Flavor express flavors in europe?

Is there a chance to get them in europe?
I’m searching FE Lemon and FE green tea, but the shipping from the U.S. is soo expensive…
I have to try the green kit kat recipe!

Or maybe someone is willing to sell me a few ml’s?

Thanks in advance,

Try chefs flavours, they stock a wide range of concentrates and their shipping is very reasonable.

Chefs vapor/flavor is my no 1 supplier. Unfortunately they dont have FE listed.
But I’lI ask them…

Thx buddy

If they don’t have it you might be out of luck. I can’t think of anyone else, sorry

Let’s see…

Maybe some crazy fellas from europe already ordered from ecigexpress and have a few ml’s for sale. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I’m really curious for this green kit kat liquid. It would suck if I order from the US and find out, that i don’t like this recipe :wink:

@Chris54 and anyone else who maybe in the know … Did you ever get anywhere finding any FE flavs in Europe … Ive been dying to find the FE lemon and now FE sticky rice … Has anyone asked at Chefs to see if they might get a few of FE’s better concentrates in … Dont think there woud be any problem getting them shifted… just a thought ???

I asked chefs flavours, but they are not planning to list fe flavours.
So I ordered directly from ecigexpress and had no problems! (Attention: the shipping costs are VERY high) @STU72

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Thanks @Chris54 , but dont think I’ll bother for the sake of 2 or 3 flavs… It does really annoy me when people are bigging up flavs that I cant really get access to unless I spend well over the odds for them, you’d think the UK companies would get a drum of it over, cos it’d be sure to sell well… ohh well, maybe someone will come up with a decent sub for these longed for concentrates. I really dont know why that shipping is so damn high for a few little bottles… Im sure if it was posted correctly it wouldnt cost half what they say.

I still have not heard @ecigexpress confirm or deny this, but I (and I believe a few others) have strong suspicions that FE is actually the Super Concentrates (Brand from China, not Real Flavors) that you can find at Bull City, Juice Factory, and Vaping Zone. I’m not sure if anywhere in the UK sells the same Super Concentrates but until I hear otherwise I’m going with that. I also have not really found the manufacturer of Super Concentrates themselves yet. Maybe it’s Duomei flavors, as they have a sticky rice flavor. @Amy2 didn’t you try some of the Duomei flavors? Did you happen to get the sticky rice if you did?


Sounds about right to me @JoJo . I looked up Duomei flavs but could only find them on Alibabas at min 50KG …lol. Not come across any others in UK yet … but I’ll keep searching … Where theres a will theres a way … just hope it doesnt break the bank :confused:

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I did get sticky rice and a few others from Duomei. I don’t know who the real vendor is behind FE it could very well be SC like you mentioned. I know Duomei’s concentrates are some of the most potent I’ve ever used.


If you have or wind up getting sticky rice from FE, maybe you could give us a side by side comparison?

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Absolutely I didn’t even know that was one of their flavor’s. I really love FE 's Taro. I will keep an eye out for the sticky rice on the next go around !

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I realise that this thread’s a year old, but if anyone in the UK is still searching for FE concentrates, I’d strongly suggest giving the Xpress line at Chef’s a go. Sweet Rice, Lemon, Hongtashan and Oak Milk all look suspiciously similar to the concentrates available in the US…

You’re right. Xpress Flavour at Chefs is rebottled FE.

Sweet! I’ll be chucking some lemon in my next order.