FDA Prepares to Close the Door on Nicotine

I read and edited through the Proposed rule making Document and got the following from: Publication Date in the Federal Register: 03/16/2018

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing this advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) to obtain information for consideration in developing a tobacco product standard to set the maximum nicotine level for cigarettes.

The scope of products covered by any potential product standard will be one issue for comment in the ANPRM.

The establishment of a maximum nicotine level (…) not only could increase the likelihood of successful quit attempts, but it also could help prevent experimenters (mainly youth and young adults)…

(now, here is the part where they back door into taking Nicotine off the market…)
Another possible countervailing effect of setting a maximum nicotine level for cigarettes could be users seeking to add nicotine in liquid or other form to their combusted tobacco product. Therefore, FDA is considering whether any action it might take to reduce nicotine in cigarettes should be paired with a provision that would prohibit the sale or distribution of any tobacco product designed for the purposes of supplementing the nicotine content of the combusted tobacco product (or where the reasonably foreseeable use of the product is for the purposes of supplementing the nicotine content). FDA is also considering other regulatory options to address this concern.

(here is where they get out the hand-cuffs and take you away… )
The Tobacco Control Act also gave FDA the authority to issue a regulation deeming other products that meet the statutory definition of tobacco product to be subject to FDA’s tobacco product authority under chapter IX of the FD&C Act. On May 10, 2016, FDA issued the deeming rule (81 FR 28973), extending FDA’s tobacco product authority to all tobacco products, other than the accessories of deemed tobacco products, that meet the statutory definition of tobacco product.

If a nicotine tobacco product standard were to prompt the development of an illicit market, FDA would have the authority to take enforcement actions regarding the sale and distribution of illicit tobacco products. … These actions may include initiating administrative actions or referring cases to the Department of Justice for initiation of judicial action. … Possible judicial actions may include seizures, injunctions, and criminal prosecution.

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Carl V. Phillips | a Contributor to DailyVaper.com has this to say:

you can get the entire document here:


It really bothers me that even Dr Carl V. Phillips on DailyVaper only talks about nicotine when talking about addiction to cigarettes.
I get enough nicotine through vaping and still find myself gasping for a cigarette at times even after three years of non smoking.
It’s the chemical combo that makes it so hard to quit, not the nicotine.

Personally I found it easier to quit heroin than smoking. Nobody can tell me that nicotine is more addictive than heroine.


It’s a mystery to me why the FDA hasn’t banned the sale of liquid nicotine already! :grimacing:


I guess I better start stocking my freezer.


No doubt. They mu$t be getting lot$ of pre$$ure already.


I know it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time

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I enjoy using nicotine in my vape, but it is not the end-all of why I vape. I vape because I enjoy the hobby, and the habit is fun to feed. If nic is unjustly taken away from us as is rumored, I will just not use it. I am not in the majority with that opinion though, I think. But it’s not like I’d shrug my shoulders. I would definitely put up a fight, not just for taking away the nicotine via unjust grounds, but for the government again invading our lives for no damn good reason.


Not to derail my own thread (I am sure @BoDarc is getting a chuckle out of that ! ) but I wonder what Albert Einstein would have to say if called to testify before the FDA hearings on all this:

Here is a nice quote from The Pipe Guys blog:

Perhaps no part of Einstein’s persona is quite as recognizable as that of his ever disheveled look, wild hair, and pipe in his mouth. He was arguably as much a lover of smoking from his billiard as he was of critical thought, and believing that the former encouraged the latter, Einstein uttered one of the more memorable and beloved quotes about our beloved briar. “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Einstein was often seen followed by a trail of smoke as he walked between his house and his office at Princeton, … Einstein will likely remain forever immortalized for his genius, and rightly so. But lets not lose sight that Einstein wasn’t, and would not want to be considered anything but a human man who enjoyed one of the most universal pleasures known to man.

more at http://thepipeguys.com/albert-einstein/


Agreed E=Juice²

…thinking I need to trademark that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah time to acquire that barrel of Nic Salts eh?


If they ban liquid nicotine sales

Guess I need to start learning how to extract nicotine . And growing my own tobacco…


I will be closely monitoring updates regarding this subject…while saving up nicotine apocalypse money as well…


So true.
I’m sure this is why some people have a hard time switching to vaping, because they’re more addicted to all the additives in cigarettes than the actual nicotine.

I totally get what you mean. Haven’t had a cigarette in some time and i still rarely feel that craving for the gas-like substances in cigarettes. :open_mouth:

We’re all going to jail…


I have literally been waiting for extracts like shoe leather, dirt and gasoline so I can make a juice to resemble my favorite cigar.


with CO2

This column packs with dry ice for a colder extraction

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Typically tobacco eliquids are just the tobacco leaves without any ash or burn,
for a truly realistic cigarette/cigar you need that ash, burn and tar too.

Sounds really gross, :smile: but i’m sure those would be really nice additives to a cigar eliquid.
I’ve been on the lookout myself, for griddy textures and profiles like the ones you mentioned. I’m sure they are essential for the most realistic tobacco. :slight_smile:


There is to much money in cancer and heart diseases for big pharma. Think about, what would happen if more and more people quit smoking. Big pharma and big T have to go to the soup kitchen. Big P and big T working hand in hand. But no matter what happens, it´s Putins fault anyway.


Is it the intention to ban all nicotine? Sounds more like they’re trying to go to an environment like in the EU where the max nicotine level is set by law (e.g. 20mg).

It will probably push a few MTL vapers with high nicotine levels to subohm vaping, it’ll cost more to get your nicotine but in the end, you’ll still be able to vape and get your nic shots.

Totally unnecessary but it’s not the end of the world.


Haven’t bought nicotine since TPD but i have seen a few places still sell 100mg/ml nicotine base.
Do you know what would happen if customs got an hold of a package with nicotine base over 20mg/ml?
Would i get fined? :open_mouth:

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It is pretty much illegal now to import anything above…
But what is the penalty?

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You should check with local authorities, fines are different in every country.
One thing’s for sure, if they catch it, they will impound it… might even make you pay for the cost of destruction on top of a fine.

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