Flavor rda

I am looking to buy a new RDA and wanting something that will give me the best flavor and has a good juice well
i currently have…

Plume veil > good flavor
little boy > love the juice well
tugboat > Leaky
vulcan > decent flavor nice juice well favorite RDA to date
derringer > awsome flavor but so small
doge > great if you want clouds
Dark horse > again clouds
and a freekshow > love the flavor but juice well sucks

any suggestions on what my next purchase should be?

Freakshow has a very good juice well. But if you are not satisfied, try Holmes (V3 should be out soon).

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I’m thinking there are many different variables to flavor chasing other than the atty. Some say it’s the atty, the wick, the coil, the juice, the wattage and on and on. I believe it is a combination of the afore mentioned and personal preference. Is there one true flavor chasing atomizer? Nah. But, the vaping industry is gonna churn out something next week that says otherwise; I can guarantee you, without a doubt, that will happen!

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The holmes has school from under the coils… IMO That’s were the flavor is!!!

Have you tried a Magma? It’s pretty much what you described - flavor for days and a huge juice well.

I love my Plume and my Freakshow, but for flavor It’s my Magma, hands down.

You might want to try the Kennedy, i like the flavor, and it has a good well.
Also the voltage drop is like zero in my opinion, it fires like crazy(4(3.7)volts - .5ohm on a SmokEMountain Vanilla 18500, in my case)

Magma doesn’t have a proper airflow.

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The Magma is all about flavor, not a cloud chasing RDA. It has great airflow for the purpose it serves. I actually keep mine on the middle setting and get plenty of air.

The air is not for cloud chasing (: The best flavour comes from coils like fused clapton and chain. But you need a lot of power and a lot of air for them. Freakshow is a lot better performer IMHO. It handles both low and high power builds easily.


I’m fairly new to RDAs so my experience is limited. I have a Doge V2, Dark Horse V2 and a Mutation X V3. All three are awesome in my opinion but the one with the best flavor (so far) is the IGO-W6. I usually run it with dual coil builds instead of four, and pack the bottom with cotton. It lasts three times longer than the others I’ve mentioned between drips and it out flavors all of them.
I’m sure there are better units out there but for the 10 bucks I spent on it, I find it amazing.

The first three are for cloud chasing only. Unless you run them at 100W+ you won’t get good flavour from them.

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I have always been a sub ohm tank kind of guy (currently using the Sense Herakles) but the only RDA I own is the Tesla DII and it’s great for flavor tasting but not so great on the cloud production. I normally test new creations on it at about 22 watts … then vape the finished products in my Herk.

so i decided on a magma and a veritas. we shall see what they bring to the table.
my issue with the freekshow juice well is that you can only get 4-5 drips in before it starts to overflow threw the vent holes.
thats like 2-3 tugs at most before refill and it gets a little tiresome threw 12-14 hr shifts to have to drip so often.
my little boy is 8-9 drips and the vulcan i can get 12-14 drips before its to loaded.

Late to the party here, but if you want flavor, a domed cap is what’s going to give it to you. I rocked a Magma for a long time (dispite is having pretty poor air flow) because of the flavor it had. Now I’ve passed it onto my wife and I’m using a TOBH, which also has a domed cap, but side flow instead of bottom flow for air. Not quite as good of flavor, but definitely close.

Also, twisted wire will get you more flavor than a regular single wire coil IMO.


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I just ordered a Veritas clone by EHPRO. Any thoughts on this one?

I’ve been looking real hard at the Marquis or a Freakshow mini. Both of these are hyped for flavor. Guess I’m gonna have to find out for myself!

I didn’t like Marquis at all.

What exactly were the issues with the Marquis?, so I will understand what to look out for in other style attys.

magma is nice great juice well and good flavor. Poor on air vents whistle while you vape anyone.
ill be using it for a while thanks.

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