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Flavor concentrates online in UK?


Hey all good to be here.
I live in Europe and have been ordering from chefs flavors in the UK… But sometimes chefs doesn’t have everything I need, like its out of stock or something… I was wondering if anyone knows any other reliable vape concentrate shops online that are located in the UK that I might be able to order from?


Someone asked this very recently and had lots of suggestions. Link to that thread below for you.


@ethan_diy when you are at you recipes page there is a drop-down marked " resource page" ( will leave a link also ) scroll down until you see the UK and there are quite a few. There are also discount codes.



Excellent amazing thanks so much


It’s the nature of the beast. The One Stop Shop doesn’t exist.


darkstarvapour.co.uk or rainbowvapes.co.uk together they should have almost everything


I’ve been using https://www.eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk for the best part of 2 years now, they always have everything I need in stock & the delivery is quick too :+1:


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