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FDA... Scaremonger Article of the Day! 🤬


Now, it’s seizures… :roll_eyes:

BUT… they don’t have any proof, so let’s spread some more baseless, unfounded, and scaremongering shit! :poop:




I could not even finish reading that crap. Ugh



Maybe, if the FDA is so worried about the poor little children, they should be paying far more attention to this :arrow_down_small:

I think there are a lot more kids on adderall than on a Juul. The damage to their poor, growing brains is immens but let’s just ignore that for the sake of profit.



Yup… there are lots of issues such as that which really need eyeballs first, before they put their focus on 35 (possible) seizure cases. :rage: But no… let’s keep pounding on vaping while we can, before the people pay attention to the next squirrel which runs across their path. :smirk:



These demonization/fear-mongering rituals - where in the age of state-sanctioned medical charlatanism a ginormous leap from “correlation” (however miniscule) to full-blown white-coat blessed brainless and breathless press-trumpeted “causation” have been well honed over the last decade where it comes to patently false portrayals of pharmaceutical Opioid meds as Satan’s spawn [though demonstrably safer and less toxic than Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, Ethanol, and the deadly illicit Fentanyl(s) that ham-fisted government actions have engendered/sustain] - are now a well developed art of bureaucratic agitprop. The societal dangers and harms that such prohibitionist crusades have wrought is unambiguously clear.

Treatment of animals with nicotine produced motor excitement and elicited convulsive seizures at 3 and 4 mg/kg.

For a 60 kg body weight individual that corresponds to a Nicotine dose of 180-240 mg (all at once). That is 3-4 times the Nicotine that one absorbs from smoking 30 cigs/day (and the equivalent of 90-120 cigarettes consumed all at once), and (at least) 6-8 times the Nicotine that (I myself) absorb daily.

The (rhetorical) “seizures, convulsions, talking in tongues” caused by such agitprop is quite intentional. (Real) risks in what white-coated priests might portray as “viable alternatives” are not even mentioned:

Seizure Risks of Smoking Cessation Drugs

Recent postmarketing data submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on varenicline (Chantix®), a popular prescription smoking-cessation medication, found that it may cause seizures in people without epilepsy or trigger seizures in people with well-controlled seizures. In addition, varenicline may lower tolerance to alcohol and cause patients to experience increased drunkenness, unusual or aggressive behavior, and memory loss. Prior reports on varenicline have focused on potentially serious neuropsychiatric side effects. Varenicline joins bupropion (Zyban®) and nicotine replacement as FDA-approved smoking cessation methods. These other two agents have also been associated with increased seizure risk. Bupropion has been associated with seizures after overdose …
Source: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/853524_2



I imagine that the tobacco industry puts a lot of pressure on governments … Shit money, as always :mierda:



Wow, so there’s been 35 reported cases of people who had seizures that had also been using an e-cig at some point in time over roughly the last 10 years, but we don’t know if the seizures are directly related or not, but we thought we would just throw that out there so that the media can run with it…Yup, how obvious can that be???



This was passed around on NPR today. Must be a big press release to all the outlets.

They failed to mention that the 35 cases being studied are spanning over a 9 year period, and were all self-reported. Makes it sound like 35 kids had seisures recently.

They did mention in the longer version around 5pm that there is no conclusive evidence of a link. At least…



GREAT post @Kinnikinnick. Hadn’t heard of the whole “seizure” thing. Consider me enlightened.



And over half of those cases drugs and alcohol were also in use.



At it again???




Ya, that’s right! And other studies show that large percentages of vape users have hearing loss, vision loss, impaired small motor skills and ingrown toenails!!! Some vape users have IBS, SDS, UMHD, and other eieio’s! Increased gas production among vapers is being sited for climate change!!!



Some of these people had a history of seiZures and some of them did amphetamines lol
must be the vapes.



I bet all of them drank water as well. Water causes seisures! Stop drinking water!



Scare tactic has teeth for big tobacco. By getting people to buy into it, they are going to win as more people will trickle towards smoking and vaping will be phased out imo. In fact, this news article hit local TV this morning and it’s all I heard about. I’m fucking tired of hearing all this shit from non vaping people.



I bet you tabocco companies are behind these reports!
They will be loosing lots of revenue, due to the popularity of vaping. It’s factually safer.

Plus kids, as we’ve all done. Are more likely to take up vaping in this day rather than smoking dirty cancer sticks.

Diacetyl the compound of issue has only caused popcorn lung in people working with it, inhaling it, in its powder form. Plus the Diacetyl in ejuices is 0.03mg. It’s around 300mg in a typical cigarette.

Therefore I have no concerns personally. I do Muay Thai and Boxing and my physical fitness and lung capacity is far better following work medicals.
Plus as a smoker upon reading blood test results, my hemoglobin was high, just out of the required range (red on the screen). 8 months after quitting by the aid of vaping. It’s no longer in the red and well within the required ranges.

Therefore, that’s enough scientific fact vaping is a far healthier option. Not as good as fresh air, not like there is such a thing in our built up cities and towns. But my GP is all for vaping and advised I have made the best choice. Plus it’s cheaper.



You’ve hit the nail on the head. I didn’t see your post prior to posting mine below.

100% tobacco companies are behind these scare tactics. Subliminal programming mate!



The steadily growing drumbeat of prohibitionist propaganda is clearly marching towards full inclusion of Nicotine within the tabooed universe of so-called “dangerous drugs”. Little evidence that your “drug of choice” is (in fact) dangerous ? It is important (and maddening) to understand that “the truth” has little to do with what is going on. Pontificating holy rollers thrive on unctuously flagellating pleasure seekers. :face_with_monocle:



FDA Fearmongering on Vaping and Seizures Puts Lives at Risk



There is a lot of good info with that link. thank you!