First thoughts on the Altus tank by GUO

First off let me apologize for the lack of pictures, I’m having issues at the moment but will post pics when i get it sorted out.

So my first impressions of this thing are mixed. Upon opening it looks clean with no noticeable tool marks. I comes wicked and ready to fill with juice and theres a small envelope containing some cotton squares and spare o rings for the one you’re sure to break changing the wick :angry:

Setting my snowwolf the same as the inventor in the demo video (TC 181c @ 60w) the flavor is amazing and the vapor production pretty good, though it does take a bit to arm up, after the first few puffs its good to go. One thing I noticed was that the throat hit was more than I would usually get from my juices, thing had me coughing! I decided Ilike it a little higher at 378f @ 71w. It does seem to devour juice as well as battery power!

Taking the tank apart isn’t horrible, though mine was screwed together by superman and was quite difficult to disassemble at first. After a full tank of juice the CVU is browned a bit and the cotton also slightly browned but not burnt.

And now about the wicking… ok, this is where this device is a total fail… having to break this thing down to this extent just to change a wick defeats the purpose of the evelastcoilmabobber IMO. It is a serious PITA and a messy endeavor at that. It’s pretty straightforward, but way more messy and difficult than it needs to be.

So after one tank full of juice and one teardown my toughts are:

Pros: the flavor is amazing though im curious to see how long this “CVU” holds up.
Supposedly will last forever with normal use…

Cons: Mediocre vapor production
Huge pain to fill and rewick

pics to follow


Sorry, about this mishmash of a review and pics… my phone is not cooperating


It was .35ohm when I first checked it out of the box. It’s still .35ohm after a tank and bunch of firings


Here she is ready to vape on the snowwolf


I would like to try it on a dna200 mod. You can send it and i will let you know lol. Jk. So its got its ups and downs like all. What did the coil look like its made out of?

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i got more pics coming, i just got distracted by food. gimme a few :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok, I’m done with dinner but trying to get through the rest of this tank before i pull it apart again for the painful rewicking process lol. I do have a few tips i will share with you when i post pics of the tear down


Thanks @Errl, i was wondering what flavor/vapor production would be like. Looking forward to the rest.

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Pen and paper at the ready! :wink: I like a good challenge!

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Here she is all broken down.

As you can see my CVU chip is quite brown after 2 tanks full of liquid.

Here’s my wick after 1 tank

This is the cotton square that comes with the unit for wicking, I found that I was getting dry hits so I decided that I needed to fix the wicking situation a bit…
I start by peeling some of the cotton square away

I then take the now thinned out cotton and stretch the fibers out a bit by pulling gently. Here’s the stretched thinned pad next to the original.

Trim the excess cotton and wick like David Guo in his YouTube video here:


Rewicking after a couple tanks? Hmm… Im on my 5th tank of Grape Them Apples on my Goblin Mini 26g 316L @ .2ohm and peering into the top it still looks pristine. I might be to lazy for this thing.


I think that it does cook the wick a bit. But I don’t get any bad flavor, the only reason I even changed it was to get an idea for how it works… and it’s annoying lol, but now that I’ve done it 3 times it’s not so bad. This thing definitely gets 5 stars for flavor! Seriously eats batteries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner though!


Sometimes the next best thing isnt so great. Was that burnt on the chip ? Or did it just wipe off ?

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No, the chip will stay that color. It’s baked into the ceramic it seems


I’m still playing around with the wicking as I don’t think I have it perfect yet, I wasnt getting getting enough juice before, but now I may be getting too much. It’s not flooding but it tastes too wet. I’ll keep you all up to date with things as I discover them :wink:


i’m currently almost through my 3rd tank on the altus and the flavor is unchanged. I do notice that it isn’t really giving me the vapor production that i want until its almost dry… wicking it their way gave me dry hits, now my way seems too wet, gotta find that happy medium. I’ve been playing with it in temp control along with wattage mode and I think I enjoy it more in TC mode, currently: 385f @ 72w.
I dont totally dislike the device, but I’m not incredibly fond of it either. The tank definitely needs a redesign. one thine that I noticed was that I forgot to put the O ring back over the head assembly when putting it together last night and haven’t had any leaking, I think it can, for the most part, be omitted. more on that if any problems arrise


Well thanks for your opinion on this atty. I think i will save my money till someone perfects this design lol


Set on what TC mode? Ti, Ni, SS316? Or does it matter? :thinking:

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well ive been using it on the snowwolf as the creator showed in his first vid so i guess that would be nickle, sorry for not being clearer