First timer, help please

Ok, with all the buzz about banning flavored ecigs, I am looking to get into DIY e liquid. I looked into it a while back but never actually pulled the trigger and ordered anything. I am a one eliquid vaper, I vape Out the Box Bed Rocks 6mg/ml all day every day. Its a fruity pebbles liquid. Can someone break down what I need to purchase in order to mix up my own fruity pebbles ejuice. If you would be as detailed as possible, like what size brand and number of bottles do I need, what kind of nicotine do I need to get for mixing. What kind/brand of VG or PG? What flavors from who. Do I need to store extra eliquid in a freezer, in a glass bottle or plastic? Do I need some kind of gloves and eye protection to avoid poisoning myself? How long do i need to let it sit after mixing? Do I need any mixing equipment, scales, funnels, etc.


You’ve come to the right place!

All of your questions have been covered in great detail over the years right here on ELR. You just need to dig in.

I’ll round up some links to get you going, but your best resource for finding answers for every question you posed is our trusty Search Icon. Fruity Pebbles, Best Brand VG PG, Scales, Steeping, Nicotine Suppliers, Nicotine Safety, Bottles, Vendors for all supplies…anything you can ask about is in here; debated, advised about, experiences reported, flavor test results, you name it.

The more you read the smarter your purchases will be.

For bottles, I’d recommend getting as many 15ml bottles as your budget will allow. Youll need a bunch so you can test all of your flavors individually, search Single Flavor Testing…LDPE are the soft squeeze plastic, HDPE and PET are harder, but are better for rinsing out for reuse. Use cold water, not hot! Grab a handful of 30ml for finalized mixes.

Best of luck!


Doesn’t RF make a really good Fruit Pebbles Concentrate?


RF Fruit Pebbles is an OK base, but needs help to bring it to life. I just made a Pebbles/Loops type mix that is realllly good that had it written in there, but I forgot I had run out of it. Mixed it without it anyway and I don’t miss it one bit.
7 days steeped and it’s the best Pebbles mix I’ve done yet.

The secret weapon is Tutti Frutti NF


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Let me be the one that brings you the big disappointment … stop right here and forget about “clones” and look instead for similar flavor profiles. Looking for clones is how a lot of us came into DIY, but it’s near impossible to find a 100% clone or even something that tastes very similar.
A friend of mine vapes a simple RY4 e-liquid and he asked me to clone it for him to save money. It took me over 2 years to find the right exact flavor company that makes the right concentrate and that’s just for 1 single ingredient. Most recipes will consist of 3, 4, 5 or more ingredients and unless you actually vape the original e-liquid, it’s almost impossible to get it right.
That being said, in those 2 years I created several recipes with a similar profile and even though it’s not the same, he’s still enjoying the juice. If you buy a cookie from a shop and ask your mom/wife/gf to make a replacement cookie for you, it’s not going to be the same but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

If you have a certain profile in mind, like your pebbles juice, the best thing you can do is check which ingredients are in your commercial juice. Taste it, analyze it, read the marketing and reviews. Then look for flavor notes (on this forum, the recipe side of the site and the rest of the www) and select a few different flavors that seem to match best what you’re looking for. Order your ingredients and start with Single Flavor Tests (or SFTs like most call them). If you don’t know how to do that, have a look at DIY Vapor’s Youtube channel, his Flavorah testing series is most excellent.
Once you’ve figured out how your flavors work (what the taste like and which ranges of use work for you), you’re almost a pro and all that remains is to play around a bit with your ingredients to have a delicious recipe.


@Plunderdrum gave you the links to get you started, but a simple breakdown:

  • Depending on the amount that you want to mix, buy your VG and PG. Initially, you may have some mixing disappointments and flush your mixes, so get a little extra.
  • Similarly for nic, make a little calculation of what you need. To start, you’ll probably be good with a 100ml bottle of 100mg nic. Get it in PG so it’s easier to handle.
  • Research your flavors and don’t buy 4oz bottles… start with the 10ml testers until you know your flavors. You can make a lot of liquid with them.
  • Get a bunch of bottles for your final e-liquids and a 0.01g accurate scale. In the US, the LB-501 scale is very popular. 10ml bottles are good for single flavor tests, for your daily e-liquids you may want to get 30ml or 60ml bottles for convenience.

There are threads on the forum with links where you can get all these ingredients and there’s a good resource link on the main recipe side: