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I have not made this yet, but any input, critique or suggestions? I have many more melon flavors.


ok this is coming off cough syrupy maybe cherry robutusin im not sure , however im sure its need to steep longer , and im thinking of dropping the Black currant or just lowering both fruits , any suggestions ?? im just not sure steeping will change this much as far as the fruit taste maybe im wrong this was a test today

heres my v2 thoughts

BC .15
FF 3
custard same
nonnas. .5

unless anyone thinks steeping will change this drastically its been about 12 days

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I’d bet that just taking the forest fruit to 3% will solve it. Personally, that one needs about 10 days to come around… YMMV


thank you , what do you think about black currant i dont have a lot of experience with it


I have used Blackcurrent at 1% in a mix before but that was against very strong pairings (Anise, Absinthe and a few others) and it comes thru nicely I would maybe be tempted in your mix to drop the forest mix down to 2 (or lower) and pump the bc to to about 0.5 but the forest mix is most likely giving the robutusin taste.


ty the Forest is a strong flave isnt it ??? ive use harvest berry cap many times but not so much the FOrest , i may need to single flave it again , ty for the suggestions


I agree with @Sprkslfly & @woftam the ff could probably be dropped down. Adding the bc to it is probably pushing it in the dark direction too, which might be part of the tussin taste. Unless you’re wanting specifically to have it be a dark berry I’d drop the ff down to 2% and throw in a little bit of something brighter like a strawberry to counter balance the bc. Maybe fa red touch around .5-.75% or tpa sweet raspberry around 1-1.5%


It’s my belief that FA Blackcurrant is actually part of Forest Fruit. So unless you’re just wanting to intensify that flavor, one of the two could easily be eliminated IMO.


Since you are lowering overall % maybe just adding some VG to the current batch might provide validation. Forest Mix can get dark but plays well with sweeteners …if you are unopposed to such things.


Offhand, I’m not sure if I even have FA blackcurrant, that’s why I didn’t comment on that aspect. :wink:
I know I have one or two blackcurrant brands, but like you, not much experience yet with them. I know I use FF at 3% SF with no cough syrup issues/note, hence the recommendation, but I want sure how it would fare with the blackcurrant aspect.

I would trust woftam’s and VapeyMama’s instinct on that for starters, and given SthrnMixer’s note (which is very interesting/enlightening) if I were in your situation, the first thing I’d do is, mix two-three new Batches! As I trust all three of their opinions, they are 3 slightly different directions. To me it’s worth seeing which variation I’d prefer. Lol
But I frequently exhaust multiple possible alternatives, where some prefer to travel one path at a time.

Good luck in any case, it’ll be fun and interesting to see your results! :thumbsup:


great advice @VapeyMama @SthrnMixer @woftam @Sprkslfly @BoDarc and thank you i didnt even think of BC being part of FF but after it was said i remember amy2 mentioming something about it being the dark berries in the FA line or something along those lines , all of you made this a whole lot simpler i appreciate it again ty


@BoDarc i do want to test your idea how much VG would you suggest adding to 10ml of the recipe

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I bought double chocolate (TFA) recently, and found out after delivery that they were the dark variety, and by mistake i bought 2 bottles of those.
I hate to throw them away, so i tried to mix with what flavors i have following some of the recipes found here.
I want to know if this works : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1947415/dark+chocolate+ice+cream
any suggestions is appreciated.
The flavor total is 20% in that recipe, since so far i only does SNV for my mix, and that’s the percentage that i used for it.

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my suggestion would be to lower the percentages in your creams , and possibly drop a couple of them completely i cant comment on the chocolate because ive never used it

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Thank you, i’ll try that. Would the creams mute the flavor?

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with that much cream i wouldnt be surprised , the custard is one that id rethink all together it has a lemon under tone its great with fruits and bakery imo , the VBIC has a pepper tone for my taste buds. ut if you dont taste it your lucky because i love that flave except for the pepper taste, so heres where id start

Vbic 2
Sweet cream .5 to .75
vienna cream 1ish
marsh .5 to 1 ( this really depends on what your using it for )
French VC 1ish

to be honest id drop the vienna or french or try it both ways the pcts i just used still seem like over kill for 4pct Double Chocolate


Thank you for that @fidalgo_vapes that was simpler… I overthink it, maybe? I’ll get mixing right away.

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i use to over cream everything , i still have to look over my recipes because i tend to put too many or too much cream to start with , its an easy thing to do especially if you like creamy vapes :wink:


I actually agree with @SthrnMixer about the BC, I feel like I pick up on it in FF. Like @VapeyMama said, add a brighter berry like FA red touch or any raspberry u have. I’d think you’re safe around the 1% mark with either. Lots of great suggestions here, that’s just mine👍🏻


does forrest mix works too?

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