FDA announces new restrictions on Vaping

The head of the FDA announced today they will impose restrictions on E-cigs and everything Vaping related.They consider it tobacco use.Really?He then went on to say so many people are quitting tobacco and switching to E - cigs, that the federal government is losing billions in tax revenue.
Ican also see the medical industry not far behind.If people stop smoking and reduce the cancer rate,the medical field would be crushed.Just my opinion.
The government and the hospitals just want money.They don’t care either way,as long as they make money.
Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts, as this is becoming a hot topic.


I work in a hospital …and it’s all about the dollars. It’s a business like any other . Quiting smoking is hurting the economy lol what a joke


Link to article please!

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That is true all they care about is the money flowing in. As Ringling and I were talking about yesterday. The only regulation e-cigs should really have is not selling to minors. There are other ways they could get tax money. If their pockets are hurting that bad. The legalization of marijuana. The taxes they would make just off that alone would be more than tobacco, alcohol, and e-cigs together. They just couldn’t realize a good thing even if it slapped them in the face.


I could not find the link but the article and video can be found on 6abc.com.


Hypocrites …need I say more


The government wouldn’t be hurting for money if they didn’t send billions of Our dollars overseas to fund wars. I don’t want to get started or I’ll end up on an eternal rant and end up pissed off so I’ve said enough.


Here’s the link, at least I believe, haven’t watched yet…

FDA Widening control because they can and you can’t do anything about, and they know it

Couldn’t resist, but that should be the link…

EDIT: This tells next to nothing. This is actually old news we have know for months already. They are going to regulate Ecigarettes and it will begin in the spring of 2015.


Yes that was the story I was referring to.I Just wanted to state that Vaping is unregulated and tobacco use is going down as more and more people switch to Vaping.The government is losing money and they want a piece of the pie.They want you to quit smoking ,but don’t want to lose the tax money.E- cigs or Vaping are not recognized as a way to quit smoking according to the fad,but patches,gum and pills are.So that is why I said the medical drug companies don’t like this and if you lower the cancer rate the healthcare providers have less patients and money for research.Just seems to me it goes round and round.


I’m with Danny2. It’s about the money.


Here’s something a bit better, but not enough.

One thing you can definitely gather from this video is that they are saying that ALL EXISTING and ALL NEW products will require FDA testing. It is my understanding (I really hope my source is incorrect) that a application for approval cost $355,000 per app. The average Vape Shop has a minimum of 30 flavors. Usually each flavor is distributed in 4-5 nicotine levels. OK, say they have 30 flavors and 4 nicotine levels, FDA cost for approval is…$42,600,000. Now I ask you, what Vape Shop will be able to blend their own juice. There’s more, Blending juice will have to be done in a full blown lab, we’re talking Ventilation systems , airlock, clean room, we’re talking FULL BLOWN LAB. All this has the potential to put a lot of Vape Shops and Ejuice distributors out of business. Guess who does have the capital to adhere to the new FDA Regulations. Big Tobacco, who else, the entity this new law was written for…


I agree totally Ringling. Big tobacco has the lobbyist and the money to pay off the government so they will be the ones producing the vaping products. All the “mom and pop” vape shops that worked their asses off and spent every dime they had to open a business will be out of business. The government did it to our farmers, the people that feed us, they won’t think twice about turning this over to big tobacco companies.


Sounds a bit like what is happening i Denmark right now. They are implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive. There’s a draft proposal, which if approved, will be instated November 1st, essentially killing e-cigs in Denmark.

Some of the points: Nicotine must be held in a container no larger than 10ml. Maximum nicotine strength will be 20 mg/ml. Tanks in e-cigs must be leak proof and no larger than 2ml. RDAs are out.

All current rules for tobacco smoke will be valid for e-cigarettes too (this means that they must ban theater smoke!). There’s even something about 0-nic.

All nicotine products must be approved by the government, in the same vein as @ringling mentions. One-off price for a new product is $4600, yearly $1600, and $100 for each place it is sold (which must also be registered). This is for one product, so if you have 20 flavors in 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg you gotta pay the same thing for 80 times.

Here is an English blog post about it, that I was pointed to.


Here’s more from 4-24-2014. I don’t think there have been any actual changes from the proposed regs at the time…

Here you go guys, better vote republican…


I guess the lobbyist working for the big tobacco companies have all the politicians in their back pockets.

Yah think, better believe it. Ask yourself this, who give them the money to get reelected…

The problem is we keep putting politicians in office. It’s time the people took their country back!


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