of that. ELR has a rep to uphold. Just my opinion.


I’d like to keep it simple. Just a discussion page for member to chat with each other. Not just about recipes but a way to get to know the actual people. We take each others advice on recipes, why not meet and talk to each other about other stuff.


I am in a couple DIY juice groups on facebook. They pretty much say the same thing over and over again. I enjoy the forums more then facebook but that is just my opinion. I mostly use facebook to share kido pictures with family members lol.

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What does a FB group offer that posting in The Pub does not? (Not trying to be snarky, that’s an honest question)

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It’s just easier to post a picture of your dog chewing up your new Vapor Shark Dna200 ( just an example ) I mean what does e-Juice Recipes offer you can’t eventually find on reddit but it’s just not as easy.

count me out don’t even or want a Facebook acct…

I’m inclined to agree with this. Just seems a little superfluous to me. If you want to support @daath for his untiring efforts with ELR, you could always donate.

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The idea is. … I don’t know who “zigz” is or dreamersword " . I am on a Dna200 Modders group on Facebook that discusses building mods with the evolv Dna200 chip but I have enjoyed meeting the “people” on there. Why not meeting people who are mixers. That’s the idea anyway.

I do donate and plan to continue . And posting this was really a way to ask @daath and everyone else if they might enjoy meeting the people who are apart of this forum, …that was all. If you are on those other Facebook groups ( that suck. …i agree) you will notice. …screen shot ahter screen shot of e-Liquid Recipes. …so those people must be getting them from here. I just thought that it might help @daath advertise.

I would rather not divert conversation from ELR to Facebook. Facebook is nothing more than another money hungry entity which spends all it’s time finding new ways to advertise to you and rob you of what little privacy you have left after google gets done with you. Truth be told right here on ELR we have areas for just plain shooting the bull. You wanna post pics of your dog, you can do here. You wanna tell us how Aunt Martha farted in public and embarrassed the whole family at the local Denny’s, by all means, let’s hear it. Just use the PUB area…

Now if you want to put up a page to divert/advertise people to ELR, now that would be the Shiznick…


That’s what I was saying. All you see on the Facebook pages that are available is ELR screen shots but not one of them have a pin post mentions ELR. I think ELR needs that.

Just my opinion, but I absolutely loathe social media and all the drama it causes, and I myself want no parts of it…


You really don’t need permission to start a group. Just like I am a member of groups too. I can join your group and still be a member here. Not everyone is going to be onboard. So start your group and post an invite. Elr belong to @daath so you need to ask him if he want his forum affiliateD with that project. ELR has a fb page I’m sure so we could be more active there.

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If I can get the nod from @daath I will. I’m not going to start a group and even if " I can" and call it a e-Liquid Recipes without a go ahead. I wanted a group that represents the nice, helpful, knowledgeable people I have met on ELR. Hopefully it would be a that we could see that funny pictures of Aunt Martha and get to know people who use ELR.

I’m sure @daath is quite capable to answer for his self but I’m willing to bet his thoughts are the same as all of us here that frequent the forum. We would LOVE to meet everyone who uses ELR. What was the figure we just surpassed for users, 20,000 was it?

Truth be told there is no lack of users that use ELR. What there is a lack of is users who participate in the forum. Out of all these 20,000 plus users I’m guessing over half never used the forum.I honestly wonder how many have even looked at the forum. It does appear that we have many users who do at least read the forum. They’re just shy and don’t post. Wish they knew we don’t bite here, nor are we rabid. The only foam I got coming out of my mouth is EJuice! Anyway, what it boils down to is that if the users wanted to participate, they would. I understand why people don’t participate as well. If I was not self employed I wouldn’t have time to spend here. I spend quite a bit of time both reading, participating in conversation, contributing, and the like and I would not be able to do it most likely if I had a 9-5 job. Much of my work is at home blending so when I take a break, I’m on ELR. If I’m on a break I’m on ELR no matter whether it’s from work, or life in general. Got to Veg now and then!

Well, beginning to rant now so back to point. ANYTHING you can do to bring more TO the ELR forum I’m all for. Let’s try to avoid diverting people FROM ELR though. I truly feel that would be best…


I get your well meaning sentiments and if you start it, I hope it works out. In my experience FB is the wild west of unnecessary drama. It starts out peaceful enough until a badass hombre rides in and shoots the place to shit. I have a FB account that is used exclusively for giveaways (of which I have won a whopping zero). My wife, son, friends and family have no access to it nor do I access their pages. I’m fine right here at home. No need to move to the “big city”.
But really, good luck to you if you do. :grinning: .

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How about starting an ELRCON? Free Unicorn Milk at the door.



Yes, we can invite Cuttwoodspy. Perhaps he/she might volunteer to pass out the Unicorn Milk lol