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Flavor Stash In Common

That’s a good thought. Being able to say…hey Jonny…you could make these three mixes of mine.


I has this exact thought today!


Bumping this thread because this ^^ not-yet-existing function has been on my mind a lot recently.

Ya know that “you are missing ingredients” and “you can make this” notice we see at the bottom of every recipe? A “who can make this?” with a little icon button would be very nice to have!

Now, this could be a huge list for a lot of mixers, but for mixers who use a combo of MF,RF,NF and other not-so-mainstream brands a lot, like me, it might be very useful. Maybe @woftam’s “what can mixer X make of mine” would be more practical.

My take on it is from a sharing recipes/feedback pov. Sometimes I hit a very good (to me) creation and want to ask someone else to mix it up and let me know if it resonates across different mixers’ palates/see if they can advise on how they’d improve it, etc. I think it’s a fundamental desire in mixers of all levels of experience.

Dropping the recipe public in the database does little, a forum post in an appropriate thread can do better, but still no direct contact with someone that you Know can mix it up.

@daath, whatcha think?