FDA Deeming Regulations... The Full Picture

Until now I never knew the full picture of the regulation in terms that I could truly understand. This a full breakdown of what the Vape Industry and The Vape Community can expect if the regulation go through as it is currently proposed. It is really sickening what the FDA want to do to vaping as we know it.



Sick! and I seen a youtube clip that says 10% of all Americans now Vape. Thats what 30 million people? Thats huge, and imagine if all these people were forced back to cigarettes! Im not into conspiracy theories but ‘bill’ this smells like Big Tobacco all over it.
From 2011-2015 ecig users have increased 500 fold all over the Western World. Its a big market indeed and with the new MODS and juices it will increase more.


There is a lot of money in sickness and death too. We all know what this is about. I hope that movie “A Billion Lives” will get people thinking about what’s really going on.


Just seen the clip A Billion Lives, never knew it was out there, thanks. Pro_Vapes i can tell you this if they ban ecigs Id rather get them on the street illegal then have to return to cigarettes. Watch the black market exploded if they ban them.


If you’re not doing it, you should start stepping down you’re nic content. It’ll make it easier to quit if you have to.


I couldn’t agree more, greasy-ass, money-grubbing, politicians, lobbyist and capitalist trying to protect the status quo and their bottom line. Then they have the balls to act like they’re doing this out of concern for the public safety…Bullshit!

I think Bubbles said it best…


Here is the thing, they can only ban the nicotine. They cant ban the MODS, if they do vendors will say the MODS are used for other devises. 2nd the atomizers they cant ban its just an electrical tool used for producing vapor. And they cant ban PG or VG or basic flavors. They only thing they can ban is nicotine. Nicotine can be extracted in a magic butter machine from basic tobacco leaves… so all the DIYers can make their own stuff. Non chemical tobacco like America spirits 1lb can make easy 50 ml 50 mg nicotine ( enough to make 500 ml of ejuice)
Also they wont ban 18650 batteries. Anyway lots of ways around all this regulation stuff.
Hell i seen a few clips where guys made their own ecig from a flashlight. if they make a ban just buy 1 liter of 50 mg nicotine that will last a near-lifetime.


50ml of 50mg nic = 500 ml of ejuice you said… that’s mixing at 5mg/ml
ok… then
1 Litre of 50mg Nic will make 10,000ml of ejuice
10,000 ml = 333 bottles (30ml size)

How many 30ml bottles of ejuice do YOU vape per week?
I vape probably 5 or 6 on average. Let’s say 5.
That’s 260 bottles per year.

So, unfortunately that 1 Litre would only last about a year and a half… very roughly.

Am I wrong?

I just put 1 Litre of 100mg Nic in my freezer. I plan on getting another one in a year… I hope I am able
at that time. No use in loading up on more, because Nic degrades over time, even in the freezer.
I’ll probably get a 2nd Litre soon though, cuz I think it’s good for 2 years. Good, fresh Nic that is.


He/she has been vaping on eGos and clearomizers up until now. With those, I didn’t go through nearly as much liquid as I do now with the Crown and Subtank mini. I was a little shocked at first, but I’ve adjusted.

@OpenlyVapor Alisa is right, you will need to prepare yourself for going through much more liquid than you realize. 1 liter of 50mg isn’t going to last as long as you think it will. Most of us mix at 1-3mg and buy 100mg and store it, like Alisa said.


This is what I am doing now. I started at 18mg nic 1 year ago and I am currently at 3mg nic in 1 juice I make and 0mg in the others. Today I am mixing all of what I consider my ADV’s and this time I am doing 1.5mg in 1 of them and 0mg in the rest. I will do this for 1 month and again I will go from 1.5 to 1mg in the 1 juice for the next 30 days.

My original goal was to be at 0mg nic by the end of this year but I have come this far with no withdrawal symptoms so I am going to continue dropping by 0.5mg in the 1 juice per month until I accomplish 0mg of nicotine.

The bottom line is I want it to be by my choice and not by force because the LAST thing I want is to go back to smoking ever again.

In my lifetime I have battled many addictions but none have been as hard for me as smoking. Did I struggle with switching to vaping verses smoking Yes I did but I have won that battle as I truly no longer have a desire to smoke and I am around people that smoke every day.

I tried everything FDA approved and prescribed by my doctor and nothing ever helped until I found vaping. I have the medical records to prove what I am telling you and I would gladly share them to help in this fight. My medical records would also prove that my dependence on breathing medications has also reduced to almost zero at this point and trust me when I tell you that I was dependent on medications to breath just 1 short year ago. I was 1 very small step form full time oxygen and I also had to deal with almost constant upper respiratory infections that required antibiotics and steroids to get cleared up.

Will I continue to vape at 0mg nic? Well lets just say I have no intentions on stopping for the foreseeable future. I never say never about anything. Learned that lesson a long time ago.

My belief is this, Vaping as we know it today in the United States is going to change and we have no hope of completely stopping that. We do not have the numbers to stop it. I would love to believe we do but I do not believe there are enough of us truly committed to standing up and being counted and voicing our opinions. I truly want to be proven wrong with this statement but sadly I think in the end Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical money is going to win this battle.

If every person that vapes contributed the cost of a decent mod and tank to CASAA or another organization like them.

If every person that vapes would register to vote and then actually do it.

If every person that vapes would write a letter, make a phone call and send a email to there elected officials.

Sadly I think less than 1% will bother to do any of the above and to be honest that is why the money giants will win this battle.

Again I totally would like to be proven wrong but that is just how I see this playing out.


Maybe those people will finally get up off their asses when they do get hit with the new regulations. A lot of vapers just suck on their devices, do not go online for vaping websites or forums and have no idea what their beloved government is cooking up for them. Hopefully they will stir into action when the day comes. Those 30 million people have friends and family too. If they all get up and protest the tide might turn. I’m sure there are vapers or family members of vapers with influential positions too. Their voices will count more than ours. Sometimes bad things have to happen first before any action is taken. I probably sound more hopeful than I actually am but…


I agree with this. For mods they can simply sell them with a 510 flashlight attachment, of course not in vape shops anymore. Batts are Batts, flavorings, VG PG are used by many industries. While DIYers will be able to get the stuff they want this would put potential new vapors at risk of continuing to smoke by putting easily obtainable vapor products out of their reach. It will also lower the quality of items we purchase as consumer demand has largely determined the products on the market and there quality.

I believe that what this is is a money grab as are most things in the political arena. This is the threat awaiting the proper monetary response. With more and more people switching to vaping there is less tax revenue dumping into the states who have borrowed crazy amounts of money against the tobacco settlements. The outcome is most likely to be scaled down regulation and heavy tax to recoup the losses.


Nailed it :+1:


Rhetorically speaking, I prefer scaled down government and more bullets to recoup the country.
The good thing is, only a few of the lying scumbag politicians have to die, the rest will fall in line after that.

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I seen a video on youtube a guy talking about the Atlantis tank, say the drip way he vapes 20ml a day!! Yike. I vape around 2-3 ml a day of 18mg
Back to the thread. Yeah the only thing they can regulate is more less the nicotine in the ejuice. With already 30 million Americans and 4 million Brits vaping there are ways around the legislation. For 1 open an online flashlight shop sell MODS, more less is a convertible MOD-Flashlight in 1. Atomizers wont be banned, just sell em as vaping steam devises for shows and theater.
Ejuice, well flavors and pG-VG no problem there. It all comes down to the nicotine… thus I suspect the FED to be cracking down on liquid nicotine…maybe even banning it all together ( retarded I know since its the same as caffeine ) eventually the only place to get liquid nicotine will be the big Tobacco companies. with huge taxes if they will be legal at that. Liquid nicotine now is rather cheap at about 5 bucks for 10 ml. If the big boys get a hold of it (Fed and Big T, watch taxes make it 5 times more and the businesses will also impose 2 times more to make it. so about 7 times more than now cost.


Or the pharmaceutical company’s if the FDA goes that route, after all vapors are the ones using AID TO QUIT SMOKING in there own language.

Prescription nicotine I wonder how much that would cost.

Wvsanta. It could very well go the way as medical weed is today. need a prescription and the cost are high. Also will likely in the USA go under state control since they are the main ones getting revenue for taxes. Sure the FED will get their cut also.Just read that Oklahoma state lost millions of dollar in revenue due to people quitting tobacco, Oklahoma leads ( or lead) the nation in % of smokers just behind KY. They know damn well that it is ecigs that are to blame.
Oklahoma sees significant decline in adults smoking cigarettes, CDC reports


The CDC and FDA is taking all the credit for this decrease…

These findings highlight the importance of sustained comprehensive state tobacco-control programs funded at CDC-recommended levels, which can accelerate progress toward reducing tobacco-related disease and deaths by promoting evidence-based population-level interventions. These interventions include increasing the price of tobacco products, implementing comprehensive smoke-free laws, restricting tobacco advertising and promotion, controlling access to tobacco products, and promoting cessation assistance for smokers to quit, as well as continuing and implementing mass media campaigns that contain graphic anti-smoking ads, such as the Tips from Former Smokers (TIPS) campaign (3).

What are the implications for public health practice?

The findings in this report underscore the importance of implementing proven interventions for reducing the use of all tobacco products. Full implementation of comprehensive tobacco control programs at CDC-recommended funding levels, in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco products, could reduce tobacco use and change social norms regarding the acceptability of tobacco use in the United States.

Follow the money…


Look like the GOP was given the lions share of the dirty money. From 96’ to 02’ they pretty much bought the GOP’s influence. Now that contributions has dropped I’d love to see what big Pharma is contributing and who they’re giving it to.