Which RTA to start with?

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KFL is a good tank - But of the newer atties out there, everyone seems to like the Lemo, Lemo Drop and the Goblin :smile:

To help you build coils, you can get one of the seveal types of coil-jigs like the Kuro or something similar. And for tanks you can use Japanese cotton or rayon - For tanks I’d actually suggest rayon, since you can builds that are less likely to leak - At least that’s my impression :smile:

This may be taboo …but what do you think is the healthiest option for wicks?

I don’t think there’s any taboos :smile: The healthiest option might be stainless steel mesh :wink:

Cotton is probably fine.

I don’t think there are any issues with rayon either (todays rayon is not the rayon of old) - it’s cellulose based.

Regardless of what you use, keep your wick/coil moist at all times!


Have you used any clones? E.g kayfun clone…fasttech has a pile of them way cheaper than original

I have lots of clones, but for tanks, only they Kayfun 4, which is not a good clone from FT. For tanks I’d get the Lemo, Lemo Drop or the Goblin :smile: I hear good things about the Orchid clones though. No experience with them myself.

That’s funny I was just reading reviews on the orchids …ppl seem to like them …and 10 bucks ? How could you go wrong…May pick up a small lemo and a orchid clone

Yep :slight_smile: But research on the tank material - Some of it is Poly Carbonate, which will crack with some liquids. Some Orchid tanks can be replaced with Kayfun glass tanks though :smile:

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If you get an Orchid get the V6 version it has a glass tank. I have a v4 clone which is really hard to fill and now just sits in a draw.

I also like my Russian 91% clone but the air flow is no where near the Orchid.

I hear good things about the Silverplay and the Billow - but they are always out of stock.


I originally wanted the Billow, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I got the Lemo. Pretty happy with it! :smile:

Ordered the orchid v6 ! Should be here in about 2 years lol, just wanted something to get my feet wet with without breaking the bank

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I like my Billow a great deal. I’m a lung hitter and it provides ample supply for that action. There are others that provide more air flow I’m sure. If you purchase a Billow, spring for the nano tank addition if you like a lower profile tank.


Well I ordered a lemo drop as well after reading and watching the reviews…it’ll be here in 2 days along with my I stick 50 watt box

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Orchid base with Lemo guts was mentioned on a vape vlog and this person, whose opinion I value, seems to love it.

Perfect …I’ll have to try mixing them up when I receive both …I can’t wait !!

So I received my lemo and built my first coil . Turned out not bad …clocked in at .8 ohms …I think my wick was too tight cause it would spit at me after a sec . Flavour was great tho …and the tank is the loosest draw I’ve ever tried

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please post how you like the lemo drop. I am enjoying the istick 50W :smile:

I have a Lemo, I like it very much. The Lemo and the Lemo Drop are practically identical. The Drop is smaller, has a shorter chimney and smaller tank. Taste is practically identical.

Absolutely loved it for about three days then dropped it …amazing flavor and great vapor production. Glad it was my first rebuildable…very easy to build on

Buy extra glass from fasttech

Aspire Nautilus mini or Atlantis??? decisions decisions…