First thoughts on the Geekvape Griffin

Order one…now! Don’t hesitate, just do it!
I put a build in mine:
22g 316l SS, 6 spaced wraps on a 3mm ID…0.1 ohms 106w…doesn’t even pause on juicing the wick…excellent flavor, thick, rich clouds…I took the little wick ring out…
Just order one…now.


Yup, just ordered another, in black…this thing is bangin!

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Mine is in the wash cycle at the moment; it came complete with lots of machine oil. :smirk: …but, most atomizers need cleaning anyway upon receipt.

Here’s some atomizer hyperbole for ya…

You could land a freaking 747 on that deck y’all! :airplane:️…ok maybe a Cessna 425 Turboprop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You may wanna consider taking off the wick ring…first time I set the coil barrel on, that ring got lodge inside, pesky lil booger didn’t wanna come out, lol…so I removed it and it works just fine without it…just an FYI…and yeah, you’re right…I originally coiled a 2.5 ID and it looked silly on that huge platform


Where you getting a good deal on one?

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That thing looks wicked. I will be ordering one. Thanks for sharing.


Eciggity = $31.50 in stock. :slightly_smiling:


Hmm i thought this was the one that was an 11ml tank. Could have swore i saw a pic of it today tho i did have some very lucid dreams last night…

Have to say, I fully agree. :heart_eyes:

I’ll be vaping on this tank for the next few days and chime in with my thoughts. So far, about the only word of caution I could possibly throw out would be, take care if you are using this atomizer with a hybrid top cap on a mech mod. The center pin comes precariously close to being flush with the 510 threading on the bottom of the atomizer.

I know not many people use mech mods these days, but hey, it’s worth mentioning!:fearful:

p.s. If anyone knows the trick to getting the deck separated from the base, clue me in! The center pin does unscrew and come completely out of the unit, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to be able to turn the deck in the base. Perhaps it’s not meant to be dissassembled into two pieces; it’d be nice for cleaning purposes though…:smirk:


@Ken_O_Where No that was this one.

Ouch, 75 dollars.

Thanks for the link.

22% off at cvapor, code NY22OFF

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The Website says that code is invalid even though it states the code on the page. Tried to buy a Rx200. How Rude !!!

it is valid for all except the
deal section

Unfortunately for you the rx200 is on the deal page :disappointed:

Being $45+ is not much of a deal I just got to say it again, How Rude !!! Thanks for filling me in though !!!

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They say the original price is $99, I’ve seen that price on other websites but nobody sells it for that price. Heck, if you have to pay that much for it you might as wel get the DNA version.


Agreed !!! VapeNW has it for $39.95. Tempting but being I can pay just $2 more and pick it up locally, I will most likely do that. Now had that coupon worked I would have given it a go for around $35ish. Oh well, better luck next time. By the way, the Aromamizer is $19.99 on VapeNW for anyone interested…

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I’ve been holding out for a V2; give it a couple of months and I’m fairly sure there’ll be one. I’m hoping they’ll make the next one with a, flush to the tank, SS airflow ring…:smirk:


@Joya said on the Vape Mail thread that she thinks the ones she got for 19.95 on VapeNW were clones.