First Batch :D

Hey guys,

Some of you might have seen my thread about being a complete noob but I finally managed to get time to make x3 30ML Bottles I have Green Slush, Blue Slush and Kiwi Berry!!!

I’m very excited about trying these when they’re fully steeped so about 6 weeks now im wondering if there are any Shake and Vape flavours so to speak without waiting for steep times :slight_smile:

Also thank you for everyones info and help on my last thread it helped a bunch!


Nice one! There may be something for you in these threads:


ETA: It might be worth trying your fresh mixes as well so you can see how they develop over time :blush:


Some flavors are made with ethyl alcohol and I always find they have a chemical like taste

Thank you for the links ill check them out!

One thing I noticed I only had a 14 Gage needle so took forever to get the base mix out so I need a higher gage!

Also on regards to syringes, do you know if they’re like one time use? I’ve rinsed and dried mine and put in a sealed bag because I wasn’t sure if I have to buy a new one every time

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Absolutely! That’s where taste is so subjective and why we all mix and steep to our individual preferences :+1:


If you clean them and let them dry properly you should be fine to reuse - maybe try and keep certain syringes for certain flavours as they can leave a residual aroma. If and when you can though, I would totally recommend buying scales and measuring by weight - a lot less washing up lol :grin:


Congratulations on your first batch! :tada:


A tip to reduce that chemical note is to warm your batch in warm/hot ( not boiling ) water for around 15 mins. then shake it very well take the cap off and allow it to cool then replace cap shake well and steep this will reduce down the alcohol if the warmth of the water didn’t take it down then the atmosphere will do it. Steep them thou bc these batches that have those flavors are often harsh until they’ve fully steeped.


I was just mixing and idk why it didn’t occur to me when I read your post
but I’ve found fruity lemonade flavors are pretty good shake and vapes.
Plus they’re pretty much fully steeped after about 3 days


Great job!

the only issue with cleaning them is the numbers eventually rub off … if you can find some,put clear nail varnish over the measurements

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To do Shake n’ Vape with steeped flavors:
Why not mix up a 30ml bottle with only custard in it at about 10 - 20%?
Mix another bottle with some Bavarian cream or any cream and some yogurt or cheesecake. Steep those custards and creams at least one week. Then you can put some in your tank with some fruit concentrate and Diluter. Mixing to taste.
Diluter = Bottle with PG/VG/Nic only. And just a bit of sweetener if you like things sweet,

In the meantime, just take the 14ga needle off and use the syringe.

Also, every new flavor you get (and have), make a single flavor 20ml (or larger) test bottle.
Not only will you have it to test each flavor, but you will find some great single flavor vape.
You can also use them to mix on top of one another…on an RDA, or in a tank,which will teach you a lot about flavor pairing. [I think you just did that…I have no idea what those flavors are you have.]

I also suggest you at least use some masking tape for labels, so your writing doesn’t wear off the glass.

Congrats on your first mix, exciting time, hope they are everything you need :smile:

Out of curiosity, why is that one actually green? Is that just from a flavoring component?

Just had to say… I’ve got (like a brat) a dropper with measurements on it.
Re: Ozo talking about using a larger scringe.

Also… Did you know… Any pharmacy will give you needle/scringes for free?
Well they do in Florida if you ask nicely with a smile. That’s how I got mine.