First thoughts on the Altus tank by GUO

I think I’m going to trim closer to the chamber. From factory it’s just too much especially when refilling and putting the base back in. The sides of the glass squeegee a lot of juice off the cotton all onto the outside of the glass. Messy!

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yes, the squeegee effect does cause quite the mess. I think the technology is promising but we need a new tank :wink:

oh, I did get a reply from David Guo. There is no cottonless v2 yet, but he does have things in the works.


Indeed! At least it vapes good at proper settings. I’m still trying to figure out how to plug in the tungsten TCR value on my DNA200. That curve kinda confuses me.

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My Altus came in the post today. :wink:

In a few days I’ll hit this thread again with some thoughts…:thinking:

But, until then, enjoy this vid hosted by one of the most laid back reviewers in the vape community today! Mike Vapes…:sunglasses:


yay!!! glad you got it!!! cant wait to hae your thoughts on it. I’ve been enjoying mine as a flavor machine but I had to put it down so that I could play with the reaper tank I won that i’ve been neglecting and put a review together for the nice folks at heavens gifts :innocent:


I really like watching Mike’s videos. And I agree 100% when he said for 120 bucks it should be top fill. No doubt.

I hope you guys enjoy this tank. I believe I’ll hold off for the second or third gen of this technology which as we know might be next week :slight_smile:

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Mike Vapes fan here as well. He did a good one on the Dolphin ceramic tank as well. Think I’m gonna get that one soon.


I agree with that a 100% its a great idea, and no top fill. And the way you have to wick it as well. I will wait as well. And mike did do a great job on his review. I think they will come out with a v2 on the dalphin as well. I would like to see a extra ceramic coil instead of a ni200 coil. And the top ring lock in place. Other then that a great atty.

I’ve got my Sigelei 150TC set at 450f @ 100j

The high power is purely to overcome the long ramp up lag. 450f on the Sigelei gives a nice warm flavorful vape. I think the Sigelei TC is set up for Ni.

I’ve read that some folks are having good luck setting their TC coil profile on their DNA 200 mods for tungsten.

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Ok, it’s been more than a few days, but here’s my thoughts on the Altus:

Great idea, but it needs work…lots of work. This technology and others which are similar, are in fact, all great ideas. I’d love it to work and work flawlessly. But, the attempts, as they are, fall short of being care free and enjoyable to vape and own as other atomizers. Honestly, I feel like a guinea pig.

I fell prey to the hype of the latest technology. No one to blame but myself. :pensive:

Well, I do blame Guo a bit for booting this atomizer out on the market before certain issues with the atomizer were addressed and remedied. But, I’m sure the guy needed to recoup some of his startup capital…so, why not sell it to some vape geeks, huh? They’ll buy it for sure!

He was correct in his thinking! :triumph:…they’re sold out everywhere.


Good friend, I don’t own one and won’t until that precipice has been passed and the technology perfected. Why? Because I truly believe the concept to be the way vaping will eventually go. And once it finally has the “bugs” worked out it will be great. I foresee a tank which uses no wicking material, where the chip seats in a slot fairly tightly and uses capillary action to feed juice. One where the chip’s material is made to withstand heat 20x the heat it will create - and that has a very smooth surface which makes it a breeze to keep clean, and where its lifespan is months or years.

I think that’s where it’s headed and wouldn’t be surprised if it emerges this year. Maybe before summer.

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If there sold out everywhere that just ups your chances of regaining your money. Ebay something you don’t want someone is sure to want.

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I wonder is it normal that my CVU chip turned into a rough surface. Although i rinsed it with water and rewick it. I find that it turns the cotton black again very quickly like less than 20 puffs with 1-2 sec drag each time on my DNA200 mod tungsten setting 0.00450 35W 400F and 25w pre-heat for 1 second. resistance is locked in at 0.5ohm but im not sure why i still bounce around to 0.6 or 0.7. Do you guys have any method of cleaning the CVU chip though? As I know it is normal for the chip to turn black overtime but the rough dry surface i believe is the residue collected over time can somehow be remove right.

Sounds like carbon buildup to me. I don’t own of of these so not sure you want to listen to me, but when I need to clean carbon off coils I just dry fire them until the carbon is more of an ash. Then I will brush clean. If you have any abrasive tooth paste you could go at it after dry firing with the paste and a toothbrush. If not, perhaps some baking soda - something abrasive but not toxic or harsh. If you try this let us know if it works.

Don’t dry fire it! They specifically say that a dry fire will void the warranty. Just scrub it a bit with an old toothbrush under the sink. I bought this tank months ago and was disappointed with it. Little vapor production no matter the mode. In wattage mode I get a dry hit more often than not. Never leaked on me. I agree that the flavor is ridiculously awesome, but when you hardly get a good draw or a dry hit it is not too enjoyable. Good innovation and probably on to something here, but it isn’t ready yet. The Dolphin tank is much more enjoyable and you can dry fire that one, plus it is a fraction of the cost of the Altus.