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Flavor Stash In Common


It’s Now! Great feature, @daath. This is so nice. Great job!


having trouble finding these links. Well, actually, I’m having my usual trouble finding peoples public stash. In most cases, there is no link to the stash on the forum profile page, not that i can see, not even in cases where i know that user has a public stash. Unless they’ve been so kind as to post a link to it on the forum (and if I recall where they posted it) i never can find it. I can faff around on the other side til kingdom come before I ever find a specifc user’s stash.

Anybody care to give me some very clear diections?

And what do you do in cases like self where usernamer on the other side is different from username here?


The forum and the main site is a bit disconnected - You need to search ELR proper for the user, or have a link…

I’ve been pestering the discourse developers for a way to link from the forum to the “mother site”, but there have been no solutions yet :frowning:


I actually think I just figured out a way just now - but it will take a while to implement - I will have to update all users on the forum and do some js-magic and template work :slight_smile:


Could I get one of you to log out of the forum and back in again and reply here? Just want to check something :slight_smile:


Out and back in just now


I think that works - Info is refreshed on login. Now I don’t have to update all users :wink:

Now I just have to do the template and js work on the profile page and user popup cards :stuck_out_tongue:


As people log out and in again, their user profile pages on the forum and the user cards (the ones that pop up when you click a username) should start to be populated with ELR-profile links (and Twitter and Instagram as well) :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! It work :grinning:


This has been needed for a long time, with so many ppl using different names on each side. Thank you for these upgrades!


I’ve actually been wanting this since the day I set up the forum :stuck_out_tongue: hehe


Right! I haven’t even been here long enough to know what a “long time” is!


Look like it is an ‘‘Eureka’’ moment!!


Thanks @Daath
All others will be super jealous now.
And be like…now I see why it’s so popular!


Great job @daath


I think the idea is awesome my friend, sign me up if the idea takes off :airplane:


Is there a way, in a couple clicks, add every flavor from company. I would love to be able to every flv flavor since I now own every one and add all of fa. For fa I would just go back and delete the ones I don’t have since I have about 65% of fa.


That would be awesome - my stash is so out of date due to this exact problem, however, I don’t want to even imagine how many bad flavours would be added to the stash if it selected every flavour that was purportedly an flv flav.


I go to the flavor page, search on brand name, sort on recipes.
Then hold CTRL and click every flavor.
CTRL+Tab goes to next tab, click Add to stash, CTRL+Tab etc


@daath since you are adding little bits it would be super cool if you could add a little functionality to the what can I make function.

Drill down a little to what can I make by mixer X.

Another feature I have thought about is what can mixer X make of mine - it would help enormously to be able to suggest to a new mixer a mix that they wouldn’t have to buy flavours for without going to their stash and doing it in your head you could also add the missing 1 flav, 2 flav etc to the query.

Just a couple of random thoughts