Flavor or Clouds... What Do You Prefer?

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A lot of people think that you have to settle for one or the other. This is not a true statement at all. I do understand that a lot of people can’t handle a lot of highly concentrated vapor… everybody is not built for it. But to think if you want to enjoy huge clouds you have to sacrifice flavor is a myth. Why would anybody even think that more vapor has less flavor. 50% more vapor = 50% more flavor. It’s all in your wire type and the build you make from that wire. I think at this point in my vape life I have experienced just as much or more than a lot of vapors. There are definite levels to vaping and individuals decide what level they like best. It’s just a preference. But to think it’s one or the other is a myth and it should just be spoke upon as what level you prefer…


My vape life is only 4 months young so I have a lot of things to discover about vaping. I do like a cloud too, it is part of the satisfaction to see a lot of vapour coming out my mouth, that’s why I chucked the Ego, not a lot of vapour.
I have wondered if it had something to do with the airflow too. So far my experience is that I lose flavour when there is a lot of airflow but maybe I just have to learn more about building coils. I’m at the right address here!


Sure you’re at the right place. Coil building isn’t so hard. You can build some simple coils that produce a lot of flavor if you have right wire.


Well, it all depends on atomizer construction, airflow and your build. But in general, more vapour = more flavour.

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If I have limited airflow I drill them. A pretty RDA a with no air flow is a waste.


Ah, I would like to learn more about the wire. There’s a lot of different wire around, so what is the right wire?

For me it isn’t really the dislike for clouds per say, it’s just seems that using a coil smaller than about 1.6 seems to be too hot and feels like it burns my throat. I mouth to lung and prefer a cooler vape I guess, not into menthol so dropping the ohm level by switching to, a peppermint liquid isn’t what I’m looking for.


I found that Titanium and Stainless Steel produce the best flavor… but it’s extremely low ohms. If you decide to try it you should get 28 or 30 gauge so it won’t build to low in ohms. I have 28 gauge 317L and 24 gauge 316L both SS. I also have 25 gauge Titanium. If you can get some Clapton wire it produce good flavor too. If you can’t make it than you buy claptoned wire.


Here’s some notes I made about wire: Please…!!! If I have anything wrong or backwards let me know. It gets very confusing when you try to think about lower resistance = a higher number ohms. Even if you think there is a question about it. I appreciate any input or thoughts on all this. I really think I might have something backwards.

With 7 wraps on size zero post Kanthal wire:
34g= 5 ohms
32g= 3 ohms
30g= 1.85 ohms and 5 wraps = 1.3ohms.
28g (.50)=1.1 ohms and 28g= 8 wraps (more wraps) = 1.2 ohms.
26g= .75 ohm
24g= .45 ohm

More wraps, larger wraps or longer wire gives you a lower ohm rating (more resistance and a lower number). If your coils are coming out too low in resistance, use a shorter length of wire…Either make less wraps or use a smaller post.
Use a larger post or more wraps to get a lower resistance coil.

Nichrome versus Kanthal: Use Kanthal and just do less wraps to get a lower resistance. Using 30g Kanthal with 5 wraps gets 1.3 or higher. Nichrome produces 1.0 wrapped the same way. Nichrome doesn’t last as long, but it heats up faster only because it creates a lower resistance coil.
Larger wire and more wraps for higher (less) resistance. Less wraps and smaller wire for lower (more) resistance.
Duel Coils versus a single coil:

Twisted wire gives you more surface area. To twist wire, fold a length in half. Trap the ends in the drill tip (where you put a bit. Power on. Heat the wire before you remove it so it will stay twisted.
Parallel wire is several wires laid together.
Tiger wire is parallel round wire with flat wire twisted around the round wires.

Tidal coil: Method: Using 32g Kanthal and Ribbon Kanthal. Cut 4 pieces of the 32g. Lay parallel and tie a knot at the end to insert in the drill chuck. Note which direction you twist because Ribbon RWO322 is twisted in the opposite direction. Stop when it no longer contracts (gets shorter) or when one part of the wire stops turning. Cut Ribbon wire the same length as the now twisted wire. Twist it a little at the end and insert in drill chuck. Twist in opposite direction. It will untwist the twisted wire a bit and make a balled up wire. Go until drill will not move. You can or not make a parallel (two wires wrapped together). coil with it. Do 5 wraps. Use a 3/32 post size. .36 coil or making duel gives .18.

Clapton Wickless coil: Clapton wire that is flattened. A Clapton wire is made of several parallel wires wrapped with a single wire.

Rebuild Aspire Atlantis coil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGEe8I170y8
Finish watching U-tube video on New box mods 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zee1oMFjRLY
Wire mesh lasts a lot longer than coils and cotton wicks, maybe 4 months versus 2 weeks cotton, but it is more difficult to work with. You must oxidize it because it is conductive and you need to build up an oxidation film to prevent shorts. Wire mesh #400, #450, #500 wire mesh is $8.00 at MFS.

There a site called Steam Engine… You can use it to calculate your coil builds. It’s pretty accurate and can be used to set for cool, warm or hot vapor too. Spend a little time with it and you can design just what you want.

If you want to try and build a Clapton, here’s a brief tutorial here on building them. I started a thread to help make them easier. There are several variation on making Clapton there too. Watch a few video on youtube also.

The Clapton Tool


Kool I’ll try that. I want to build a duel coil on my X-Pure that is 1.2 ohms. It would be great to use a calculator and get it pretty and right the first time. Also, I could possibly find out what a Clapton would come out to - if the site does that also. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy the video you recommended. Have a great day and thanks so much.


Hey @Joya

Unfortunately you can’t work out claptons on steam engine but if I remember rightly @NewDrip correct me if I’m wrong but a Clapton will measure in ohms what the least amount of wire that’s wrapped will be.

For example if you use a 28g core with a 32g Clapton wrap, then build a 2.5mm diameter coil with 5 wraps it would ohm at the same as a 28g coil does with the same wraps.

But I could be talking out of my ass lol as I’m still a newbie too. Lol.

Lately I only test ohms once I’ve built the coil I planned anyway.

If it’s too low in ohms it goes into my box for when I’ve got something I can fire it on or I pop it into my B&M for the guy at the desk to use lol


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I’m a flavor chaser. For me that means a low resistance build with the right wire on a RDA with enough air flow to keep it cool. 26g 316l @ .2 ohms in my plumes on mech is nice and cool. Yet the clouds a plenty but a byproduct of flavor chasing.

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[quote=“Joya, post:9, topic:21196”]
More wraps, larger wraps or longer wire gives you a HIGHER ohm rating (more resistance and a HIGHER number). If your coils are coming out too low in resistance, use a (LONGER WIRE, More wraps or larger coil diameter) [/quote]

strong text(You got a couple things backwards in your post in several areas. I corrected one paragraph shown above with the difference capitalized. Please don’t take this as criticism just trying to help you out and help with the confusion. The lowest resistance possible is near ZERO and the highest resistance is Infinity for instance 0.5 ohms is less resistance than 1.0 ohms. Lower resistance gives your higher wattage and is obtained by using a Larger diameter wire (smaller gauge number), less wraps or a smaller coil diameter or a wire material that has a lower resistance per unit of length. Meaning, Nichrome. where a lot of people get confused is the gauge number. The larger the gauge number the smaller the wire is in diameter and the higher resistance the wire will have per unit of length.

It all becomes less confusing is you look a wire with the same frame of mind as you understand a water pipe. A large diameter pipe can carry more water than a small diameter pipe. Same as a large diameter wire can carry more electrons than a small diameter wire. Some direct correlations to help clear thing up.

Voltage is very similar to pressure
Amperage is very similar to volume
Resistance is similar to controlling the rate of flow
Wattage is very similar to flow rate (Gallons per minute) The actual work being done. Filling a bucket with water or heating a coil to produce vapor

Keep in mind when the engineers that developed the national wire gauge tables the bigger the gauge number the smaller the diameter of the wire and the greater the resistance or the ohms per foot value

In water piping, if you make the pipe bigger in diameter, make the pipe shorter or increase the pressure you can get more water through the pipe and increase the rate of flow in GPM. With wire, if you make the wire diameter larger (smaller gauge number), increase the voltage, or make the wire shorter you increase the amperage and the wattage by reducing the overall resistance.

Wattage is what we are after in vaping. Power to do the work. Heat the coils to produce vapor. You can produce 20 watts of power to make vapor at 5 volts with 1.25 ohm coil. At these values there will be 4 amps flowing through you coils. You can also produce 20 watts of power with approximately 2.24 volts at 0.25 ohms. And you will have 8.9 amps flowing. This is as same as saying you can fill a 20 gallon bucket in the same amount of time with a small water pipe at higher pressure as you could fill the same bucket with a larger pipe at a low pressure.

That’s why I said “please correct me”. I knew I had to have something backwards because my coil building has been quite confusing for me to the point of making it ‘not so fun’. I will study this and correct my thinking and hopefully have better luck getting things right. I wish there was a way to delete messages. If so, I’d delete it so know one catches on backwards.

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Good info. I’ll check it out myself and see what I can come up with. I made a Clapton coil this morning, but I got interrupted and haven’t tested it yet. All a bunch of experimentation for me. Just as long as it’s safe and will work okay, I’m happy. Just curiosity to try out a little of this and that. You hear all the great stuff about different methods, variations and equipment. It’s nice we can dabble as DIY’ers and try things on our own - Thanks to all the experts willing to elaborate on information for some dumb bunny like me. I truly apologize if my questions are sometimes broken up, troublesome or I seem distracted or not as serious as I should. Gosh I have some real bad troubles going on here with an 8 year old with bad parents I’m trying to take care of. So, thanks for help with my little bit of “me time” and what I have to enjoy - vaping.

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Congrats on your clapton @joya… do you hear this @daath!


I’ve been shamed :frowning: I need to pull my shit together.


Why do you say that?