Finally got an istick

So happy ! My first MVP2.0 is almost a year old thought it was time for an upgrade or 2 !


That’s a handy gadget to have. … I just went from the Istick 30w to the 50w and I love it. Kinda heavy in your hand though.

Danny, I thought the other day that in comparison to the 20w istick the 50 is heavy. But it’s not that bad at all really. Want heavy? Get a VTR. Like a dang cannon ball. :smile:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the differences (other than the size and wattage). Everyone has said the iStick is awesome and I have one on my wish list, but I saw the MVP got a lot of praise also. If you had the choice when you got the MVP to have the iStick instead would you go that route?

JoJo I bought the MVP first then came home and bought the istick online same day. I already have the mvp 2.0 and new one 20 is the same size. I wanted a smaller mod and the istick is the right size. I also have a 50 watt IPV2 which gets heavy and the battery doesn’t last as long and you have to start out at 7 watts. Mvp20 watts @6 and the istick T 5 watts which is nice Bc my tanks some don’t like the higher wattage. I wanted portability and it seems the istick has what I am looking for. I’m curious how well the battery is preserved we’ll see !

Oops I bored you with size and wattage lol. I will give u an update later and see what is better. But for me since I like tanks the first draw back to an istick is the 510 adapter only. The MVP comes with an screw on ego thread which is a blessing !

Haha no that’s great information to know too! I definitely didn’t realize that the iStick was 510 only. Something to keep in mind for sure. I’m looking forward to hearing more. Thanks!

The adapter for ego is sold separately as well as the charger for the istick. I think that’s kinda chinsy Bc how much does a charger cost them ? I guess to keep costs down. The MVP 20 comes with its own charger and the adapter. The first plus is the i sticks function buttons and firing button are on the side and it’s way more comfy for my hands versus the MVP is on the front I’m used to it but in the beginning can feel odd. Will update more as more thoughts come.

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I haven’t owned an MVP but from what I know about them the only thing better (comparing apples and oranges here, just a little) is the fact the MVP can be used to charge your cell in an emergency. I don’t have a 30 watt iStick but do have the 20 and 50. My 50 gets continuous use and runs for 2 days with the Atlantis at 33 watts. The 20 doesn’t get as much use, but is used daily as well with a Nautilus at 14 watts. But to answer your question more succinctly…my thoughts are the iStick is better (sorry, I can’t leave it out) of the size and shape. The iStick has rounded sides and just feels comfortable. Even the 50w just feels very good in the hands…a pocket, etc. And they are good looking too in my opinion.

Frankly, I’ve reached a point in vaping where I"m using low wattage devices less and less. So my Tesla, VTR, original iStick…they don’t push enough for my average daily vape so a MVP or iStick 20 or 30 watt either one wouldn’t be on my shopping list.

The cell phone charging ability is helpful if you have enough of a charge on your MVP lol otherwise useless.

Yeah, which would you rather see…vaping and calling later or making that one call and having a dead PV? No brainer…I don’t need to call anyone that badly! :sunny:


I am overall more exited about the istick this far prob Bc I’ve had the MVP 2.0 for a while and the 20 watts is nice but I already have a 50 watt mod so yes as Srthnmixer put it …it just feels nicer and the weight of the istick is just right for me as well. The MVP cost more as well. I don’t drip anymore so I am not as into the wattage but if I get back into ill be ready. I could not have my watts above 14 watts for me it was too hot and too harsh with zero Nic. I’m a vaper point blank.

Really the only difference is the size. The 50w is a 4400mah battery. They say it last up to 4 days. It might if you only hit it once an hour. Some days I get 8 hours and some days I get 12hrs. 50w charges from the side instead of bottom. Both 30 and 50 comes with an ego adapter. 50w has a range of 2.0-10.0 volts depending on the build you have on it. I put my Orchid v4 on with a . 3 build and it works nice.

[quote=“Danny2, post:13, topic:15377, full:true”] The 50w is a 4400mah battery. They say it last up to 4 days. It might if you only hit it once an hour. Some days I get 8 hours and some days I get 12hrs.

Do you think maybe you got a dud? I hit mine a lot…so at 33 watts as I said I get 2 days. That’s running the Atlantis 0.5ohm

Like the 30w? I have a 20w and my threads stripped within a month. The 30w has ss threads doesnt it?

Hey, I just picked up an istick 30 last weekend too, in fact I’ve got a Doge RDA sitting on top of it and I’m enjoying some “Cowboy Blend” tonight. Vape On!

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Yeah the size and form factor are HUGE selling points for the iStick and the 50W, while I don’t see myself needing it anytime soon (but never say never) is a good thing, too since the MVP doesn’t have a 50W. I’d read that the MVP is better built (some even say indestructible) but I don’t think that will be an issue for me. I don’t plan on going skydiving with it or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the consensus is pretty much everyone who uses a device like it loves the iStick. Sounds like that is what I’m getting for sure! It was nice to hear from someone who (newly-ish) had both. Thanks @Amy2 :smile:

Its doesnt come with a 510 to ego adapter? I have a bunch of those things i ordered off FT on whim. Think they were 5 for 5 or 6 dollars. I have absolutely no use for them and im still not sure why i ordered them.

I got an adapter with mine.


Huh well mine stated in the product description no adapter or charger with purchase to purchase them separately. I got mine from Vape NW for 33 ish $. I figured WTH and went with it since I’ve got a couple micro chargers from my 3 other mid boxes. i figue if that’s how they planned to market their sale this week whatever I’m down !