Failed coils

Recently i made a purchase from the product was the TF-T4 after priming the coil and adding the juice i always let my mod sit for awhile just to make sure it has wicked properly , after my first pull i heard a pop sound and got the worst taste ( burnt ) i chopped this up to a bad coil then my 2nd 3rd and 4th coil all did the same things finally i put in the last coil and the same thing happened only this time i noticed a spark and it cracked the glass … could anyone explain what happened did i get counterfeit coils or just a bad pack i emailed ejuice and never got a response , btw i know alot of people build there own coils but any ideas where to buy coils for a good deal

If you have a temperature controlled device and it is set for the wrong kind of wire, you can really fry some coils. PSA: Don’t do that. Other than that or an extremely high power setting, I don’t know.

it was .2ohms 60w to 150w i never go over 90w and start at 65 and increase my watts as i go im using a wismec 200 with the smok top ,

When the glass cracked were you drawing from the tank or just holding it and firing? I ask because when you got to the part where the glass cracked, only three things come to mind. First, that there was sudden and strong pressure created inside the tank. But the type of pressure that would cause this I can’t imagine happening with a stock coil under normal conditions, and even less so if you were taking a draw which would pull pressure away from the tank. Even if it was a coil rated for max 30w and you hit it with 200, all I can imagine happening is some nasty burning of the wick. Second, sudden and major temperature change. Still seems anything but plausible. And third, that there was a crack already and unrelated to the firing of the mod.

At any point did you perhaps lower the power on the mod and bring it up slowly? This is a first for me so I’m trying but can’t imagine what could have done that. Only if that crack was already in the glass, in which case I would suggest you were hitting it with too much power. The only other thing I can think of is I’ve had similar experiences with Ti and SS running temp control on RTA’s where I had a short, loose leg or contacting coils. All kinds of fireworks with those mistakes.

yes i was drawing while it cracked but like i said my watts were low i never go over 90

but my bigger concern was that these coils popped every time every coil , i heard of counterfeit coils and mods is this possible ??? and they werent what they were supposed to be , i would think the company would at least address this issue

The last thing @SthrnMixer said, a short. If that is not the problem I would be very surprised. Keep in mind that coils are made by the millions. Even if just 2 or 3% of them come off the line defective then that means thousands of bad coils. These thousands of coils are usually in good sized batches and multiple whole packs of coils can wind up bad. It’s not that unusual to get complete packs of coils that are bad…

I’m thinking you had a short somewhere. Check the base and make sure you don’t have a wire floating around in there loose or a loose or missing insulator. As for the cracked glass, I’m stumped. Did you notice the reading on the mod before you fired it? Maybe the coils were made improperly. The popping would indicate either very dry wicks, or too high of a wattage to the coil

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A short can be quite explosive, especially with Ti wire I learned recently. Any electrician can tell you about the power of a electrical short. Some have been blow 10ft from a breaker panel from the power of the short/explosion. Can be quite dangerous…


here’s a pic of the product. @ringling is correct. If there was a Quality Control issue on the production line it is most likely all the coils (produced sequentially) were defective. You weren’t the only one getting them either, so they know there’s a problem.

Your packaging may have a production batch number. That sounds like a dead short (coils not properly centered). You should be able to dry fire them no problem in Power mode. Check out their Support link

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First thing that came to my mind was a short. Were you vaping it with other coils? Is it a new tank?, or mod? Do you have any other coils you could put in the base and see if it fires correctly? In my limited experience it could be a short in any one of the three.

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As it is possible to receive a bad lot of coils, it is abnormal.
With one after the other [coils] being a problem, my first guess is you have a short somewhere in the device.

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Hence my reasoning behind other coils or tanks to see if its firing normally or it exists within the mod.

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The only thing I know for sure is I’m glad I am not the person squeezing quad clapton coils in that little chamber…and don’t forget the cotton.

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@wonner1 these are not rba coils they are premade by the manufacturer so there is no chance of forgetting cotton , unless your talking about the factory workers forgetting

@GPC2012 yes other tanks work fine the crown and clieto also i have changed coils the tf t3 and tfq4 both worked fine in smok all on same mod

Sadly sounds like you got a seriously bad batch, did you buy them stateside? Have you contacted them and asked about it. I know my usual haunts all have great customer service and are willing to at the very least email back and forth with me regarding a problem I might have. Most will take calls or have a chat feature on their website.

“edit” Duh sharp as a marble I am sometimes. Ejuice direct You already told us where you got them.

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Exactly. Sure glad I am not one of the workers on that line.

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I still would disassemble the tank…slowly, and look for anything out of place…
I don’t have that tank, so I can’t tell you what to look for.
I would do it over a paper towel [or similar] in case any foreign debris fell out.

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@GPC2012 yes i emailed them and no contact back from them i actually ordered my crown coils from them as well but i wont order from them again , i feel a response is always warranted