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Flavor Stash In Common


This idea came to me last night:

In the spirit of Sharing and Collaboration, it would be really cool if we could open the (public) Flavor Stash of a fellow mixer and click a button to create a Common Flavor Stash.

Once you have a list of all common flavors between yourself and the other mixer, you could more easily create something for them to try out, either just for fun, or for collaborative creation of great recipes. Or, just as a challenge to spur creativity. No shopping necessarily necessary!

Any thoughts?

Stash in common and ELR profile page links

Would be good to get ideas for the lesser used flavors wasting away.


I love that idea. Or even doing it with more than just one person.


I like that idea alot, especially collaboration and we haven’t done that enough.

Would be great to see that more often, but as you pointed out, many of us do have the same flavors and wouldn’t need to get additional.

With the sheer amount of mixers on here, difficult to find the group that owns all flavors or mixes similar profiles, so adding that feature could be extremely helpful and making it a bit more interesting.


That would be really cool. Even if it comes down to 3-6 common flavors, the challenge would be a good jolt to get creative.


Would be kinda cool for mixing competitions as well, would definitely be cool to have something like that @ ELR.


Then again, you don’t really need these technical features to organize something like that :wink:


@Plunderdrum I actually think that’s a GREAT idea.


This is true. But, it would make it a lot more smooth, and not send folks scrambling to the nearest shopping cart!

As an experiment, I just went to @Alisa’s stash to see if I could find out how many of my 148 flavors are in her 500+ stash. My eyes glazed over before I got though the C’s!

Standard mixing competitions, if there is such a thing, would probably stick to the most commonly used flavors so more people could join. But, if this button existed, there could be some very interesting outcomes.


Very cool idea! :thumbsup:


I remember the “febuary” mix this that @ken_o_where (my tags arent working :frowning: ) started and thought it was very cool to see how different mixers tackled the same profile. I would have liked to have seen it continue. Challenge was not limited to flavor selection merely final profile. I might just start a new similiar thread… Ideas for a november flavor profile?


Great idea but difficult to code.
It might be easier to code it in a way that when you looked at another mixers stash the flavors you have in your stash get highlighted in their stash, similar to the recipe add flavor dropdown.


Yes!! That would rock


I figured we’d get to that at some point. Sure would be cool, though. The highlighted common flavor thing would be cool, just not as cool as a master shared list. Maybe @daath has a few tricks up his sleeve?


Why would that be difficult to code? Databases were invented to make stuff like that easy to do.


If you make the thread, you get to pick the profile.


I have most in common with @Suomynona @CosmicTruth @Letitia

But 0 in common with @Plunderdrum I couldn’t make a SF recipe there. :disappointed_relieved:


Dang! They aren’t that strange! What is your recipe side name? I can’t find you under Freddie3




No not strange and they sound like they taste like good stuff from the reviews.

But seriously If I got a 12ml bottle of one of the MF or any super concentrate. I could use only 3ml to make 15ml diluted bottle.

So 12mls would supply 4 people with a 15ml diluted bottle. Of that good stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: