Favorite Youtube Mixers

Hey guys - I know as a new mixer I had a heck of a time finding good mixers to learn from. Lots of mixers post their recipes here but you don’t really understand the mix unless they add notes which many don’t. I found that watching the DIY youtube mixers really helped me learn a lot about what makes a good recipe, so I thought that for the newbies out there it’d be great to share your favorite youtube mixers (especially the ones who post their recipes here :wink: ) These can all be found with a simple youtube search.

BTW - this seemed like the best place to put this seeing as it’s about recipes, if i’ve put it in the wrong place i do apologize.

I like JFM DEVELOPMENT - he’s had some great mixes (even if he’s abnormally addicted to strawberry :wink: ) His ultimate strawberry cheesecake and orange crush recipes are definitely worth a mix. I swear I actually gained weight vaping his cheesecake.

There’s Hippy Vapes, he’s got a huge collection of really good recipes and he really takes the time to discuss each one and why he uses it. His Cherry moon is fantastic - let it steep tho. I’ve tried several of his others and many are really good.

There’s also Krono Vapes who’s starting to put up some great stuff, and Simple__Vapes who’s just starting out but seems like he knows his stuff. Hippy Vapes and Krono and Simple have started doing a weekly show called Hippy Vapes and the Juicy Crew which is totally worth a watch for new recipes and ideas. You can find them by searching youtube for Hippy vapes and the juicy crew.

Post your favorite youtube mixers here as well and hopefully we’ll all get some new recipes to try and then we can come back and review them :wink:


Definitely first of all, our @Jennifer_Jarvis :



Nice - hadn’t heard of her before but glancing over her channel there’s some pretty interesting episodes there. Looking forward to checking that out.


Great idea. i haven’t actually looked at any You Tube mixers…well, not apart from that DIY or Die chap, cos of all the links on here. And he irritated the heck out off me.

I’ll have a look at some of these others. LInks to the best vids by this Hippy Vapes guy would be appreciated.


I do like fresh03 , but the problem with his show is everything thats made seems to be SnV and recipes are rarely explained , but,he has a lot of shows running thru the week …You will find JFM , Jarvis and all those listed in his chat or occasionally on his show


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These are the ones I follow on youtube.

I started vaping after watching diyordie, and started diy my liquids after watching new amsterdam vape and diy vapor.


Hey Jay210, no problem, i wasn’t sure if we were allowed to link offsite or i’d have put a few in already

Here’s hippy’s recipe playlist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4OFWOj3ej1LKScEJtrLzlA/playlists
He’s a touch slow at updating that so you also want to check out his latest videos under the video tab.

Here’s a few of my fave’s that i’ve mixed;
Melonberry bliss - it’s a strawberry watermelon that i’ve really been enjoying; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJEq1MbvXUQ&t=5s

This is his watermelon twist - now i haven’t made it yet but it’s an EXCELLENT episode to watch just because he really goes over a bunch of watermelon flavorings and you’ll learn a lot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7dNxJkjX_E&t=1186s

Chewy cherry sweet tart is a good one - and the profile can be used for many other fruits. It’s like the chewy sweet tart candies, but not a strong sweet candy flavour. Its nice and tangy; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8wqnMvveIg&t=6s

Grape ape is a good grape soda mix, but where it really surprises is in mouth to lung or pod devices. it was good on the DL’s, but everybody i know who’s tried it in their pods or mtl’s just loves it. A rare crossover recipe that’s a good one for everybody; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxZnDaNCxz0&t=70s

Also check out his under the cherry moon recipe - it’s one of my faves but for god’s sake let it steep. But it’s very unusual and full of great flavor, even if he admits the cherry he uses reminds him of cough drops :slight_smile:

that should get you started with hippy, and he’s all over the map with recipes for fruits, creams, cerials, desserts, bakeries etc.


DiY Vapor - he’s definitely worth watching. I’ve used a bunch of his 3 ingredient recipes in mtl devices with great success.


I don’t watch a lot of YouTube or anything in general due to me being to tired after work :frowning:

But when I do, I like mixlife. Nothing professional about that show but I like that laid back, let’s just talk about random stuff kinda atmosphere, and from time to time stay on topic kinda thing.

There’s also nothing sexy about these guys, but their weird personalities and awkward explanation of some things at times, does make them entertaining and adorable. They don’t pretend to be professional or push only one brand of flavors.

I used to watch more stuff, but lost interest in the more popular shows, not sure why but I always feel they are very judgemental unfortunately. Not saying it is, just the feeling I get when watching them, to a point where it turns someone off.

Mixlife encourages new and old people, no matter what background they might have. Someone uses cap and need help? No problem they answer that question and not tell someone to buy a different brand etc. Idk how to explain it, it’s different and I like it.

It’s like the show vaping Fagan does, do you learn anything? Not really but entertaining show, just sitting back and listen to someone else’s perspective, without the feeling they want to sell you something lol


Yes some of em r really good n entertaining, :rofl: Sometimes I learn something. :thinking: But once they sell-out with an official sponsor, they cease to become like me and I look elsewhere. :wave:


sry, none since once u learn how to put one bottle into another and research which flavors to use at what % i feel no need to watch anyone else do the same, unless they are naked or fugly which can be hot or humorous


ROFL - well setting the naked/fugly thing aside… Flavors don’t always behave the way you’d think when you mix two together. It’s interesting to see how different flavours can be layered to get different results. DIY or die calls it ‘flavor bending’. I agree there’s no value in watching people put drops in a bottle per se, but a lot of the good reviewers discuss the flavours and why they use them and what effect they have and that can be really educational.


sry but u missed my point that i dont need to watch them to understand flavors but to each his own


Yea these kind I like if they are unbaised and test all the flavors available. But once they fall outside of that… Its just hit ot miss.

Businesses I expect some of these things. But individuals, I mostly watch for entertainment. I mean its called “Do It Yourself” for a reason right?

For beginners it’s valuable, but life long FAN? I think not. Seen some pretty weird stuff like them saying they wanted to be the cult leader of the mixing community. LMFAO or some one doing a give away and them laughing saying I got all your names now. Some Real socialpathic kind of stuff Ive seen.

So, I like to watch to critique.

Do they use scales that miss drops and just keep going, like it doesn’t bother them, and they don’t warn you?

Do they shake their flavors and nic before adding em?

Do they really stick to accurate measurements?

Do they vape it right after mixing like its a good thing?

Do they use it as a soap-box to preach their own political agendas?

Do they use it to try and scam/get money for chairitys[sic]/ themselves?

Do they use it to try and push their own e-juice line.

Do they use it to try and push a certain flavor brand or product.

Still again, Businesses I expect some of these things. But Fan chasers? Lighten up and be yourself you just might be funny after-all. :slightly_smiling_face:


ROFL - anyone who says they want to be the ‘cult leader’ of mixers really needs to back off their nicotine levels :rofl:

I guess i’ve been a little lucky, I haven’t seen most of the things you mentioned yet but I agree most of them sound pretty horrible. But, that is why I started this thread, hopefully the ones recommended by people here will be ones worth watching by and large. Dedicated original mixers like yourself probably won’t get much out of it other than entertainment value as you say, but there’s guys like me who don’t really have the time or gift to really make great recipes on a regular basis but want new flavours to try. Sure i’ve made three or four original recipes that i’m really happy with, but that’s nothing compared to those who’ve really embraced the art so to speak. And new mixers will obviously benefit from watching the good ones.

I do get what you’re saying (and others have echoed it on this thread) that we’ve kind of hit a ‘peak’, and there’s not a lot more to learn if you’ve got it down already. I mean - there’s really only so many ways you can make a strawberry cheesecake before you start getting into diminishing returns. But i do enjoy those shows where, as you say, they’re just guys/gals sitting around having some fun mixing some flavours and talking about the results.


I will go wherever Asmodus Rinikin is at


Ok…Ok… Interesting… wait, what?


My favorite is @Dan_the_Man he could be Fat and Fugly :rofl: :rofl: but mostly handsome and really quite brilliant.


Just too bad he doesn’t put up more videos, especially in these lockdown times :wink:


I post every week but I don’t always post to ELR though I just dropped one a few min. ago.