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Flavor Stash In Common


Also for @Sprkslfly

When you guys have verified that it works, I’ll put a link on people’s public stash page - not sure yet, how to design the interface so that you can add more users. Possibly an autocomplete drop down based on the users you follow… Not sure…


Yes, definitely!


Seems to work for me A-Z names and with weird recently added named flavors.

Also Nice clicking on the Shared name person goes right to their public recipes.

Comparing my own stash just puts up a helpful non-invasive alert. “messages.noone_to_compare_to” but doesnt break ne thing or do anything weird.

You probably figured it out already… When you view someones stash… the number in the URL works with the Stash in common URL


I get that, but how do you get to someone’s public stash in the most efficient way?
For your convenience, you just have to click on my avatar


Nice thank you I see that now. =) Just did the same with mine :sunglasses:

I tried I can’t find ppls recipe-side id in the forum source code. So the id are probably different.

It’s hit or miss, but if you search their name in recipes and find them and their stash is pubic then you got it.


Oh I do know but just never placed a order there. I don’t know why, most of the times when I need flavors my first store is always bcf , followed by ecx and then NR (if I need nicotine). Just added VT to the list of vendors (trying out some german flavors and their nic). But you’re right, I should add DIY Vapor Supply to the list and start there next time, before placing other orders lol.

Great I do like FLV and INW, especially the low percentage, even so I probably use them higher then I should at times, but don’t matter :wink: Love true to profile/bottle label flavors. Thanks for the tip.

Awesome, thanks for working on it that fast. Much appreciated and it will help a lot.


Yep it works.
25 common flavors with you
18 with @Suomynona
0 with @Plunderdrum


This is a perfect example of why this idea came to me. Most of you have numerous common ingredients with each other, but I would have to spend hours and hours combing through stashes to find someone with enough in common to share a recipe with.

If we start having Stash in Common contests or challenges, I’ll likely have to recuse myself because I would decimate the common stash list of multiple mixers. Thats totally ok! I’m used to not participating, not being able to mix others’ mixes, not having any mixers try my mixes, etc.

I’m glad this turned out to be executable and (hopefully) beneficial to the whole community!


It works that too :smiley: :+1:


…and me with @Sprkslfly 16 in common.

@daath looks like everything work smooth and well


It’s now live. For now there is a link on a user’s public stash and on the profile page. I haven’t made an interface for comparing stashes with multiple people yet…


I can’t find somethink. Not sure where I have to look.
Edit: all good now



Right, thanks.
I just click on it and it says No one to compare to

Edit: Ok I just get it (brain fart) I have to go to someones else profile to see what flavors have in common da :eyes:

Edit 2: yes @daath it works that too.


You get that alert if you try to compare your own flavor stash to yourself. Or maybe they just made their stash private a few seconds before you clicked compare.

try mine it pubic…


Yep I was compare it with me hahaha :rofl: I just edit my last reply, thanks
Μe on Xray


great idea @Plunderdrum !
I have 55 flavours in common with you, now! :smile:
and one whole flavour in in common with Lars -Banana (MF) :laughing:
Thanks for that really prompt bit of coding @daath . You’re a star!


PG-Free mixers unite! Haha!


There is now also an option to see which flavors you DON’T have in common :slight_smile:

Only works with one person though.


No, not, or now?