Five Pawns class action lawsuit DA/AP


Defendant is a manufacturer of e-liquids, which are used in electronic cigarettes. Defendant’s e-liquids contain hazardous substances known as diacetyl (“DA”) and acetyl propionyl (“AP”) (also known as 2,3-pentanedione), in addition to propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. As detailed herein, the DA and AP levels detected for certain particular flavors of Defendant’s e-liquids represent the highest concentration that has ever been seen in any e-liquid. Some e-liquids manufactured by other companies are sold
without DA and AP, propylene glycol, nicotine, or flavors, as it is possible to source ingredients that do not contain these toxic ingredients.

Some Copypasta:

On Nov. 11, a class action lawsuit was filed against Five Pawns, a maker of high-end liquids designed for e-cigarette users (also called “e-liquids”), alleging that Five Pawns misled consumers about the amounts of harmful chemicals in its e-cigarette liquids, and the dangers such chemicals pose.

“Despite Defendant’s marketing campaign that boasts its ‘top-notch ingredients’ that makes for a ‘high-end experience,’ Defendant’s products are actually laden with harmful chemicals,” the Five Pawns class action lawsuit declares.

Specifically, the e-liquid class action lawsuit points to the chemicals diacetyl (“DA”) and acetyl propionyl (“AP”). The complaint cites numerous studies that show the chemicals DA and AP are not toxic if eaten, but when inhaled may cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and “Bronchiolitis Obliterans, a condition in which irreversible scarring to the lungs is produced, in serious cases requiring lung transplants.”

The Five Pawns class action lawsuit alleges that Five Pawns deceptively advertised its e-cigarette liquids by not disclosing the levels of DA and AP on its bottles, inserts in its packaging, or the Five Pawns website. According to the complaint, Five Pawns knew about the levels of DA and AP in its products since September of 2014, but continued to market its liquids for e-cigarettes as being made from “natural ingredients” that are “sourced locally,” and using “solely diacetyl-free ingredients.”

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If this is won… Right now i am glad i decided not to move forward with sales although i planned to be transparent about it.

So the troubles not WHATS in it but that they claimed what WASN’T in it?..
I love me some warnings on my juice, that’s how I know its probably great.


That is how it appears in the docket. I dont think this will end well. I sell locally, or did for quite awhile and will get back to that, and always put the DA/AP warning on the label and explain to people. STILL it makes me nervous, our society thrives on lawsuits.


REDDIT discussion.

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Was it Five Pawns who had the trouble with using oak barrels seeping or something before?

Been a little while now, and now can’t remember who it was. I’d be more worried about stuff like that in my vape than any DA/AP

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Honestly i am not sure, i never followed them at all as they were far to expensive.

I agree, i would be more worried about something like that than DA/AP. I LOVE DA/AP, butyric acid smells horrible…


I would almost bet my next month’s revenues that the “other” forum has a similar thread(s) and that “one dude” over there has already replied diacetyl soup at least once.

Anyway, if 5P claimed to have diketone free liquids and they weren’t, that’s deceptive and they should suffer the consequences. Sucks for the rest of us though as the ripple effects are likely to happen and to be negative.


MMMmMMM, that sounds delicious! Honestly i have been to that site maybe twice, seemed rather hostile over their.

I agree, should this end up in a win companies will scramble to reformulate and some will do so just as a result of the lawsuit itself out of fear.

Think ill stock up on VC V1 CAP, just in case as i dont vape without it.


Ya hopefully it doesn’t begin to cause a problem with other companies. One of my favs is a Caramel Cheesecake, rich and delectable served with warnings on the side.

And hopefully this doesn’t lead to the necessity to stock up on flavors. Going to add some CAP to my next order, loving the NY Cheesecake but using w TPA VC. After, I learned CAP version was much tastier. And I hear your who to ask on Custards haha

‎Soupe du jour: Diacetyl Bisque


Looks like i have reached the maximum amount of posts that i can like for today, bummer.

I do love a custard but to be honest it has been so long since i have tried TFA’s that i no longer remember what it tastes like. CAPs version is like vanilla pudding, so yummy.

MMMMM, yeah, ill have that.



Or, it may not. Sex may cause HIV, driving may cause an accident.
Basically they don’t know or care really. Anything to get you back on the analogues will do.


I couldnt agree more. I have been almost exclusively vaping custards, VC V1 (CAP), for a few years. And my mixes arent lite on the custards either. My blood/ox has improved greatly in these few years and my doc has detected no adverse effects tho i am but one person and everything effects certain people differently.


So one guy in a popcorn factory gets “popcorn lung” and now everything that he ever came into contact with will cause it.
The lawsuit has little merit. The only thing besides being stupid Five Pawns may be liable for is false advertising unless somebody that used their product can prove damages. The worst part about any of this is what the main stream media will do with it at the behest of “Big Tobacco”. friggin’ assholes.


This is exactly what it is all about, false advertising. And i agree with you, the lame stream media will eat this up. The days of reporters researching topics is dead, they are now just a mouthpiece for propaganda.

The shittiest thing is that 5P was given every opportunity to fix this and come clean, even worse is that a respected, by some, member of the community has had a big hand in all of this. I wont name him, he can be found in the reddit thread, i dont name and shame people very often.


Can you post a link? I’d like to read about that.

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Reddit Discussion

I havent checked back today as i just got home a bit ago.

BTW, what distro?