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FDA on Nicotine Reduction


After further reading, I should have added this link to @50YearsOfCigars, thread " FDA Prepares to Close the Door on Nicotine ", my bad.

nothing new here, money talks and you know the rest of the story, in Paul Harvey’s best commentary voice.


Yes, that link actually is:

They are going to have to start with the Juul products, reportedly as high as 50mg/ml, !!! :flushed:
Apparently that 5% number (which is 50mg/ml) is true: see this:


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@Josephine_van_Rijn found a link on Reddit that claims it’s actually 59mg/ml


I have not tried or vaped a Juul, but when I first started vaping in 2013 my first vape was with 28mg and I thought, or could have passed out, how can someone vape 59mg/ml and not overdose, must be in the type of delivery system it is.

thanks for the headsup @worm1 and info @Suomynona, @50YearsOfCigars

no actually my 1st vape was with Blu, that was 1/1/13, than I came across a vape shop with e-juice samples and pen device with cartomizer on it


Its close to the penguin or dolphin I think joyetech made. You put a nicotine salt pod in at higher strength, mostly sold from 35mg up to 60mg. Now they might be lower but that’s the strength they had as it was “new”. I tried it once at a local store and it was horrible.

Not in taste but the buzz you get was way too much for me. But I can see how it could be helpful for people just trying to quit smoking or only having a couple of minutes during break, to get that fix in lol

You get barely vape out of it, its not like a sub ohm tank blazing high nic steam into your lungs tho lol

While I’ve not tested a juul it should be similar I would assume.


thanks @eStorm, I won’t be vaping any pod systems, too much for me !!!, I get a big buzz on 6mg when i use my vandy vape mesh rda, I have to turn it up to 70-100 watts .


So aren’t the added chemicals to cigarettes there to help them be more addictive? Maybe they’re not … idk, but if they are, and the nic level is reduced, why wouldn’t the tobacco companies just add more, and in turn potentially make them more dangerous than ever?


They are there to make it more addictive all-right, but half of equation is to make them smoother so they could increase the nicotine level, without making if feel like you are smoking glass shards.

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I never looked into why those chemicals were added before, but from what I just read I’m a little concerned. Especially for the first and last points::

(These came from https://www.verywellmind.com/ which I’ve never heard of, but doesn’t look to be a crackpot site from what I can tell)

Can dilate the airways, allowing the smoker to inhale more deeply. This increases nicotine exposure and can deposit higher levels of tar in the lungs. Cocoa is an additive known to do this.

Have addictive potential of their own or synergistically with nicotine.

Slow the metabolism of nicotine, thereby increasing the smoker’s exposure to it.

Have anesthetic properties that decrease the harshness of tobacco smoke on the throat.
mask the smell, visibility, and irritation of environmental tobacco smoke.

May disguise warning symptoms of illnesses associated with cigarette smoking.