Flavor stash question

I have added over 25 flavors to my flavor stash and most of them have not came in the mail yet, right now i have
TFA- Vanilla bean ive cream, cap- butter, TFA- strawberry, TFA_ bavarian cream, TFA- DragonFruit, TFA-Watermelon, TFA- Ethyl Maltol, and lastly TFA- banana cream. Here comes my question though, is there a way on the flavor stash I can look for recipes that i can make using just some of these flavors? I have tried What can I make and also Search but anytime i choose more than one flavor the recipes disappear because I think it is looking for a recipe that contains all of the flavors I checked. Anyone know how to fix this or know any good recipes with the flavors I listed?
I made Nana Cream 15% and also I made Strawberry ice cream
Thank you!


If you search by “What can I make” it will search the data base for recipes that only have the exact same flavors as you.
If you do a search and say you check CAP butter…it will bring up all the recipes that have CAP butter.
If you check CAP butter and also check TFA watermelon, it will search for recipes containing CAP butter AND TFA watermelon.

It is very specific and by vendor only…it wont show you all the recipes with any watermelon, only TFA watermelon.

Hope that makes sense :wink:


Also, make sure you’re entering your flavors in your stash correctly. For TFA/TPA flavors, the most common (ie ‘correct’) way to enter them is Flavor Name (TPA)…so it’d be Watermelon (TPA). Most of the flavors are listed this way. If in doubt, when it pops up with options, just make sure you pick the one that has the most recipes with it (the number in green). :smile:


I checked out your stash, it the names look good. “What can I make” should give you all recipes that you can make with those exact flavors. There might not be many, because you don’t have many :smile:


I added my shopping cart to my stash, thought ok now I should get some results… Na… My stash of 30 flavors yields 8 results that aren’t what id put as a recipe, and more of just your basic combinations
Ill be adding to my cart though now that I’ve started I’m hooked on trying everything
Have a few blends that I’m working on that have been able to reach that month+ steep so hopefully I’ve got recipes to add to the mix soon


Every recipe I tried tastes terrible… Made it exactly what the recipe called for… Not really sure why

Could you post one or two of your mixed recipes with %'s and batch size etc.?

Do you use nicotine? If so, where do you buy it from?

I am on my phone right now so I cannot provide links. I bought my nic from MFS. I only made flavors with very good reviews that had at least 30 rating on them. The flavors are
Unicorn milk clone
Bust a nut
Sucker punch
Third world custard
6% tigers blood
And some lesser known recipes were strawberry ice cream and also nana cream 15%

I made them exactly how the recipe stated and they all just do not taste even remotely good.

How long they steep for? Not familiar w the recipes off top but imagine at least two need a couple weeks. The milk and custard, no idea on the 6%, punch, or the nut recipe
I’d check steep time, and how did you measure your %?

Have about 5 ml of unicorn milk from April :blush: one profile I haven’t had the urge to make but love the unicorn milk

Let another companies ‘Version’ of this flavor profile sit since Feb and still tastes the same… 8 months later SMH

Unless they’ve changed, MFS Nic is usually pretty good. I’ll echo what @TRisin said, creams and custards typically take awhile to develop. I tried the Tiger’s blood myself and didn’t care for it, but that’s just me. Are you measuring by weight, syringe, or drops? What is your PG/VG ratio? Any chance you can explain WHY they don’t taste good to you…like what about them isn’t good? Too much of a certain flavor, not enough flavor, too dry, sour, harsh, etc.? Do you have any store bought juice that tastes good to you?

I would suggest to start by vaping your PG and your VG all by themselves to make sure they’re okay. Then do an unflavored mix with Nic and PG/VG. Then start by doing one flavor mixes to see if you even like the flavors you are using and to get a feel for what flavor % you like. Then, start combining two flavors you think would be good together. It sounds like a lot of work and time, and it is, but it is worth it.ee

I just shook them with a skil saw and vaped them. No steep time. I’m letting them steep now

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steeping is essential for most flavors even when they are "shake and vape "steeping will make them even better…

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My ratio on most is max vg but 2 recipes they are 70 vg 30 pg. The reason why they don’t taste good is they almost all have a bad aftertaste and while “puffing” they all have a bad flavor. I can not distinguish between any of the flavors.
I have bought some store liquid from a company in my state called " ecig crib" the flavor was pinà colada. It tasted SOOO good. I bought a 0.01 scale and do all of my measurements with the scale.
When I get home from work I will mix a batch up of some vg and pg and nic. It just hurts my DIY spirits because of the 7 recipes I made, 7 of them didn’t taste good even with very good reviews.
My goal for this was to find one or two recipes that would be daily vapes and just vape on them for w couple months until I got bored of the flavor.

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Yes I know they will make them better but literally I do not think any of these flavors could be any worse. Maybe my taste buds are shot but I’ve had to resort back to my ego style battery that’s pushing out 3.7V with store bought menthol flavor sadly.

idk it’s strange that they all taste the same. maybe it’s something that’s common in all of them??

Just the after taste but when I bought some liquid from a website called “vapewild.com” it kind of had the same taste. So maybe I just don’t as much VG in my liquid?? Could the majority of VG in my liquid cause a bad aftertaste?

Try making a batch without flavoring - and try one without nicotine as well - see if you can pin-point the culprit.

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PG is said to be better at carrying flavors than VG. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of high VG, but I seem to be in the minority. I feel like VG kinda has a weird soap taste. Maybe it’s my VG or maybe it’s just me. If ALL the flavors you’re trying have the same effect, than I’d definitely take a good look at the common element in them…PG, VG, and Nic unless there’s a certain flavor that you used in all of them. You can vape straight VG and PG. That should give you a good idea if it’s one of those. Then, if you don’t think either of those are what the problem is, make a 50/50 VG/PG blend with nicotine and see if that still tastes okay.

I understand how frustrating it can be to have nothing turn out, especially when you’re first starting. Don’t give up yet. I’d say that maybe one in ten of my mixes when I first started actually tasted good. Now, I get closer to 50-75% good mixes, but I still have days where nothing seems to be going well.

Also, try to test at different times of the day or on different days. All sorts of things can affect your taste…being sick, what you’ve eaten, being dehydrated, being flavor/scent overloaded, even your pH.


In addition to checking your supplies maybe try some single flavors?.. Haven’t used any of those TFA but couple I have really don’t taste right for a couple days, and not familiar w CAP butter either.
If your pg/vg/nic doesn’t taste ‘bad’ then id check your flavors, again some of these mixes NEED to steep or isn’t going to be very tasty. Tobacco seems popular on here and they’re waiting a month in a lot of cases for the right vaping experience