Fasttech coils

Hey fam!

So I just noticed that FT now carries my .25 crown coils but I am a little hesitant in buying them…
First of all they are under $7 which is great but it says they are packed by the 5?? Uwell only packs their coils by the 4s and not 5s, so that was a small red flag for me.

I have yet to do any business with FT and it is partially my fault because I don’t like buying my stuff out of china. This price plus free shipping has me thinking differently though…hmmm

Has anyone purchased coils from them before? Have you come across any (horror) stories about them? I normally go with for my .25s but they have a limit of 2 per customer and they are OOS 9/10…

I may just have to cross my fingers and take the plunge…

Just seems to good to be true…and also, in the pictures it looks like the cotton is just crammed into the head? Does not look like a crown coil to me…

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just so you know if it says authentic from fastech… it has never not been for me… always authentic… if it says style it’s a clone but with that being said I’ve never had a problem with replacement coils that are not authentic… just my experience… so I wouldn’t be that leary… just my opinion

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That’s just it…it doesn’t say anything?? They also have the normal 4 pk in case for the same price as the 5 pk, which leads me to believe they are fake…sorry…styled :wink:

Based off of the pictures though, I’m going to say not authentic…none of my heads look that messed up!


I’ve bought some feom china before. Im not which company. But they work great. I got them to have them. But i very seldom use them. A have the kangertech sub tank. I got that from them as well. And it was well worth the price. $12. All the vape shops here are asking $50 for the exact same one.

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Well I spent the 6.50 and I will try a pack…not too hopeful and I’m picky about my uwell coils because the authentic ones are built solid and tight, allowing me to recycle them. The ones on FT have the cotton coming out of the top and loosely packed haha

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did you use the discount code xmas -10% off?

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I had 3 codes and 1 of them was that but when I clicked “apply” it didn’t do anything? The screen refreshed but no discount…

I also sent them a question about the coils too…based on everyone else asking the same question without reply, I’m prob not going to get one…

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With FT, if not labeled authentic assume clone. If labeled authentic and price still seems to good to be true, assume clone.

Not that I have anything against clones on principle, as long as they work. :thumbsup:

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These are the original coil heads, seems to me the others will be knockoffs since they don’t claim to be original.


Those exact same coils are listed at 6.95 on their site? I don’t know but all I do know is the pictures of all their crown coils look fake hehe-

I ordered some to test, so I will know soon enough! Normally I get the 4pk from for $7 and I have never seen them anywhere else for less than 10. That’s why I got a wee bit excited when I saw them for 6.50 plus 1 “bonus” coil :smile:
They really should put more info on their site…

Thanks guys and gal

These are supposed to be the real deal in the original case but again, the pic says something different…like “Hey we took a crown coil, pulled out the cotton and stuffed it with new cotton!”


The ones you bought are called replacement coil heads, not authentic coil heads, I think therein lays the difference.
I just saw they use replacement after the authentic in the other ones :grinning:


Yeah every where else I have bought them say Authentic replacement coils lol

So here ya go, real .25 coil

Fasttech’s .25 coil…

:musical_note:Which one don’t look like the other :notes:


The bottom one doesn’t have the little logo above DUAL :grinning: The authentic ones they sell for $9.97 do.


Nope and they also have them listed as “A” or “B”?? Like crown uwell .25 A or crown uwell .25 B? Not sure what that’s about…oh well I’m sure I just lost some $$ but not too much to worry about…

They really need to label this shit better though! At least put “authentic” on ALL the authentic ones and put fake…oh…I’m sorry, “stylized” on the fakes…

Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal but that’s why I love the crown tank/coils because I get 2-3 months on 1 coil! I have a feeling I will get 2-3 days with these…time will tell

And you’re absolutely correct, no U-well logo! Damn I didn’t even notice until I posted those pictures haha

Now I’m wondering if they are even stainless steel??


I’ve seen that before on FT and it usually has to do with a slightly different look. This looks to be a very small difference in the ribbing at the top.

[quote=“DarthVapor, post:14, topic:35704”]
Now I’m wondering if they are even stainless steel??
[/quote]They don’t mention that, but they don’t say anything about that with the authentic ones.


Well I’m about to find out how their customer service is :wink: Just sent them a list of questions. It could very well be the picture but the coil itself doesn’t even look right? Very thin and not spaced correctly?
We can go on and on with no resolve with this haha
I’m now regretting the impulse buy…

Pssssst…anyone wanna by some crown coils? $2 each! :wink:


You can still cancel your order, as long as they haven’t send it out you have that option, if I’m not mistaken.

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YEP!! I just saw that and canceled! I gave them a really good reason why too :imp:

Thanks Jo!

Looks like I will wait for ecig to re-up


Well I was just on when the little chat box popped up and thomas asked me if I needed help. So I asked Thomas when he will be getting more coils in stock, he told me they just put in an order so sometime next week.

After a brief chat he said, “I tell you what, I have some in inventory that aren’t listed and I would be more than happy to get them to you”

To which I said “hells mofo yeah?!”

He said “Ok, just keep it between us;)”


Oh…oops… Sorry Thomas :wink: