Flavor enhancers

Can you guys give me a list of some good flavor enhancers?

Cut & Paste :slight_smile:
FA Magic Mask removes bitterness perception without changing pH.

FA MTS Vape Wizard is Magic Mask plus something else to give thick mouthfeel. It’s more aimed at tobaccos than MM.

TFA Smooth is reverse engineered MTS, and is supposed to be more drastic in its affect.

TFA Sour is malic acid. It gives a tartness/sourness, and can make fruits “pop”.

Lemon or lime juice has a similar effect.

FA Bitter Wizard is supposed to kill the sweetness inherent in PG and VG.

Ethyl maltol gives sweetness, in a cotton candy sort of way.

Liquid sucralose is also used sometimes as a sweetener.

Acetyl pyrazine supposedly gives a nutty/bready flavor in small doses, and a Frito flavor in large doses.

Some people add apple cider vinegar (or occasionally white vinegar), especially to tobaccos, to add bitterness.

A typical starting point for any additive is ~1 drop per 5mL.

Edit: Magic Mask/MTS really work. One time I had just finished a glass of grapefruit juice, and I vaped a tobacco to which I’d added about 1 drop per 2mL MTS. Instantly the bitterness from the grapefruit juice disappeared from my mouth. It was kind of jarring.


Stevia is another sweetener used
Pyure is one popular choice you’ll find in the flavor lists

Other brands like the Whole Foods 365 I use doesn’t have the citric acid component but does have some water and alcohol.


Lots of great stuff here:


A better response here: What are you trying to enhance and why?


after I steep my juice for one month I vape it , it is very good , after more one week it make bitter taste in my mouth , is MTS or Magic Mask will work for this issue ??
really it is bad feeling when my mouth bitter taste .


Yes, FA Magic Mask is designed for this purpose :white_check_mark:

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But I want to be sure before use MTS if my ejuice normally bitter or it is has bad PG !!

Yes you had better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.


Lmao! I like that quote!

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