Flavor Release Date for History Purposes (Previous Flavors)

Wanted to make a thread dedicated to flavor release dates aka system set-up dates.

Maybe you want to travel back in time and make some era-specific flavors?

Maybe you want to clone a flavor and figure out what flavors were on the market at release?

Maybe you are just a historian-saavy and just want to know for keepsake?


Thanks to Linda from TPA/TFA with her lightning quick email responses
Absinthe Flavor ** 8/12/2010
Absinthe Flavor Concentrate 5/8/2012
Absinthe II Flavor 5/21/2016
Acai Flavor 1/8/2014
Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG 1/31/2011
Almond Amaretto Flavor 5/2/2010
Almond Flavor 6/15/2015
Apple (Tart Granny Smith) Flavor ** 7/28/2010
Apple (Tart Green Apple) Flavor 7/15/2016
Apple Candy Flavor** 9/7/2011
Apple Flavor 5/2/2010
Apple Pie Flavor 6/29/2011
Apricot Flavor 7/30/2013
Banana Cream Flavor 5/2/2010
Banana Flavor 3/19/2015
Banana Nut Bread Flavor 4/12/2012
Bananas Foster Flavor 3/13/2014
Bavarian Cream Flavor 5/2/2010
Berry Cereal Flavor 6/2/2014
Berry Mix Flavor 6/23/2016
Bitter Nut Extra Flavor 4/12/2016
Bittersweet Chocolate Flavor 7/2/2010
Black Cherry Flavor 5/2/2010
Black Currant Flavor 3/9/2012
Black Honey Flavor 12/27/2011
Black Tea Deluxe Flavor 6/8/2016
Black Tea Flavor** 7/28/2010
Blackberry Flavor 5/2/2010
Blue Raspberry Flavor ** 9/13/2014
Blueberry (Wild) Flavor 6/26/2012
Blueberry Candy Flavor (PG) 9/20/2012
Blueberry Candy Flavor (Triacetin) 10/19/2010
Blueberry Flavor (Extra) 5/2/2010
Bourbon Flavor 2/25/2016
Boysenberry Deluxe Flavor 5/21/2016
Boysenberry Flavor ** 10/19/2010
Brandy Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Brown Sugar Flavor 7/12/2010
Bubblegum (Fruity) Flavor ** 6/5/2011
Bubblegum Flavor 5/12/2010
Butter Flavor 7/2/2010
Butterscotch Flavor 6/18/2011
Cantaloupe Flavor 12/21/2010
Cappuccino Flavor 5/2/2010
Caramel (Original) Flavor 6/16/2010
Caramel Candy Flavor 5/2/2010
Caramel Cappuccino Flavor 8/2/2010
Caramel Flavor 5/2/2010
Chai Tea Flavor ** 6/17/2010
Chai Tea II Flavor 5/21/2016
Champagne Type Flavor (PG) 3/28/2011
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) 6/5/2011
Cheesecake Flavor 5/2/2010
Cherry Blossom (PG) 5/3/2012
Cherry Extract Flavor** 1/8/2014
Chili Mango Flavor 8/8/2017
Chocolate Coconut Almond Candy Bar Flavor 6/15/2015
Chocolate Flavor 5/2/2010
Cigarillo Flavor 10/17/2013
Cinnamon Danish Flavor 6/5/2011
Cinnamon Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Cinnamon Red Hot (PG) 5/20/2013
Cinnamon Red Hot Flavor** 5/2/2010
Cinnamon Spice Flavor 10/9/2011
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie 5/14/2012
Citrus Punch Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Citrus Punch II Flavor 6/1/2016
Clove Flavor 5/2/2010
Cocoa Rounds Flavor 6/23/2014
Coconut Candy Flavor 4/12/2012
Coconut Extra Flavor 6/24/2010
Coconut Flavor 5/2/2010
Coffee (Kona) Flavor 11/3/2010
Coffee Flavor 5/2/2010
Cola Cherry Flavor 10/23/2013
Cola Fizz Flavor** 5/25/2017
Cola Flavor** 5/15/2010
Cola Soda Flavor 5/10/2016
Cola Syrup Flavor** 6/5/2011
Cotton Candy (Circus) 5/9/2011
Cotton Candy Flavor 5/2/2010
Cranberry Flavor** 8/2/2010
Cranberry Sauce Flavor 5/6/2016
Cream Soda Flavor 3/19/2015
Creme de Menthe Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Creme de Menthe II Flavor 5/21/2016
Crunchy Cereal Flavor 6/15/2015
Cubano Type Flavor 9/23/2013
Cucumber Deluxe Flavor 7/15/2016
Cucumber Flavor ** 6/6/2014
Dairy/Milk Flavor 1/31/2011
Dark Rum Flavor 5/16/2016
Dill Pickle Flavor 12/21/2010
DK Tobacco Base Flavor ** 7/21/2010
DK Tobacco II Flavor 4/11/2016
Double Chocolate (Clear) Flavor 9/8/2010
Double Chocolate (Dark) Flavor 10/19/2010
Dr. Pop Flavor 9/13/2014
Dragonfruit Flavor 7/21/2011
Dulce de Leche Caramel Flavor 5/21/2016
Dulce de Leche Flavor ** 6/17/2010
DX Banana Cream 10/7/2014
DX Bananas Foster Flavor 7/21/2015
DX Bavarian Cream 10/7/2014
DX Brown Sugar Flavor 2/26/2016
DX Butterscotch Flavor 6/3/2016
DX Caramel Original 11/19/2014
DX Cinnamon Danish 11/25/2014
DX Coconut Candy Flavor 6/11/2015
DX Coconut Flavor 12/10/2015
DX Frosted Donut Flavor 8/28/2015
DX Graham Cracker Flavor 12/10/2015
DX Hazelnut Flavor 10/8/2014
DX Jamaican Rum Flavor 5/9/2016
DX Marshmallow Flavor 6/3/2016
DX Milk Chocolate Flavor 2/26/2016
DX Milk Flavor 2/26/2016
DX Peach (Juicy) Flavor 2/12/2016
DX Peanut Butter Flavor 6/15/2015
DX Pralines and Cream Flavor 7/28/2015
DX Red Velvet Flavor 8/21/2015
DX Sweet Cream Flavor 6/15/2015
DX Vanilla Cupcake 11/25/2014
Earl Grey Tea Flavor ** 6/10/2010
Earl Grey Tea II Flavor 5/21/2016
Egg Nog Flavor 11/8/2012
Elderberry Flavor 6/13/2013
Energy Drink Flavor 5/2/2010
English Toffee Flavor 5/2/2010
Espresso Flavor 7/18/2012
Ethyl Maltol crystals 5/2/2010
French Vanilla Creme 8/14/2014
French Vanilla Deluxe Flavor 9/25/2010
French Vanilla Flavor 5/2/2010
French Vanilla II Flavor 3/19/2015
Frosted Donut Flavor 7/17/2014
Fruit Circles Flavor 4/21/2014
Fruit Circles With Milk Flavor 3/19/2015
Fruit Smoothie Flavor** 7/17/2017
Fruity Stick Gum Flavor 5/21/2016
Fudge Brownie Flavor 1/8/2014
Ginger Ale Flavor (NF) 5/10/2016
Ginger Ale Flavor ** 3/13/2014
Gingerbread Cookie 11/6/2012
Gingerbread Extra Ginger Flavor 5/21/2016
Gingerbread Flavor ** 7/12/2010
Graham Cracker Clear 8/23/2012
Graham Cracker Flavor 5/2/2010
Grape Candy Flavor** 9/26/2012
Grape Juice Flavor** 6/10/2010
Grape Soda Flavor 3/20/2017
Greek Yogurt Flavor 4/27/2015
Green Apple Flavor 5/2/2010
Green Tea Flavor 6/2/2010
Guava Flavor 7/30/2013
Gummy Candy (PG) Flavor 4/10/2013
Gummy Candy Flavor 8/23/2012
Hawaiian Drink Flavor** 7/20/2011
Hazelnut Flavor 5/2/2010
Hazelnut Praline Flavor 5/2/2010
Hibiscus Flavor 6/29/2011
Hickory Smoke Flavor 8/18/2010
Holiday Spice Flavor 9/21/2011
Honey Circles Cereal Flavor 12/3/2015
Honey Flavor 5/2/2010
Honeydew Flavor ** 7/25/2012
Honeydew II Flavor 2/26/2016
Honeysuckle Flavor (PG) 12/2/2012
Horchata Smooth Flavor 3/16/2014
Horehound Flavor ** 9/8/2010
Hpno II Flavor 5/22/2016
Hpno Type Flavor ** 4/15/2011
Huckleberry Flavor** 11/4/2010
Irish Cream Flavor ** 7/20/2011
Irish Cream II Flavor 6/1/2016
Jackfruit Flavor 1/27/2014
Jamaican Rum Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Kalua and Cream Flavor 11/6/2012
Kentucky Bourbon Flavor ** 7/20/2011
Kettle Corn Flavor 6/29/2011
Key Lime Flavor ** 6/10/2010
Key Lime Pie Flavor 6/3/2016
Kiwi (Double) Flavor 4/12/2012
Koolada 10 PG 8/11/2010
Lemon (water soluble) Flavor ** 6/17/2010
Lemon II Flavor 5/22/2016
Lemon Lime Flavor** 7/21/2011
Lemon Lime II Flavor 5/22/2016
Lemonade Cookie Flavor 9/15/2015
Lime Flavor (Essential Oil) ** 5/2/2010
Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavor 3/19/2015
Lychee Flavor 3/9/2012
M Type Premium Flavor 3/28/2011
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Flavor 6/23/2016
Malted Milk (Conc) 8/11/2010
Mango Flavor 6/2/2010
Maple Deluxe Flavor 5/22/2016
Maple Flavor** 5/2/2010
Maple Syrup Flavor 6/10/2010
Maraschino Cherry (PG) 3/28/2011
Marshmallow Flavor 5/2/2010
Mary Jane Flavor 5/2/2010
Menthol Crystals 5/2/2010
Menthol Liquid (PG) 1/25/2011
Meringue Flavor 8/21/2015
Mexican Liqueur Flavor 1/8/2014
Milk Chocolate Flavor 5/2/2010
Mint Candy Flavor 5/14/2012
Mocha Flavor 3/28/2011
Mojito Flavor ** 3/13/2014
Mojito Havana Flavor 9/15/2015
Molasses Flavor 9/8/2010
Musk Candy Flavor 5/24/2012
Nectarine Flavor 8/9/2012
Oatmeal Cookie Flavor 10/28/2014
Orange Cream Bar Flavor 5/9/2016
Orange Cream Flavor ** 11/22/2011
Orange Mandarin Flavor 1/8/2014
Organic Compliant Strawberry Flavor ** 9/13/2014
Pancake Flavor 5/10/2016
Papaya Flavor 3/9/2012
Passion Fruit Flavor 4/15/2011
Passion Orange Guava Flavor 8/8/2017
Peach (Juicy) Flavor 8/13/2011
Peach Flavor 5/2/2010
Peanut Butter Flavor 5/2/2010
Pear Candy Flavor 11/6/2014
Pear Flavor 5/2/2010
Pecan Flavor 10/19/2010
Peppermint Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Peppermint II Flavor 7/15/2016
Philippine Mango Flavor 10/13/2014
Pie Crust Flavor 4/15/2011
Pina Colada Flavor 7/2/2010
Pineapple Flavor ** 6/9/2010
Pineapple Juicy Flavor 2/18/2016
Pistachio Flavor 7/30/2013
Pizza Flavor ** 6/10/2010
Plum Flavor (PG) 6/20/2011
Pomegranate Deluxe 8/23/2012
Pomegranate Flavor 4/15/2011
Popcorn Air Popped Flavor 3/21/2016
Popcorn Flavor 4/15/2011
Popcorn Movie Theater Flavor 3/21/2016
Pralines and Cream Flavor 1/8/2014
Propylene Glycol (PG) 2/21/2010
Pumpkin Flavor 9/8/2010
Pumpkin Spice Flavor ** 6/1/2011
Quince Flavor ** 4/6/2012
Rainbow Drops Flavor (NF) 5/10/2016
Rainbow Drops Flavor ** 7/11/2014
Rainbow Sherbet Flavor 9/13/2014
Raisin Flavor 7/20/2011
Raspberry (Sweet) Flavor 3/9/2012
Raspberry Flavor** 7/28/2010
Red Licorice Flavor 1/29/2014
Red Oak Flavor 1/7/2013
Red Type Blend 10/30/2012
Red Type II Blend 10/3/2014
Red Velvet Cake Flavor 1/8/2014
Rice Crunchies Flavor 6/3/2014
Ripe Banana Flavor ** 6/10/2010
Root Beer Flavor (NF) 5/10/2016
Root Beer Flavor (PG) ** 11/23/2013
Root Beer Flavor (Tri) 12/21/2010
Root Beer Float Flavor 3/13/2014
Rose Candy Flavor 7/21/2011
Ruby Chocolate Flavor 9/27/2017
RY4 Asian Flavor 1/30/2012
RY4 Double Flavor 12/27/2011
Ry4 Type Flavor** 6/24/2010
Silly Rabbit Cereal Flavor 3/19/2015
Slim Mint Cookie Flavor 9/15/2015
Smooth Flavor 3/11/2012
Sour Flavor 2/2/2011
Spearmint Flavor 6/8/2010
Strawberries and Cream Flavor 7/18/2012
Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor 1/7/2013
Strawberry Flavor 7/28/2010
Strawberry Lemonade Flavor 8/8/2017
Swedish Gummy Flavor 3/13/2014
Sweet and Tart Flavor 8/10/2011
Sweet Cereal Flakes Flavor 4/11/2017
Sweet Cream Flavor 5/2/2010
Sweet Tea Flavor 9/15/2015
Sweetener 5/2/2010
Taro Flavor 11/5/2013
Tart and Sour Flavor 10/27/2017
Test Item 10/18/2017
Tiramisu Flavor 7/28/2010
Toasted Almond Flavor 10/4/2010
Toasted Marshmallow Flavor 10/24/2010
Tobacco Flavor 6/2/2010
Triacetin 8/22/2010
Turkish Flavor 1/8/2014
Tutti Frutti Deluxe Flavor 5/22/2016
Tutti-Frutti Flavor ** 9/25/2010
Vanilla Bean Gelato Flavor 7/16/2014
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Flavor 8/10/2010
Vanilla Cupcake 10/26/2011
Vanilla Custard Flavor 8/10/2010
Vanilla Swirl Flavor 3/28/2011
Vanillin 10 (PG) 5/13/2011
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) 2/21/2010
Waffle (Belgian) Flavor 4/15/2011
Waffle Flavor ** 5/2/2010
Watermelon (VG) Flavor 10/28/2014
Watermelon Candy Flavor 7/1/2014
Watermelon Flavor 5/2/2010
Western Flavor 3/11/2013
Whipped Cream Flavor 6/5/2011
White Chocolate Flavor 5/2/2010
Wintergreen Flavor 5/2/2010
Yam Flavor 3/9/2011


Holy s…t that is a long list


Maybe a release date feature to the Flavor Profile could be added, but eh. It’s kind of cool knowing the history and dates of flavors.


Of course that begs for a “retirement date” area as well!

It’d be nice to be able to maintain the history, but even nicer to have a static (non-modifiable) “archived flavors” area too… As time goes by, eventually no one will have retired flavors, but they would still be nice to use as a reference, or inspiration (seeing retired flavors stand out, at a glance would be a very cool site feature IMO)!!


Super valid reason for this… example Yogurt. I’m trying to clone a Yogurt and I was buying it in 2015
see> Greek Yogurt Flavor 4/27/2015
I suspect Mixers discovering a “yogurt” [not labeled yogurt] (also old threads on Reddit) which drove a demand for Commercial yogs


Yeah i was thinking that too. Its an oft overlooked but totally imperative part of cloning something. Just to expound upon that, not to derail, but knowing at least an approximate date of when the actual juice was released is obvsly just as important but that can be left for each individual clone attempt. I mean, theres just way too many commercial juices to list, right?

I feel like there should be a check list when creating a clone. It could start as:

  1. Brand and name of original juice
  2. Date that juice was released (approximate)
  3. Brand’s description of juice
  4. Your description of juice, what flavors might you taste

Edit: i didnt actually yet look to see if something similar to this already exists, which it might, so my apologies if so

  1. Did the profile of the eliquid change during it’s lifetime (while sold/available on the market)

IE: the great Diacetyl scare of 2015/2016 where some companies were inclined to change their formulas due to public outcry…


(With all the respect, this should be continued, otherwise it sounds one-sided)
… and/or because some companies finally started supporting customer’s “Right-to-know” (and they rather changed their liquids, than show the original ingredients for some reason)…
… and/or the regulation in some parts of the world forced them to finally show the ingredients publicly…
… and/or their suppliers couldn’t (didn’t want to) follow the new regulation requirements.

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Or specific flavors that were made, ceased to exist like a ghost juice, and then popped up years later until a different name, (same company) but different name.

Like Flavor 39 or simian slam.

For example.


I completely understand your position.
You’ve made it quite clear on several occasions.

I respectfully contend that the media overplayed the level of significance, and that some folks are continuing to buy into the fear factor, over the fact that cigarettes have (what’s been reported as) 100’s to 1000’s of times more Diacetyl… Yet NOT ONCE in the history of all the smoking related deaths, has one been attributed to Diacetyl.

That’s fine though. To each their own!

Enjoy your view!


Your road is obviously longer.


You really should leave that right there!


Second the motion to keep post as is. All in favor…


I mean we gave them their own little corner to play in and now that’s not enough they want to start with their opinion on this thread as well!? It’s not wanted or welcome!


@TheTinMan @Cutlass92 @Sprkslfly
Totally agree Sparky please consider an undelete.


Are you referring to the thread I muted? :rofl:


Yes sir! I didn’t mute it because I wanted to keep an eye on it, turns out it’s pretty much a dead thread.


Pretty much like the Diacetyl is bad for you and causes popcorn lung thing I guess - yet some persist each to their own.


Dude, there’s 1000 times more of that stuff in stinkies than you’ll ever find in vape juice. Even if it’s one of the butter queens recipes.


Oh i know mate I totally agree perhaps I didn’t phrase it so it was clear that I don’t think Diacetyl will give you popcorn lung or anything else but awesome flavour. What I meant was the whole debate should be dead like that thread yet some people persist