First coil build - Ω seems funny

Hi guys first build.

Ss316, 10wraps, 26awg 3mm ID

Problem is steam engine says should be 0.4 Ω reading 1.0 Ω. Everything firing ok and centre outwards. Any ideas?


The only thing I can think of doing is to put a tank with a stock coil that you know the ohm of on the mod and see what reading you get. That’s really far out for dual 26awg SS. Make sure everything is tightened and no leads are touching the deck anywhere and check it with your ohmmeter

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Nice looking tight coils especially for a first attempt!

The RDA might be doubling the ohm what does one coil read at??

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You could be right, grubby. I didn’t know certain types of deck did that. Mine are all mostly velocity style

I’m guessing that because you put the wires in the same holes rather than staggered the mixing d is reading your coils as a single piece of wire.

Try moving your me of the coils to the in-used opposing holes.

Hope this makes sense.

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Ok a few things there.

Will check with just 1 coil.

Same reading across mod & ohm meter.

The legs are all in there own holes, staggered. C1, c2 , C1, c2.

Could you take a pic without the wicking in there?

in some mods, when you install the 2nd coil (if you’re doing it live while the base is connected) you need to unscrew the base completely, fire the mod with nothing installed (it should give an error like no atomizer), then screw the base, then give a quick press on power - so the mod can read the new resistance (sum of the 2 coils instead of only 1)

i counted 10 1/2 in one coil (there’s always half a wrap when the coil legs end in same direction - vs opposite directions which gives a full wrap), the other seems to be 11 1/2. i may be wrong but won’t harm to double-check. that won’t cause this error, but just an observation - this is going to be a beast set-up (for me - i would make 7 or 8 max to balance the coil length with the ID)

your total ohm should be around 0.38. i’m a fan of steam-engine myself, but you can refer to for quick builds

Several things you didn’t mention, so it’s hard to diagnose.

Is the wire SS316 or SS316L ?
Did you pinch the coils?
Did you strum the coils?
How did you break in the SS?
What wattage did you use to break them in?
Did you re-tighten the grubs after firing?

No offence but will this stuff account for 0.5 Ω

Answers in order
Don’t kmow
Don’t know
10w -> 20w

Your probably right with the wraps being out. I count the same as you. I kept losing place and was so happy to finally get 2 coils done. I’d gone through about 15 tries.

I’m confused with your explanation about the single coil part. Would you be so kind to try and simplify it for me.

How are you doing now? I am about to try my first RDA build tomorrow. Just about to start doing some research on temp/wattage.

steps to install dual coils

  1. attach (empty, no coils yet) atomize base to mod
  2. install first coil, and tighten the screws
  3. use screw driver to adjust coil shape
  4. remove screw driver, use quick presses & release on the fire button to check ohm & dry burn, strum (as Ozo mentioned) lightly, quick press fire again
  5. clips extra wire from coil 1 if needed
  6. install 2nd coil and adjust (no firing yet)
    *7. completely unscrew the atomizer base from mod - quick press fire button on mod (sort of forces it to reset the ohm reading) - it will show error that there’s no atomizer which is correct
    8 .screw the atty base again to the mod, then quick press fire button to check resistance - _mod should now read half the resistance value from step 4
  7. Adjust, strum, dry-burn coil 2 as needed - clip extra wires…etc

if you’re happy with how the coils light up (they’re in sync, they look neat, inside out heating…etc) you are now ready to wick - i suggest you don’t wick until you verify these steps in that order - else you may get hot spots later (would give the effect of a dry hit while vaping) - or uneven heating (flavor wouldn’t be ideal)

if i can help further pls let me know which part. also seeing UT vids help a ton,. much faster than reading a non-english speaker’s attempts to explain :slight_smile:

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You’ve done well. Thanks I’ll try that. I’ve a brand new tsunami coming. So should be perfect


For SS wire should it be slightly pulled apart so the energy has to travel through the entire coil?

For dual coil 0.25ohm builds in my Velocity V2’s [on all my squonkers ] I do use spaced coils,
especially in temp mode.
It has been a sort of unwritten law…so to speak.

I also build SS .5ohm single for my subtanks using spaced coils…temp mode and wattage.

@Rob62 and I have been working on single SS coils to use in the Kayfun V5 at around .6ohms,
and to use specifically on the G2 HohmWrecker, in temp mode, and a pinched coil. Great success.
Biggest problem is getting so many wraps on some decks…to get the ohms up.
8.5 wraps of 26ga SS fits the K5 perfectly, and works perfectly in the G2 HW, which we couldn’t
achieve with the DNA boards, but the G2 HW uses a FSK board, which doesn’t require dicking
around with escribe crap.
The answer would be generally “yes”, for regular single-wire coils, in single or dual coil builds,
but can change if you are making clapton-style coils, at least certain kind.
The biggest hurdle is getting the ohms up higher, in single coils, with larger gauge SS.

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Per earlier posts, the SS needs to be broken in properly…
And you MUST know WHICH wire you are using…TO BE SAFE.

If you don’t know which wire you are using, even the best calculator is of no use.
[and your safety is at risk]

The OP makes no sense to me, from the info supplied.
The closest build to the pics and info…would be with using Kanthal A1, and that
doesn’t even match just right. But, is it possible you [ @Volition ] accidentally
used Kanthal ?
I see in Vape Mail you recently purchased a couple of spools.

After looking back at the Vape Mail pics…I have a serious suggestion,
and possibly a reason for your problem.

Buying cheap Chinese SS resistance wire for vaping can be hit-or-miss.
I never recommend it, but I do recommend paying more for Kidney Puncher,
which is genuine Sandvik SS, and there is no better, unless you buy specialty
wire from a welding supply [which is even more expensive than KP].
At least buy some with the quality level of Lighning Vapes, but I no longer
trust him after a couple of mishaps/dishonesty. There is another place,
I think @Pro_Vapes gets his there, but I can’t remember the name.

I bought some 22g SS from KBee on EBay, just for an experiment I was under taking. But I’m primarily a Ti guy.

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