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Chefs Flavours Rebranding


Those who are using Chefs Flavours for their concentrates will probably recognise my frustration/confusion about their rebranding. I understand their reasons for rebranding, specially when they rebottle the flavors, but it would be so much easier for us who use ELR to be shopping for specific recipes if we actually knew what the different rebrands originally is. I also understand why Chefs cannot share such informations since it can void some agreements they have made. I do however not see how it should be an issue that we on a different community than their facebook group would share what we actually do know.

Personally i am new to using Chefs so didnt get to collect much info about this myself yet, but thought that we might as well get a topic going where we can create, share and keep updating a list of the rebranding we know of.

Anyway, from the info i have found i have made a very short list for now, but i hope that even this short list can help others but also that others might help expanding this list.

Chefs Flavours Rebranding List:
Chefs Choice = Cupcake World
Flavor Creative = Flavour Art
Lauren’s = Lor-Anns
Wrecka = Reka
Xpress Flavour = ecigExpress

Lets try to keep them in alphabetic order by the rebranded name.

Been looking a bit at The Rebranded Range and first thought was that it was One on One, but from what i read it could also be Kandi Hed. Maybe someone can confirm which it should be.

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My DIYFS Holy Vanilla is labeled as “Rebranded Range”, as well as my FE Wheat and FE Oats.

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There is currently no Vanilla in The Rebranded Range! They have a selection for their DIY Flavour Shack where there is the Holy Vanilla. However, that they have a section for original does not exclude a rebranding too, as we can see with Flavor Creative/Flavour Art.

But since you mentioned FE i might add Xpress Flavour to the list :slight_smile:

Chefs Flavours Rebranding List:
Chefs Choice = Cupcake World
Flavor Creative = Flavour Art
Lauren’s = Lor-Anns
Xpress Flavour = ecigExpress

Lets try to keep them in alphabetic order by the rebranded name.

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Flavour Art is separate from Flavour Creative.


It is confirmed that Flavor Creative is Flavor Art, but it is rebottled. The prices of Flavor Creative is cheaper due to Chefs buying big bulks and rebottle them, which does they can sell the smaller bottles a bit cheaper than the original Flavor Art bottles :wink:


They are separate…



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When you select flavor art you get original bottles, but flavor creative is rebottled.

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big thank u! really appreciate this heads-up @Iummy - without it my next CF order would have definitely gone wrong with many FA items in.
did CF publish this change anywhere? if you know of other name changes, pls keep sharing

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There ya go, confirmed by Lewis himself!


No, they havent officially published much except for bits and pieces on a few through the comment on their facebook group.

I will try to dig some more a bit later again, and go through more posts/comments and see if i can find some more info.

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:nauseated_face: Luckily these were freebies…

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Those are Vanilla Tahity (FA) and Custard (FA) but rebottled instead of the original ones which the orange cap.


They are 15ml bottles, never seen 15ml bottles from chefs before… :thinking:


No, the rebottles i have seen there are 10, 30 or 100ml. Not sure what the reason for that size might be, can be due to them being freebies. Did you get these from Chefs?


Not from chefs but drip hacks flava hacks are flavor art aswell, so it happens with more suppliers


Great info @Iummy! 30ml FA bottles for £4.00! I said no more flavors until the next summer, but now it seems i’ll make another order this year. Also, Sweet Rice FE… Are there any other FE flavors worth buying?


I havent tried any other FE flavors yet, but ordered the Sweet Rice myself a few weeks back for some “rice pudding” and “mango sticky rice” recipe, and it is a nice flavor.


Thanks for the info lummy. You’ve just saved me a packet on my next order of FA flavours. :sunglasses:


i honestly like this move that CF did - a lot! - i’ll get FA at almost half the price now :tada::clap: i totally don’t mind what they’re called, they’re still FA for me… that works!


I wonder what Pure flavours are?