Favorite RBA/RDA/RTA?

I really like my Tobh’s and my Rogue!

And I love my Lemo! :smile:

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Favourite RTA is my Taifun gt2 - very easy build and great performance.

Favourite RDA is a hard one but I really like my tugboat v2 as it’s very versatile in builds and performance.


RDA - My Tobh & Tugboat
RTA - No longer the atlantis :frowning: But my Lemo drop and Subtank mini <3

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I feel the Tobh is underrated! It can do clouds and the flavor is nice too. I like building on it as well!

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Here lately I’ve been stuck on the Veritas. Hard to claim a favorite but I would have to say it’s in my top 3 list…

I will post my top contenders.

  1. Billow
  2. Tugboat
  3. CLT (V1)
  4. Russian 91%

#1 Billow
#2 Big Dripper v1
#3 Origen v1

Rose V2-s tank and Mutation X-v2 dripper, I guess I’m a second generation vaper lol

Plume Veil v1.5, i have replaced all of my old RDA’s with these. Love the flavor, easy to build on and, since i only use single coils, it can hold a lot of liquid, with a slight tilt.


for flavor i like rda’s that bring airflow into the deck as close to the coils as possible so the coil is the1st thing the air hits(not swirling around the coil but blasting it).I have 20+ attys and the one’s that provide best airflow to the coils and best flavor FOR ME are : Veritas single coil mode , Lancia in dual coil or quad , Kennedy in dual ,and Marquis in dual


never thought I’d get a better RTA than my Rose V2 but then I got an Ubertoot, it’s superb it really is. Got a few drippers but I packed in dripping about 6 months ago so can’t really comment on those

I love my Veritas!!! Out of the 3 you named, are they pretty much tied up for flavor or does one stand out to you. Just curious cause I’m looking to buy soon :smile:

the marquis is the dual coil version of the veritas same flavor i really like the way the lancia hits it pops alot i block 2 holes off and use 2 wide open pegs kitty corner for 2 micro coils and set them as close to the hole as posible. but all 4 are awsome for flavor don3.

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I’m loving the Dark Horse. I use a dual coil 24ga build that sits at .3 ohm…and at 65w is a beast with tons of flavor. Of course that’s with one of the tighter draw settings. If you open the Dark Horse up you can’t taste squat.

I’m thinking of getting into this scene …maybe start with a Kayfun lite ? Never built coils before …any suggestions or thoughts

Definitely my Goblin!

I learned from recoiling Kanger evod/protank heads after watching a couple videos on youtube. It is pretty easy just make sure you get a mutimeter or ohms reader. Im not a RTA fan and only use RDA’s but the same rules apply. RDA’s are much easier to coill and wick in my opinion.

I have a Cigreen Little Boy id love to trade for another Plume Veil 1.5 with SS deck. I dont cloud chase so this is of no use to me.

That Kayfun is awesome to build on, duel coiling on it can be tricky but there are tons of videos for it. The Kanger Subtank is the best of both worlds though. It can be transformed into a RBA or use the prebuilt subohm coils… It can even use the protank coils if you want. That way, if coil building isn’t for you, the tank doesn’t get thrown to the side and never used…

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Just dont put it (subtank) on a mech mod with a hybrid connector, there has been some pretty bad issue’s as it has a spring loaded pin and cause hard shorts which causes hard shorts. My mini should be here any day now, i can hardly wait!